The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

Chapter 9: A moment of tenderness

Liu Luoyi was stunned for a while, raised his hand in front of his eyes and looked closely.

Life is really changing rapidly, and the people and things that I rely on collapsed overnight. I am now lonely and have not slept peacefully for many days.

Last night, she even had the illusion that she would get better.

Liu Luoyi slowly got up, and a black cloak fell from her body. The delicate and silky fabric was piled on the bed. There were snacks that had not been eaten last night and a bowl of warmed water beside her.

Liu Luoyi’s gloomy eyes suddenly had a look, and she almost tremblingly picked up the cloak.

There seems to be a trace of the temperature that belongs to that person.

Suddenly there was footsteps outside the door, and Liu Luoyi’s eyes widened, subconsciously trying to hide, but he hesitated when his feet touched the ground.

Could it be that man last night?

The door was pushed open with a creak, and a long leg stretched in. The visitor was tall and slender, dressed in black, and his face was also tightly wrapped.

Only a pair of eyes were exposed, and it looked familiar, but it gave people a cold feeling.

The man in black saw Liu Luoyi sitting there happily, he was visibly taken aback, then turned his eyes to the food on the table and frowned. Someone had come earlier?

He felt the crisis for the first time. Before that, he had thought that Liu Luoyi was alone and could no longer escape from his palm.

Sitting on the bed, Liu Luoyi felt a moment of depression. She clenched the cloak in her hand and drew back vigilantly.

But there was still a trace of hope in his heart, probably because of the warmth last night, and he was also dressed in black.

“Is that you?” Liu Luoyi asked softly.

Sure enough, there is adultery! Lu Yunkui thought.

He must not tolerate his woman thinking about others in her heart, anger constantly impacting his reason, and a voice in his mind constantly clamoring.

Step forward, let her completely become her own woman! Let her surrender to herself willingly and never run away.

Liu Luoyi felt something was wrong, she subconsciously hugged the black cloak covering her body tightly and tightened her body.

At the same time, Yu Chili was stretching out a pair of long legs, barking his teeth and grinning.

“Xin Ran, can you be gentle, I tell you to find cold water, where did you get the ice, it has chilled me to death!”

Xin Ran glanced at Yu Chili reproachfully, and persuaded in a good voice: “Princess, the ice is stored in the ice cellar of the palace in winter. Only the relatives of the emperor can get some. When you were married, the emperor wanted to let you Adapting to the hot summer in the Central Plains, I have specifically approved you to receive ice cubes every month. Have you forgotten?”

Yu Chili hummed as he yelled, thinking that when reading this kind of book, who would remember those little details.

She was a well-known explorer in her previous life, and bruises were nothing more than normal, but now that she has changed her body, her perception of pain is much stronger.

I don’t know if the original owner was hurting like this when he was injured.

However, Liu Luoyi also had half of the responsibility. She looked delicate, who knew that she was a tyrannical flower when she started. She was really vigorous and kicked her into this look with just one kick.

Yu Chili curled his skirt to his thigh with her mouth squashed, and looked at the large redness and swelling on her white legs grievedly.

Yuchi’s head was tall, his legs were straight and slender, tight and well-proportioned, without a trace of cellulite. Now he is easily placed on the chair with the skirt raised, which is really a bit seductive.

She is able to perfectly combine flattery and sati without conflict.

But Wei Shili didn’t notice it at all, so he fiddled with his hair carelessly.

Xin Ran looked up, her face instantly flushed like a cooked prawn, she hurriedly lowered her head, watching her nose and nose.

“Princess, although there are only you and me in this room, you should pay attention to your appearance…” Xin Ran muttered.

Although she admitted to her heart, the legs of her princess are more beautiful than any other woman.

“Oh?” Yu Chili slanted his eyes to look at Xin Ran, then lifted the hem of the other side of the skirt, and rolled his trousers to the base of his thigh.

Xin Ran:…

How can she let her princess give up scratching her head?

“But princess, my aunt hasn’t appeared for a few days, why are you not in a hurry?” Xin Ran asked tentatively.

“He had better never show up again.” Yu Chili said, she suddenly raised her eyes, “Is it Xiu Mu today?”

Xin Ran nodded.

Yu Chili patted her forehead heavily, and she almost forgot. These few days, she had been telling Xin Ran to administer medicine to Lu Yunkui’s food, so that he would sleep like a dead pig at night, but forgot that there was still a day off.

She can’t let these days’ hard work be wasted!

Her heartbeat was stagnant, and she bounced from the chair, picked up the night clothes, and ran out the door a few steps, leaving Xin Ran alone holding the ice block and standing in place.

When she got outside the gate of Liu Luoyi courtyard, she was already neatly dressed. Although it was a bit conspicuous to cover her face in broad daylight, there was no other way.

There are two small servants guarding the door, and they are idly looking up at the sky.

Yu Chili concealed his breath, touched it along the root of the wall, and hit one of them on the back of the neck with a fist. The man groaned, fell heavily, and the dust was flying.

