VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 104: Come on!

“By the way, judging from the efficacy of this medicine…”

“This man, I’m afraid that Cai Jilan would have eaten a [One Love Forever]!”

“Tsk tsk, I don’t know if it can be saved, it’s really bad luck…”

Su Bai shook his head, no longer thinking about it.

After reading the silver things, he looked at the rare ones at will.

It’s not worth mentioning, let Shangguan Qingshang sell it.

However, there was something that caught Su Bai’s attention.

There are five diamond-shaped, big fist, yellow, transparent crystal coins.

That’s right.

It’s Huang Lingcoin!

【Huang Ling Coin】

Quality: Rare

Category: Currency

Details: Legend has it that a torrent of energy descended from the heavens in the Divine Land Continent, and a lot of energy gathered and condensed into blocks to form this thing. It is also rumored that mysterious merchants have been collecting this object.

There was no such thing to kill the golden boss before.

If nothing happens, it should be a random drop.

Put the yellow spirit coins into the backpack.

Stand up, come to the mission target, check your breath.

Fortunately, there is breathing, it should be just a coma.

Su Bai pulled him up and said at the same time: “The mission target is still alive, let’s go back.”


“it is good……”

The three women nodded, and they arranged it.

So the three returned.

Fortunately, I bought three horses.

Su Bai rides a horse with Xia Cha and Shangguan Qingshang.

Snow dancing a horse.

The empty horse followed.

Otherwise, this mission objective will not be easy to bring back.

It will take about ten to twenty minutes.

Several people arrived and walked into the Yishi Building.

This building is really big!

There are three floors, and if you look at the outside, each floor should cover an area of ​​four to five thousand square meters!

Although it is big, it is a sacred bird, almost nobody.

Although the store door is open, the tables and chairs inside are not put in place, it is closed.

The proprietress was sitting at the counter with a worried expression on her face.

“Madam boss, I found it!” Shangguan Qing Chang said as he walked in.

Suddenly, the lady boss woke up and looked out quickly.

Sure enough, he immediately saw his familiar husband.


She cried and came out quickly.

Pushing the man, he couldn’t wake up, and he asked nervously, “What happened to my husband?”

“Is such that……”

Shangguan Qingshang told the proprietress about the causes and consequences.

“What! One love will always remember!! It is such a filthy and poisonous thing?!”

The lady boss exclaimed, her face shocked and pale.

However, after hearing that Su Bai had killed the person, her expression relaxed.

“Huh… okay, okay…”

Wiping the cold sweat from her forehead, the lady boss said with a look of fear: “Fortunately, you killed him, the warrior! Otherwise, my husband is not saved!!!”

“Oh? Is that medicine so strong?”

Su Bai gave a cry and asked curiously.

“Yes! The effect of that thing is so strange…”

The lady boss moved her husband down and explained to Su Bai.

She said, although this [One Love Yong Ji] is only a silver quality thing.

But the efficacy of the medicine is very magical and stubborn.

The person taking the medicine will remember this ‘someone’ after having a relationship with the ‘someone’!

Even if the soul does not want it, the body will miss it and cannot resist this ‘someone’.

When the body remembers it, the mind will gradually change.

After all, body and mind are never separate things, they are one.

It’s like being in good physical condition, will be happy, will feel excited.

If you are in a bad mood, you will feel weak and uncomfortable.

In addition, this poison is still very difficult to deal with.

Things that can detoxify are very treasures.

Fortunately, there is no other way.

That is when this ‘someone’ is dead!

People are dead, no matter how you remember them, there is nothing wrong.

Or separate the two people at a long distance and keep them out of contact.

If you can’t see people, so is it.

These two methods will take a few months to gradually forget.

In general, this thing is pretty awesome!

“Tsk tusk tusk…”

Su Bai couldn’t help but be speechless.

“Thank you for your help, this is what you deserve.”

After the explanation, the old bridesmaid said the same and distributed the reward.

Experience +15000, silver coins +20!

Then, the highlight came.

Only the last [unknown] reward is left.

At this time, the old bridesmaid said with a little embarrassment and embarrassment, “I am very sorry that I have paid you so little for such a dangerous task.”


The proprietress glanced at the restaurant with nostalgia, and then continued: “My restaurant is going to be sold. After I sell the restaurant, I will give you some financial rewards.”

Sure enough! ! !

Touched the hidden plot!

Shangguan Qingshang was excited and smiled and said, “Madame, how do you sell the restaurant?”

“Huh? You are…” The lady boss looked at her suspiciously.

Shangguan Qing Chang said softly: “I want to buy this restaurant!”

“!!!” The lady of the restaurant stayed for a while, and then said excitedly: “That’s great! Since you rescued my husband, I can give you a 30% discount!”


You guessed it right, it was not in vain, which made Shangguan Qing Chang a sigh of relief.

Next, Shangguan Qingshang negotiated the price with the proprietress.

The location of this floor is excellent, just beside the resurrection point, the daily flow of players is simply terrifying!

Therefore, even if the proprietress gave a 30% discount, the price is still not low.

500000 gold coins!

500 thousand gold coins! ! !

According to the current calculation that 1 gold coin is equal to 100 yuan, this building costs 50 million RMB!


However, although it is expensive, even if Su Bai does not pay much attention to business, he understands…

This fifty million is a good deal!

Now players can’t go to the imperial city, they can only stay in the major cities.

I don’t know when I can go, but if I want to come, it is unlikely in a short time.

Estimated to wait for the version to update or something.

During this period, the benefits that tens of millions of players can create and bring are too huge!

At this time, the first opportunity is extremely important!

Start eating meat first, and then you can only drink soup, and even the soup may not be able to drink, so busy all the work.

“Okay! Then 500,000 gold coins! Give me one hour!”

Su Bai understood that Shangguan Qingshang knew better, and naturally agreed.

However, it takes some time to collect gold coins.

“Okay, I will wait for you.” The lady boss nodded.

The four left the Yishilou.

“Then, I have to collect gold coins.” Shangguan Qingshang said.

“Yeah.” Su Bai nodded.

Shangguan Qingshang turned to Xue Wu and said, “Xuexue, I’m going to be busy, let’s play yours.”

“Okay, you go, come on!”

Xue Wu nodded.

She had been leveling at this time, if her best friend wanted to see Su Bai, she wouldn’t be here.

Shangguan Qingshang left to collect gold coins.

“See you.”

Su Bai approached Xue Wu Dao, pulled Xia Cha, and was about to leave.

“Then what…”

Xue Wu shouted.

She didn’t know why she called Su Bai, but…

It’s just that before people reacted, they already shouted out unconsciously.

“What? Is there anything else?” Su Bai looked at her suspiciously.

“Uh…” Xue Wu had a hot face and quickly said: “No…nothing…”


Su Bai took Xia Cha and left.

Xue Wu stood there, looking at Su Bai’s back a little lostly.

Can’t tell what it is, in short, I feel a little weird, a little melancholy…


Looking around, Su Bai walked to a corner and turned around normally, but it looked like he was looking back.

Suddenly, Xue Wu tilted her head quickly, turned and hurriedly walked away.

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