VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 10: Hand in task, get reward


The dark cat demon hissed, kicked his hind legs on the ground, and pounced on Su Bai again.

After all, it was just a mob with a low IQ and could not stand Su Bai’s mocking behavior.

Seeing the right time, Su Bai slammed the sword in his hand!


With a crisp sound, the cat demon was rebounded again!

This time Su Bai was faster. Before the cat demon had time to fly, he immediately smashed the cat demon’s forehead with a backhand.

-701·Weakness Crit!

Smooth out of the weakness crit.

Before it was over, Su Bai took a step forward and followed the flying cat demon with another slash.


Two hits!


There is still time!

This time Su Bai counterattacked faster, before the cat demon flew back, and now the cat demon hasn’t landed yet.

Following two steps, Su Bai stabs straight!

-710·Weakness Crit!

At this point, the cat demon is considered to have landed and can be considered to adjust its posture.

And as soon as it landed, it pounced on Su Bai’s face again.

Naturally, he was shot again by Su Bai.

-712·Weakness Crit!


-1734·Fatal! ! !


The cat demon landed and hung up with a whimper.

A set of block bomb counter combo moves, just send it away!

“Hey! This is so cool!”

Su Bai smiled, very cool.

Block the rebound, can bring about 3 seconds of output time!

Not a skill yet, no cooling time!

The consumption is also extremely low!

In this game, a single basic attack consumes 1 point of energy.

The block action is the same as 1 point, because it is considered a variant of the attack action by the system.

However, in conjunction with the stiffness caused by the block bomb against the enemy, the damage it can deal with is much higher than the skill ‘Constant Strike’!

“Remove monsters! Practice your rebound!”

Su Bai smiled, after picking up the cat monster explosion, he continued to spawn monsters.

After knowing the anti-blocking mechanism, the process of spawning monsters shouldn’t be too easy.

The cat demon slammed his face and bounced back with a block.

Three attacks, guaranteed 1000 HP!

Even if luck is dark, a cat demon can only be solved by blocking the rebound four times.

With good luck, if there are a few more weaknesses and crit, it will be solved by two rebounds!


In about ten minutes, Su Bai killed ten cat monsters and collected the quest items.

The experience bar has climbed to about 50%, but there are no more tasks.

Su Bai was too lazy to continue killing and returned to Novice Village, ready to submit the task first.


Soon, Su Bai arrived in Xinshou Village.


To his surprise, the elderly village chief’s grandma actually wandered at the entrance of Xinshou Village.

After seeing Su Bai, his eyes lit up and he walked towards Su Bai.

“Warrior, did you bring back what I needed?” The village chief asked before he got close to Su Bai.

“Uh, brought it back.”

Su Baidao, and then took out what the village chief wanted from his backpack.


The village chief’s grandmother took it away with joy, and said, “Thank you warrior, this is the reward you deserve.”

After speaking, she turned around and left, and the task reward also reached Su Bai’s backpack.


Su Bai looked at the village chief’s back, scratched his head, shrugged, and didn’t bother to care.

He looks at the rewards of the task.

Experience +1000, directly pulled Su Bai’s experience bar by more than 30%.

Silver coin*5, nothing to say, when the service is started, it should be sold to local tyrants at a high price…

Then, Su Bai was looking forward to it.

There are two equipment.

【Snake Skin Armor Bottom】

Grade: LV5

Quality: excellent

Category: Leather/Bottoms

Attribute: Intelligence +9/Physique +5

Defense: physical defense +32/magic defense +23

Affix: Hmm… it looks very shiny…

【Snake Skin Armor Belt】

Grade: LV5

Quality: excellent

Category: Leather Armor/Belt

Attribute: Intelligence +10/Physique +6

Defense: physical defense +31/magic defense +21

Affix: Will such a thin belt break?

Attributes are OK!

Anyway, Su Bai had no choice at present, so he was equipped.

Although I really want to see my current attributes, there are still tasks to hand in and one piece of equipment.

Walk into the novice village.

Go to the bar first and submit the task of collecting the Goblin Heart.

Get 500 experience points, silver coins*3, intermediate health potion*3, and intermediate energy potion*3.

Go to the tailor shop.

Submit the task of collecting cat demon skins.

The first task reward: 500 experience points.


With 500 experience gained, Su Bai leveled up again in a burst of golden light.


5 free attribute points, still adding strength.

The second task reward: silver coins*3.

Finally, it is the selection link.

The reward for this task allows Su Bai to choose a piece of cat demon armor and choose any part.

Su Bai thought for a while and chose shoes.

Without him, I can’t stand the straw sandals on my feet…

[Cat Demon Armor Boots]

Grade: LV5

Quality: excellent

Category: light armor/boots

Attribute: Strength+11/Intelligence+5

Defense: physical defense +40/magic defense +27

Affix: Why is there a cat head decoration on the front of this shoe? That’s too much…

The properties are great!

It was the power attribute Su Bai wanted.

Without a doubt, directly equip it.

At this point, all tasks have been completed.

The ones that should be gotten are gotten, and the attributes that should be added are also added. It’s time to check your attributes.

ID: White Night

Grade: LV5

Occupation: Trainee Warrior

Life: 66/Energy: 110

Strength: 93/Physique: 22

Damage: Physical Attack 333

Defense: physical defense 149/magic defense 11

Skills: Exploring, perforating a blow

“This attribute is really partial…”

So Bai looked at his attribute panel, a little speechless.

The strength is almost broken, and the physique is less than a quarter of the strength.

The blood volume is only 66, which is terribly low…

“Well… it doesn’t matter!”

Su Bai shrugged, his face was indifferent.

He still said: As long as the enemy is killed, I will not lose blood!

Turn off the panel.

Su Bai is ready to go to the wild, continue to farm monsters, continue to practice block and rebound.

It takes about three hours to enter the game, and there is still a lot of time to continue to raise the level.

“Pattern patter…”

As soon as he walked to the entrance of the village, Su Bai heard a patter.

Before turning his head, I heard the familiar shout: “Warrior, wait a minute!”

Turning around, she was indeed the village chief’s grandmother.

“Grandma Village Chief, is there anything else?”

Su Bai asked suspiciously.

At the same time, he was muttering in his heart, shouldn’t you still collect silver ring snake gall?

Oh, don’t tell me!

Su Bai was right.

I saw the village chief’s grandma panting, and then she calmed down and said: “Warrior, I still need some corona gall, can you help me collect it?”


A task box popped up in front of Su Bai.

【Collect Coral Snake Gallbladder·Three】

Difficulty: D

Requirements: Collect 1 rare-level coral snake gall and 100 elite level coral snake gall.

Progress: 0/1, 0/100

Rewards: experience*1000, silver coins*20, snakeskin armor shoulder jacket, snakeskin armor boots.


“Hey, there is actually a third ring…”

Su Bai took the task smoothly, and there was no other task to do anyway.

“Thank you warrior, I am waiting for your good news! Please be as soon as possible!”

The village chief’s grandma breathed a sigh of relief, and after expressing her gratitude, she returned to the village.

Looking at its direction, it seems to be going back to her cabin.

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