Before the other person could shout, Yu Chili flew on the spot and kicked him out. He rolled twice on the ground and was also dizzy.

Yu Chili touched his fist, muttered a word of sorry in his heart, then stepped into the door.

Because of the tightly wrapped, Yu Chili was not afraid of being exposed. He swaggered in and met Lu Yunkui’s eyes. The two men dressed in black looked at each other, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing for a while.

“You are so brave to break into the backyard of my Lu’s house, who are you?” Lu Yunkui looked up and down at Yu Chili, his eyes fierce.

Yu Chili didn’t talk to him, only shook his head, spread his hands, and turned to look at Liu Luoyi. Seeing that she was completely dressed, he was relieved that he knew that Lu Yunkui hadn’t had time to do it.

When Liu Luoyi heard that voice, he knew that it was Lu Yunkui, her expression became a little more disgusting, and her eyes turned cold when she looked at him.

Lu Yunkui knew that his identity had been exposed, and said angrily: “Come here, take this little thief out of the way!”

There was silence, no one paid him any attention.

Yuchi snickered in ecstasy, but she didn’t show her face. She looked around, pulled a broom from the corner, dragged it behind her, and walked slowly towards Lu Yunkui.

After all, Lu Yunkui was a weak scholar who had never practiced martial arts, and now he couldn’t call anyone, so he panicked and hurried back.

“What are you going to do? I’m an official of the DPRK and China. If you are against me today, you will be unable to eat and walk around in the future!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yunkui tripped over the table next to the bed and sat down on the bed. Liu Luoyi screamed and struggled to get out of the bed.

She stood between the two of them with lingering fears, and met the eyes of Wei Chili.

“Liu Luoyi, come to my side, beware that he hurts you!” Lu Yunkui whispered.

Liu Luoyi stopped quickly, turned around and looked at Lu Yunkui, and then at Yu Chili, his feet could not move slowly.

“Luo Yi, come back.” Lu Yunkui saw Liu Luoyi’s hesitation, his sense of crisis in his heart was even greater, he couldn’t help softening his tone, and reached out to Liu Luoyi.

Why did you go early, now you know how to speak human? In disdain, Yuchi rolled his eyes to the sky.

At the moment, Liu Luoyi’s heart was turned upside down. Although the man in black was standing there a bit aggressively, she could never forget the gentleness of last night.

Just like, a long drought only meets the sweet rain.

She once again met the gaze of Wei Chili.

Yu Chili stretched out his hand at her, Liu Luoyi didn’t know what was wrong with her, and walked towards Yu Chili with his legs reluctantly.

Seeing this, Lu Yunkui behind him felt anxious. He stepped forward and wanted to grab Liu Luoyi. Before he could get to the corner of Liu Luoyi, he was kicked back by Yu Chili and fell on the bed again. , Hair and clothes tangled in one place, very embarrassed.

At the same time, Yu Chili grabbed Liu Luoyi’s arm with one hand and firmly protected her behind him.

What Yu Chili didn’t see was that Liu Luoyi allowed her to hold her hand and bit her lips tightly behind her back.

Liu Luoyi lowered his eyes and looked at that hand, a red glow rose on his cheek. The fingers were long and white but very powerful, making its owner almost indistinguishable.

Seeing that Liu Luoyi could not be recovered, Lu Yunkui rolled his eyes, thinking that the hero would not suffer the immediate loss, and simply stood up and ran towards the door.

Yu Chili was amused by his behavior, she snorted, and suddenly stepped forward, closing the door fiercely, with a hand knife tied to his neck.

Lu Yunkui snorted and fell to the ground.

Liu Luoyi trembled slightly and looked up at the man in black. She was very calm. She stepped forward and picked up Lu Yunkui’s back collar and dragged him towards Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi took a step back, raised her eyes in confusion, and whispered, “What are you doing?”

Yu Chili made a slap gesture.

She really couldn’t understand this scumbag. Although she would not be able to deal with him for a while, it was good to let Liu Luoyi vent her anger.

Lu Yunkui was not so completely dizzy. As soon as he raised his head to say something, he saw a broomstick coming towards his heavenly spirit cover, only to hear a muffled noise, his eyes went dark and he was completely unconscious.

Even Yu Chili was stunned in a daze.

What to do, she seems to have made a weak and abusive female bishop more and more violent…

Liu Luoyi looked at Yu Chili, his eyes dodged, and then threw the broom aside.

For some reason, Liu Luoyi felt a little upset.

Yu Chili saw her careful thoughts and couldn’t help laughing. At this moment, Liu Luoyi, who was secretly annoyed, and the cold female protagonist were very different, even slightly cute.

She lowered her voice and said with a smile: “Good job.”

Liu Luoyi’s eyes lit up in an instant, a little more delicate in an instant, she said softly, “Thank you.”

There is another sentence about who you are, she choked in her throat and didn’t say it.

Just treat it as a dream that will disappear at any time, no matter what kind of identity or purpose the person is, she just wants to covet this gentleness even for a moment.

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