VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 1: Enter the game eleven hours early

In the hot summer day, in a rented house.



There is a sound of heavy objects landing, accompanied by a sound…

Su Bai was looking at the game helmet that had just been delivered. Who would think that it was slippery with one hand…

He quickly picked up the game helmet that fell on the ground to check for damage.

This is so special!

The helmet is expensive, it cost him fifty thousand yuan!

Besides, if it breaks, it won’t be able to keep up with the release of “Divine Land” in half a day!

“Divine Land”

In 2077, the first virtual reality online game!

It was officially issued by the United Nations half a year ago and is known as the second world of mankind.

What else is this going to be a masterpiece that will change the destiny of mankind!

It is being promoted all over the world and it is fierce!

At this time, no one knows that no one knows!

“Huh…Fortunately, I didn’t see any damage…”

“It’s risky… I’m scared to death…”

After a few glances, Su Bai breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the non-existent cold sweat on his forehead.

He intends to make money from this game in the future, he quit his job, and only a few thousand yuan left in his savings…

Putting on the helmet, Su Bai said: “Open the connection!”

Although it is not yet time to open the server, you can create the role first.


After collecting Su Bai’s voice, the inside of the helmet lit up, and after two beeps, “The nervous system is connected…”

“The nervous system connects…to…crack…”


Hearing this voice, Su Bai’s face was almost green.

It stands to reason that the connection speed will be very fast, never more than 3 seconds, and there will be no such strange ‘click’…

Wouldn’t it be so unlucky?

Broke when you fall?

“Crack… the connection is successful!”

“Welcome to… Divine Land!”

Fortunately, it clicked for about half a minute, and finally the connection was successful!

After the ethereal voice fell, Su Bai only felt confused.

After that, he was already in an empty world.

All eyes were white, except for himself, there was only one elf with four wings on his back.

Uh… not right…

There is another weird thing.

Su Bai looked at his arm suspiciously, and on his wrist, there was a very obvious and bright progress bar.

The reading bar is still full, which is displayed as 100%.

What the hell?

What is this setting?

What is the use?

If you don’t understand, Su Bai said, “Little elf, what’s the progress bar on my arm?”

The elf’s eyes shot light, scanning Su Bai.

Soon, the elf said: “Hello, dear player, and did not find the progress bar you mentioned.”


Su Baizhu raised his hand and showed the progress bar to the elf: “Here? Can’t you see it?”

The elf scanned again, and then affirmatively said: “Really not.”

After speaking, the elf politely said: “Dear player, there are still 680 minutes and 57 seconds before the server is opened.”

“You can currently create a role. Would you like to start creating it?”

Su Bai: “…”

Touching the back of his head, Su Bai wondered if the slam of the helmet caused the bug…

Well, it shouldn’t be a big problem… right…

“Follow him, start creating characters.” Su Bai said.

I couldn’t see what information the progress bar had or what it did. Su Bai started to create a character.

“Okay, please name your character. No less than one character, no more than 10 characters.” The elf said.

“Well, it’s called white hair as long as the night… It’s a bit long, so it’s better to call it Baiye.” Su Bai pondered.

“There is no test with the same name, the ID can be used, and the naming is complete. Now please choose your basic profession.” The elf said.

Then, a series of occupations line up.

Warrior, mage!

At the beginning of the game, there are only these two basic professions, which can be described as swords and magic!

After the player is level 10, other professions will appear at the first turn.


Su Bai said.

A real man, naturally he must hold a sword and charge into battle!

“Okay, scanning your physical attributes.”

The elf said, and then shot out light again, scanning Su Bai’s body.

It didn’t take long for the scan to be completed, “The scan is complete, and your initial character template is being generated based on your physical fitness.”


“The character is created!”

The elf finished speaking and swiped it, and a template appeared in front of Su Bai.

ID: White Night

Grade: LV1

Occupation: Trainee Warrior

Life: 24/Energy: 40

Strength: 9/Physique: 8

Damage: Physical Attack 18

Defense: physical defense 8/magic defense 4

Skills: Exploring, perforating a blow


Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 1 second

Consumption: None

Attributes: Exploring the attributes of monsters, npcs, and props that are not higher than your own level 5

Details: General skills for all occupations and cannot be upgraded.

【Constant Strike】

Grade: LV1 (0/100)

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Cost: 10 energy

Damage: normal attack*135%

Details: The warrior’s initial skills, permeate the weapon, and send a powerful blow! Can be upgraded.

The setting of this game is very interesting.

When you choose a warrior profession, you lose the attributes of magic, magic attack, intelligence, and spirit.

The initial attribute template of the character is actually generated according to the player’s physical fitness.

This is very strange.

Players with good physique will obviously start a little higher in the early stage.

After the character is created, some miscellaneous settings such as pain are also fixed, and Su Bai has nothing to do.

I didn’t quit, just wandered around in this void space for a while.

Looking at the progress bar on his wrist, Su Bai reached out and touched it.

Then, the progress bar vibrated and glowed, and finally a window popped up.

It shows:

“Enough energy to create bugs.”


Su Bai was shocked!

Dare to let the progress bar that fell out to create bugs? !

Is it so cowhide? !

Really? !

Su Bai touched the back of his head, a little moved.

“How do you do it? Is it okay in my heart?”

Su Bai thought in his head, and then tentatively thought about entering the game.

Then, a hole immediately appeared under his feet.



Su Bai fell directly in, making him frightened again.

It was dark, and after about seven or eight seconds, Su Bai saw a white light circle.

He fell into it.


Su Bai screamed again.

Because after passing through the aperture, he appeared over a small village.


Three seconds later, Su Bai landed gorgeously, and his life value was gorgeously cleared.

Fortunately, the pain set by Su Bai is only 5%…

After 5 seconds, Su Bai resurrected next to a huge crystal.

While standing, Su Bai looked around dumbfounded.

The air is fresh, the fragrance of flowers is faintly scented, the chirping of birds and the squeaking of cicadas.

The house is just like, there is the sound of tinking and beating gold and iron, and there are children running and laughing.

A land of paradise!

“Ding! Congratulations on being the first player to enter the world of “Divine Land”. Here is a gift package that has been sent to your backpack. You can check it yourself.”

The leisurely scenes around, plus the system prompts ringing in his ears, made Su Bai aware.

He actually entered the game!

All players entered the game for half a day in advance and more than eleven hours! ! !

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