Unlimited Machine Warfare

Chapter 707: Old Luo's laugh

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It took 2.5 million to get the portal, and then 2.8 million to incubate the insects. The consumption of over 5 million combat points directly caused Xiao Ran’s total combat points to directly exceed 10 million. There are seven million combat merit points left and some leaders, so the consumption of so many combat merit points really makes Xiao Ran feel a little painful. Please search (品@书¥) to see the most complete! The fastest newest novel

After finishing the business and bidding farewell to Winnie, Kruze shook his head reluctantly, as if he didn’t get the answer he wanted and looked a little depressed. Xiao Ran was also stunned: “What are you thinking? “

Cruzer shrugged and said, “I was thinking about Winnie, the liaison officer just now. I didn’t expect that there was a life of cat ears. I am very good about whether Winnie is like a cat. The tail, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to dig into this just now.”

Xiao Ran shook his head and sighed softly, and said, “Hey, the portal has been fixed, and the card is handed over to you. After you go over there, you will immediately solve the matter. I will go to Lao Luo first. Let’s get out of the production line. The current consumption is getting bigger and bigger, and we have to get something to supplement it.”

“Selling the whole set of GN-X is a stable source of income. As far as I know, not every participant has a very complete team configuration like ours. Most of the participants’ teams are not equipped with specialized technical personnel. Loss is also a common occurrence. It is a good way. If you can match some standard weapons to give the body a specific mastery distinction, the performance of GN-X can be sold at a good price.”

“In addition, we can also sell our own miniature missiles. Although the price of a single shot is low, as long as the quantity is sufficient, it can bring us great benefits.”

Xiao Ran raised his eyebrows and looked at Kruze who said these things, but Kruze knew what the latter was thinking when he looked at Xiao Ran’s expression, and easily explained: “My favorite place to stay is the bar in the leisure area. Inside, there are not a few participants who come and go every day, listen to their conversations and know what they need.”

Xiao Ran shook his head and smiled, and handed a portal construction card to Cruze, saying: “I will give you the integration side. After the portal is established. I will mobilize a group of people from the ship group to help with the integration. , You also make Cardias ready, there will be a group of technicians over there, and you have several lines of identity.”

Cruze took the card in Xiao Ran’s hand and waved it gently: “Understand, I will handle it.”

After Cruze left, Xiao Ran also took the time to leave the legion area and went directly to the door of Lao Luo’s shop in the factory area through the transmission channel. At this time the store is being sealed off, which means that there are participants taking care of Lao Luo’s business. This waited for half an hour for the partition to rise slowly.

When the partition was raised, an expressionless participant walked out of it, looking at about twenty-seven or eighteen last year, his blue hair and his unsentimental silver eyes gave a kind of rejection. The feeling of being thousands of miles away, and the sharpness of the body can be clearly felt even by just looking at it.

When the participant walked away, Xiao Ran walked into the shop and greeted Lao Luo. When Lao Luo saw Xiao Ran coming, he laughed, and a cigar flew across the air and landed on Xiao Ran’s hand: “Why are you kidding here again?”

Xiao Ran was taken aback for a moment. Immediately reacted and patted his forehead. The mission this time was a mission started with the ultimate mission card. It was not a mission in the normal mission cycle at all, so it was only one day before they performed the mission, but they stayed in that world. For a long time, all of a sudden it made him a little confused.

Xiao Ran exhaled and smiled bitterly: “Huh. I’m all confused. I just returned from the ultimate mission and asked Luo to report to your factory. Could you please inform me so that he can still come back.”

“Come on, you, why are you letting him come back?” Lao Luo smiled and beckoned Xiao Ran to come and sit inside, smoking a cigar habitually. He said, “You kid can get the ultimate mission card every time I have a mission. I don’t know how many people want it but can’t get it. I’m too lazy to ask you about the harvest. I’m going to hit me again. What’s the matter? thing.”

Xiao Ran curled his lips and said, “It’s okay, it’s another faction territory. I don’t feel like I don’t want to do anything about the battle points, so it’s not a big deal to come and ask you to help me build two production lines.”

With that, Xiao Ran’s eyes revealed a little smile. After listening to Xiao Ran’s words, Lao Luo just stared under his eyes and swept Xiao Ran fiercely several times before venting a big puff of smoke. Said: “I know you kid is definitely the illegitimate son of Prometheus, every time this kind of good thing will fall to you, is it the next two production lines, GN-X and Sun Furnace.”

