VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 103: Brother's inflatable buddy

“How can it be so strong?!!!”

After being chased, Cai Jilan was shocked, unable to return to his senses.

This boy who popped up casually was so terrifying!

After just two attacks, he was hit hard.

If there were a few more attacks of the kind just now, I was afraid that I would see the King of Yama.


-7134 Critical Strike

At this moment, he felt a pain in his chest again.

This severe pain also brought him back!

“Oh la la oh la la…”

He stepped back again, opening his mouth and singing.

Want to inspire his men, want them to come to the rescue.

And to sing it in his twisty voice, it was ugly to death.

Su Bai felt angry in his heart, and after yelling, he slashed at Cai Jilan’s big mouth.


Cai Jilan yelled angrily and shut up.

He raised his head and quickly dodged Su Bai’s attack.




Cai Jilan kept stepping on the ground, backing quickly, trying to get some distance from Su Bai.

However, Su Bai was too fast!

With the Wings of Burning Fire, Cai Jilan couldn’t keep away.

Don’t mention the other bandits, let alone catch up with Su Bai.

Even if there are so few rare long-range attack bandits, their long-range is far less than Su Bai.

In short, no one can participate in the battle of Su Bai killing Cai Jilan.

-7149 Crit



-7188 Crit


After being chopped several times aggrieved, Cai Jilan stepped on the ground fiercely and flew slightly into the sky.

Then, stretched out his hand behind his back, a little below the lumbar spine, and took out a ball…


With a heavy wave, he slammed at Su Bai.

Su Bai didn’t even need to look at it, and swiped his knife directly.


Sparks flew everywhere, and the ball was chopped off.

“Swish swish…”

“Clang clang clang…”

Not only this one iron ball, Cai Jilan has been pulling out an iron ball from behind and hitting Su Bai.

Of course, they were all chopped off by Su Bai one by one!

“It feels so smooth!”

Although his heart was disgustingly angry by this person, at this time, Su Bai also had a surprise in his heart.

His current reaction speed and his mastery of the direction when swinging the knife are simply too fine!

Command like an arm, pointing where to fight.

It seems that as long as he wants, he can trim the mosquitoes’ legs!



After the last cut, Cai Jilan was gone.

The special iron **** he deposited were completely consumed.

At this time, Su Bai’s Heart-cutting Blade also cooled down.

Heart-cutting blade!

-177410·Fatal! ! !

This time the damage was hit, Cai Jilan’s health plummeted directly!

Only a trace of blood is left!

He is in desperation!

Cai Jilan’s complexion was certain, and he made up his mind.

I saw that he jumped high.

He knelt down high.


With a loud bang, Cai Jilan’s knee hit the rocky ground heavily.


“Hi! This…”


“This… the boss actually kneeled! What do you do now…”

His little brothers had come around here.

However, after seeing Cai Jilan kneeling fiercely in front of Su Bai, they all looked at each other.

My mind is confused, my mind is also confused.

For a while, they all stopped subconsciously, waiting for follow-up development.

“Spare hero!”

At this time, Cai Jilan cried when she said she was crying, her eyes flushed red, “I don’t want to be like this either! I was forced!”

“I have suffered all the time since I was a child, and I had no parents before I was born!”

“I was kidnapped by the black-hearted landlord when he was just a few years old, and was molested by him as a prostitute…”

“I have been tossed and turned here. It seems that I am their leader, but in fact… 嘤嘤嘤, I am their toy… 嘤嘤嘤…”


This is really the best of the family, Su Bai’s eyebrows twitched!

Stepping up to Cai Jilan, he must start.

At this time, Cai Jilan knew something was wrong.

This hero seemed to be very safe, and was not deceived by himself.

“I can only use my last trick!”

Cai Jilan thought so, and then said softly and weakly: “Heroes, please let the younger ones live, the younger ones are willing to dress the heroes for a lifetime and do everything!”

As he said, he leaned in as if he was about to kowtow.

The old shoulders slippery.

His clothes slipped down suddenly, exposing his skin.

This is Cai Jilan’s skill, tactical shoulder sliding…


Su Bai’s stomach was churning again, disgusting!


With a cold face, he didn’t want to say a word, and slashed it down.

Obviously, the temptation failed!

-7167 Critical Strike


Cai Jilan couldn’t say what he said, and Su Bai was slapped.


Something exploded.


But Su Bai didn’t look at it. Instead, it flew to the bandits who were still in a daze.

Start the massacre!

Before long, these bandits were all beheaded by Su Bai!

Su Bai came to Cai Jilan’s edge to check what had been revealed.

There are three silver rays.

There are eight rare red lights.

After that, there are some unbranded qualities, needless to say.

In general, the explosive stuff is okay.

He felt that way, but Xue Wu and Shangguan Qingshang who were watching from the side breathed cold air.

“Let me go! What burst rate is this?!!!”

“This…it wasn’t so fierce before…”

The two girls are all talking!

I have seen the European Emperor, but I have never seen such an European!

Playing a boss in the wild, unexpectedly produced three pieces of silver!

I’m jealous!

Su Bai has already begun to check the information of things.

Picking up a piece of silver, his eyes lit up. It was a ring.

【Floral Wood Ring】

Grade: LV25

Quality: Silver

Category: Jewelry/Ring

Attribute: Intelligence +156/Power of Shura +846

Defense: Magic Defense +879

Affix: Why did you give me to him? Is it because you like other people’s wives?

Jewelry is rare.

Su Bai’s current ring still uses the black bone ring he found in Novice Village.

I haven’t met a suitable one, so I have never changed it.

This ring came in time and can be worn.

So Su Bai replaced the black bone ring in his hand and put on the floral wood ring.


[Second brother’s inflatable buddy]

Grade: LV25

Quality: Silver

Category: weapons/sticks

Attribute: Strength +161/Intelligence -76

Damage: physical attack +942/magic attack -372

Special Damage: When hitting the target and making an open wound, there is a 5% chance that the wound will be enlarged, causing 50 HP deductions per second for 8 seconds

Affix: This thing is actually a weapon! But it can obviously be inflated! Hmm…it seems to be given to Cai Jilan by the second master Guo Gai to play.

What a wonderful name!

And this color, a stick, do you want such a puff?

Su Bai vomited, changed hands, threw it to Shangguan Qingshang, and let her handle it.

Anyway, even if Su Bai died, he would not kill with a pink stick!

Ok, look at the third silver.

This is a jade bottle with two pills in it.

【One Love Forever】

Level: No level items

Quality: Silver

Category: Consumables

Effect: Used to arouse love. After use, if the aroused person engages in intercourse, he will remember and become obsessed with the body of the intercourse.

“Isn’t this the Yichun. Medicine! The name is quite literary and nice…”

Su Bai complained, and put in the backpack.


Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t want to use it.

But this thing cannot be sold, how bad, what if the player takes it and does something bad?



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