VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 105: Damn it! Is this a build order to sell? !

She thought Su Bai hadn’t seen it.

But, Su Bai saw it and felt…

Has this Xue Wu become her own little fan?


It doesn’t matter.


Originally, Su Bai planned to go to the mission hall to see if there was a suitable mission available.

But as he walked, Xia Cha yawned, and then vaguely said: “Brother, I’m tired, let’s go offline and sleep.”

Su Bai checked the time, and it was almost ten in the evening.

Today’s game time is long enough, more than ten hours.

Although Su Bai’s physique is not good now, he doesn’t feel tired at all.

But the strange thing that has been brushed for a day is really a bit crooked.

So, Su Bai nodded and said, “Okay, you can go offline and rest. I will add something and go offline.”

“Oh, hurry up.”

Xia Cha nodded, pulled out the system interface, and went offline.

Su Bai opened the map, confirmed a lower position, and walked towards a shop.

This shop was discovered by taking the quest to crack the empty stone.

It sells space and teleportation game props.

And Su Bai now intends to supplement things like the City Return.

He has consumed all these things.

Not long after, Su Bai arrived.

After entering, there are some players shopping for props.

After a large number of players enter the main city, even if your shop is remote, there will always be players to find it.

So it’s not surprising that there are players here, it’s strange that there are no players.

After Su Bai came in, it naturally attracted the attention of these players.

All eyes are projected over.

Envy, jealousy, worship and admiration are all there.

Su Bai accepted it frankly.

Browse the shelves of props to find what you need.

At this moment, the boss sitting behind the counter suddenly raised his head and looked at Su Bai.

Li Pu also had an impression of Su Bai.

After all, he arrived in the main city on the first day, and a foreigner with such a high reputation, but this young man alone!

And now…

Li Pu’s impression of Su Bai is even more profound!

This foreigner actually has a reputation of up to 5000 in the Twin Cities from the other side!

This made him jump in favor of Su Bai.

As it happens, Li Pu is confused about something now.

So, he thought…

Li Pu shouted: “That warrior, please come here.”


Su Bai looked around and saw the shop owner beckoning to him.

After confirming that he was calling himself, Su Bai walked towards him.

After getting closer, Su Bai asked, “Boss, what are you looking for?”

“Warrior, you are stronger again! You are improving so fast!”

Li Pu didn’t say anything right away, but first boasted.

“It’s okay…”

Su Bai said modestly, and then asked: “Boss, what do you want me to do?”

“Yesterday, didn’t you go to the turbulent jungle and helped me get the cracked stone?”

After watching Su Bai nodded, Li Pu continued: “The turbulence in that place is strange and it keeps blowing.”

“I’m very curious! Do you have time, can you help me investigate and figure out the reason?”

After Li Pu finished speaking, a task information box was displayed next to him.

[The Mystery of Turbulence]

Difficulty: B

Requirements: Go to the turbulent jungle, explore the source of the turbulence, and solve the boss’s confusion.

Progress: Missed

Reward: unknown


Unexpectedly, it was just to buy something, and it could trigger a hidden mission.

“Okay, I’ll take it.”

Of course Su Bai took it.

All tasks, those with the word Unknown in the reward, are worth taking!

“Thank you warrior.”

Li Pu smiled and expressed his gratitude. After thinking about it, he continued: “I am grateful for the help of the Warriors and your contribution to our Twin Cities on the other side. I will give you this thing.”

After speaking, he took out something and handed it to Su Bai.

“I go!!!”

“Wow! NPC gives something for free?!”

“Ah this…Is the White Night boss beeping to this point…”

“Nani?! There is such an operation?!”


The players curiously peeking aside were surprised.

NPCs actually give players things for free and initiatively, which is also strong!

Don’t talk about them, Su Bai himself was surprised…

Then, he remembered what Li Pu said, ‘I feel your contribution to the Twin Cities on the other side…’

Su Bai guessed that this should refer to his reputation.

Otherwise it will be a little difficult to explain.

After thinking about it a bit, Su Bai looked at the thing in the boss’s hand.

【The Gate of the Sky·Imitation Edition】

Level: No level items

Quality: Rare

Category: Consumables

Times: 5/5

Details: Determine a location and use the item to open the door of space and travel through space to reach the destination.

Note: The target location must have been personally visited.

“good stuff!”

It’s a good thing.

Can drive a lot less, save a lot of time.

“Thank you, boss.” Su Bai thanked him and accepted the item.

He really needs this stuff, so he won’t be hypocritical.

“Hey, you’re welcome.” Li Pu waved his hand in a nonchalant manner.

Su Bai bought 20 City Return Scrolls, one for 1 gold coin, and the price was neither expensive nor cheap.

This is still discounted…

Because Su Bai’s reputation is high enough, the boss gave a 30% discount, otherwise it would be more expensive.

After the purchase, Su Bai went out of the shop.

Although he took the task, he didn’t bother to do it today.

It is not a time-limited task.

Not urgent.

The liver’s heart is tired today, so let’s keep it tomorrow.

Pulling out the system interface, Su Bai went offline.


play cell phone.

go to bed.


At this time, a hot event is brewing…

Shangguan Qingshang spent a lot of energy and time, and finally received 500,000 game coins!

The title deed to that building was finally obtained.

It was late at this time, it was past eleven.

But she is not going to sleep yet!

She laid out the building briefly.

Then, a huge poster image was posted outside the building!

On the poster, the background is made of swords, guns and swords.

The most conspicuous part in the middle is a huge, extremely detailed, token-shaped thing.

Three big words on the note:

Build a help order!

With such a large poster image, players can basically see it as long as they are resurrected or teleported here.

This naturally attracted the attention of many players, and more and more players gathered.

“What the **** is this? Is this the order to build an gang?”

“Hmm… Is it that the NPC sells the order to build an gang?”

“No? This thing can only be dropped by hitting the boss at all!”


Even at eleven, the number of players is still a lot!

They gathered here and talked a lot.

At this time, a piece of information about the Daxia District Service jumped out.

“Hello players, tomorrow afternoon at 8 o’clock in the center of the left half of the twin cities of the other side, I will start the auction, the finale is the order of construction! Photos.jpg.”

This Daxia District server information can be seen by all players in Daxia.

The price is very expensive.

One word, 10 gold coins!

A real one-word daughter, most people don’t send it, can’t afford to play…

But now, Shangguan Qingshang chose this way in order to build momentum.


She posted a specific information map of Jian Bang Ling!

So, the result is obvious.

This notice is like a nuclear bomb explosion!





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