“Hehe.” Xiao Ran smiled, consciously picked up Lao Luo’s lighter and lit the cigar in his mouth, and said: “The two production lines, I can remember the price you gave me.”

Lao Luo glared at Xiao Ran fiercely, and said, “I don’t know how to take care of me after getting such a great benefit, 1.5 million and 1.5 million, but don’t forget what you asked Luo Guo to say.”

Xiao Ran nodded and said, “Don’t worry, but you have to be mentally prepared. Before I have an A-level pilot in my team, I will not open the regiment territory to the outside world, at least not opening up both territories. foreign.”

Lao Luo nodded in agreement: “It’s right to do this. Although you already have four B-class pilots in your team, it still looks too weak for other big groups, and the development time is too fast for you. The army has no background. Even if you really choose to open up at that time, I will remind you that things about the factory are not urgent for the time being, you kid don’t forget to do it.”

“Yeah.” Xiao Ran gave Lao Luo a look, and the latter lowered the partition with his heart, and then said, “Let’s talk about it.”

The smile on Xiao Ran’s face also gradually became serious: “I want to ask you what’s the matter with the world intruder.”

Lao Luo raised his eyebrows and glanced at Xiao Ran, but did not ask Xiao Ran if he had encountered it. Now that he could ask this question, he naturally had an explanation, but asked: “Done? Is the loss great?”

“It’s done, there is no loss.” Xiao Ran shook his head and said: “I just ran into an enemy who was specifically targeted by Shirley, and was directly killed by two warships and lost a large MDE bomb.”

“Then your luck is really good.” Lao Luo nodded. Although Xiao Ran said lightly, Lao Luo could still imagine the critical situation at that time, and said: “In terms of your legion level, it is at most A grade. It’s an intruder. The four B-class units can be used together to deal with it. What do you want to ask about?”

“Are the world invaders come from other regions? Is it true that as long as the legion performs the ultimate mission, they will meet the world invaders?”

Lao Luo was taken aback for a moment, and quickly asked: “What did you say, do you mean the world intruder you met was in the super zone or fantasy zone?”

“Yes.” Xiao Ran nodded, and said: “The super zone epic-level machine, originally a legendary level, has an unlimited output of energy, and can resist all shields. If it weren’t for Shirley, it could be restrained. The MACROSS cannon is powerful enough, I really don’t know what to do.”

“Hey!” Lao Luo patted Xiao Ran’s shoulder heavily, and said cheerfully: “You kid is really lucky enough. You didn’t die and killed the world intruder without any loss. Hahaha, I Let me tell you, the probability of the appearance of world intruders is originally very small. Although I am not sure about the specific situation, certain conditions must be met to trigger in the ultimate mission, but the trigger is the super type, originally legendary. It’s an epic drop, and the probability is ridiculously small~www.snovelfree.com~ It’s really good luck for you to meet, hahaha.”

Xiao Ran knew that Lao Luo laughed out to be happy for himself, happy that he did not disappear forever because of the failure of the mission, but after what Lao Luo said, Xiao Ran also knew that his luck was indeed very good, but Lao Luo did not. Without knowing the real triggering conditions of the world intruder, the entire Prometheus participant may not know it, so it is just a specious conclusion based on experience.

But Xiao Ran knows that some worlds are very related. The possibility of super system chaos into the real system may be very small, but it is not completely impossible. If you say UC0079 is connected to the world, of course, there will also be UC0096. , Pirate Gundam, Z Gundam and other worlds, it’s normal to come from time to time.

Xiao Ran knew this at least from Lao Luo’s words. It was that the world intruders were not all super or fantasy units. He also knew that certain conditions had to be triggered before the world intruders could appear. Xiao Ran seemed to have such a refreshing experience of the mission.

After Lao Luo’s laughter fell, Lao Luo also patted Xiao Ran on the shoulder again, and said: “Don’t do this anymore. You must pay attention to the future tasks. Intruders in the world are very dangerous. It’s your higher-level enemy, this time it’s luck, but the next time, maybe you will get to the face.”

“I understand.” Xiao Ran nodded slightly, and did not explain much to Lao Luo. He took out the reward for destroying the giant god, and said: “Help me on the three battleships of the Galaxy Diva, Frontier and Warden. Install this thing and this area card, do you know anything else?” (To be continued.)

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