The Wizard’s Fairy Tale

Chapter 592: ?? Destiny Blessing

Before the destiny changed, only the twelfth Witch of Destiny had not said her blessing.

After the destiny was changed by William, it is now the twelve witches of destiny who have not performed the “Blessing of Destiny” on the future Princess Rose!

In the words of William’s previous life, this is to be easy!

The power of the twelfth Witch of Destiny is not as powerful as the thirteenth Witch of Destiny who finally came full of anger.

From the blessing of the twelfth Witch of Destiny, the curse of the thirteenth Witch of Destiny cannot be eliminated, it can only be seen by alleviating it.

But the power of the twelve Witches of Destiny far exceeds the power of the thirteenth Witch of Destiny.

After the thirteenth Witch of Destiny imposed a curse, she suffered a severe blow and left.

At this time, the twelve Witches of Destiny cast the effect, and joined forces to perform the “Blessing of Destiny” for the implicated Princess Rose, which directly expelled the curse of the thirteenth Witch of Destiny. Although the remaining power of destiny was You can’t give the little princess all kinds of good blessings as you did in the first place, but there is still no problem in ensuring that Princess Rose is happy and healthy throughout her life.

The curse of the thirteenth Witch of Destiny was removed, and she was backlashed by destiny again when she left.

And here, the little princess has also begun to grow up healthily. Although she will not grow into the first beautiful and moving appearance, she may have a little princess temper, but the boat of fate has sailed into another river.

………………………………………………………………………………………… …

On the side of the Twelve Witches of Destiny, they calmly accepted the king’s ancestral twelve-sided gold plate, and left with William.

Because William played a huge role in this incident, allowing them to smoothly take away the twelve-faced disk of fate, so the twelve witches of fate met William’s request and took him by his side to explain him. The essential technique of “Blessing of Destiny”.

The essence of “Curse of Destiny” and “Blessing of Destiny” are actually the same. Both use magic or other energy to touch the power of destiny, and then use the power of destiny to mobilize the destiny trajectory of the object being cast, thereby producing an effect.

Only the knowledge related to fate is extremely obscure.

William needs to learn a lot of knowledge. He found a place in the country with the twelve Witches of Destiny. After studying for ten years, he can completely master this “Blessing of Destiny”. Time is not working, now it is possible to condense it into a talented witchcraft crystal in the sea of ​​consciousness.

………………………………………………………………………………………… …

The twelve Witches of Destiny had fulfilled their promises and disappeared the next day, to the extent that they had never been produced.

Standing in the empty room, William was silent for a long time before shook his head slightly, “I’m still greedy, and my fate is so uncertain!”

In the past ten years, the twelve Witches of Destiny only taught him about the “Blessing of Destiny”, and the others were silent. Even if William took the initiative to ask questions, he only got silence.

Not one or two Destiny Witches are like this, but the twelve Destiny Witches are like this. As time passes, William will no longer do more in vain!

Now that William has thoroughly mastered the “Blessing of Destiny”, even if the purpose of his trip is completed, then he will not have much meaning in this secret realm.

This mystery is so big, it seems that there is no place for William to pick up the wool, since this is the case, let’s go back soon.

I don’t know whether the spiritual power increase in the past ten years will be retained. With this idea, William summoned the Kalachakra hourglass in the sea of ​​consciousness, unknown depths.

“Man, take me out of here and return to reality.” William said softly to it. Although William knew that the Kalachakra could not speak, he knew that the Kalachakra would understand what he meant.

It can be said that the Kalachakra hourglass is William’s most trusted treasure.

Although the magic mirror is William’s most used treasure, but after knowing that the original body is the twisted mirror, William didn’t say anything, he still had a certain alert attitude towards it.

But this is a long way off.

William pulled his fluttering thoughts back to reality, looked at the secret passage of time and space opened up by the Kalachakra hourglass in front of him, pursed his lips, and walked in.

Time turns, the end of the secret path of time and space is a bright light.

William stepped out, and what appeared in front of him was another majestic and very familiar palace.

The front of the palace is still armed with soldiers dressed like male peacocks. There are a variety of gorgeous carriages parked on the square, surrounded by aristocrats who are dressed in thick gouache.

William was stunned.

He is very familiar with this scene.

Although it may be in the river of memory in his mind, this scene may be more than ten years apart, but the spiritual power of the second-level liquefaction wizard allows him to clearly remember every detail-Princess Rose Details of the birth banquet!

Even with the help of the Kalachakra hourglass, William did not leave this mystery.

He went back to where he started.

Time and Space Corridor! The term suddenly appeared in William’s mind, and his face suddenly sank.

The development of things has exceeded his expectations!

“What is the key to breaking the game?”

He stood in place for a long The nobles have entered the palace one after another. Outside the empty palace square, there is only a lone figure of William, which is really different.

The soldiers on patrol also saw something was wrong, and came over to question William.

This attracted William’s attention.

He looked up at the palace, and the magic mirror told him that the twelve Witches of Destiny had already given blessings to the future Princess Rose in turn.

Without his intervention this time, everything proceeded according to the original trajectory.

Soon, the thirteenth Witch of Destiny came again uninvited, and cursed her furiously at Princess Rose, and then left with a heavy blow.

William wanted the magic mirror to pursue the thirteenth Witch of Destiny.

But the power of destiny covered by the thirteenth witch of Destiny blocked the detection of the magic mirror.

The thirteenth Witch of Destiny disappeared without a trace.

William sighed helplessly, turned and left, looking for a place in this secret realm, meditating silently to improve his strength.

Fifteen years have passed.

The spiritual power increased to 450 points, and William, who was about to reach the peak of 500 spiritual powers of the second-level wizard, came to the palace again.

Today is the day when Princess Rose’s curse broke out, and it was also the day when William had the last chance to meet the thirteenth witch of Destiny.

In the past fifteen years, he tried his best to leave this secret realm, so the thirteenth Witch of Destiny may be his last hope.

He still silently followed behind Princess Rose, wandering around the entire palace, and finally came to the ancient tower.

Before the room at the end of the stairs, William sent his blessing to Princess Rose who was about to turn the golden key.

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