The Male Lead’s Backyard is on Fire

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“Men backyard fire [through the book]” Author: seven thousand fold play


The explorer Yu Chili accidentally fell off the cliff, and when he woke up, under him was a peerless beauty with bruises and messy clothes.

She crossed? Become a vicious female partner in abuse?

The female partner married the male lead, but was used by the male lead to abuse the female lead Liu Luoyi violently. In the end, the country was destroyed and her family was stabbed to death by the black female lead. The death was extremely miserable.

In order to survive, Yu Chili decided to prevent the heroine from falling in love with the hero.

So, the male protagonist kissed the female lead forcefully, and Yu Chili thrust it horizontally; the male lead tortured the female lead, and Yu Chili gave him a head blow; the male and female lead bridal chambers, Yu Chili was stealthily changing the day, and he got into the female lead’s bed.

As a result, the heroine did not fall in love with the male lead, but fell in love with… the vicious female lead.

One day, Yu Chili finally retired the hero, ecstatically preparing to run away, but was stopped by Liu Luoyi.

Liu Luoyi, who had always been cold and indifferent, untied his belt and flushed.

“Give me to you, don’t leave.”


It is rumored in the capital that the five-ranked official and the princess Hufu, countless high-ranking dignitaries begged to marry, but they were all beaten up by a beauty.

“Where is the shrew, so rampant!”

Yu Chili handed the beauty a stick and leaned against the door with a smile: “Sorry, I love it.”


After Liu Luoyi met the man, her family died tragically and was bullied. She took it as her life.

Who knows that one day, the woman who tortured herself all day suddenly changed her face.

Facts have proved that riding a white horse to save you is not necessarily a prince, or a vicious female partner.

1. Wife-loving, vicious, vicious female partner vs. stubborn, cold-blooded female protagonist

2. he

【Reading Guide】

1. What you wear in the book is dog blood abuse, dog blood (loudly)

2. The full text is empty

3. Running wildly for the players, it’s not suitable to study the logic carefully, and you don’t need to tell it specifically when you discard the article.

4. The original heroine is not flat, she has a variety of personalities and a spirit of resistance. The princess is not a virgin, and at first she will not protect the original heroine everywhere.

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One sentence introduction: Vicious female partner is very gentle

Idea: This article describes the beautiful relationship between Yu Chili and Liu Luoyi supporting each other, and the story of their rebellion against their own destiny.

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