VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 106: Undercurrent

One post after another was posted on the game forum.

[Fuck! Some players actually set up shops in the game! 】

[Thanks for the invitation, it’s true that people are in the Twin Cities on the other side! That shop is big! 】

[There are pictures and the truth! Take you to see the first player shop in the whole server, the first help order! 】

【day! The build order is out! 】

【Shock! The first order to build a gang finally appeared! And will be sold in the form of auction! 】


These posts have been sent out, and they have exploded quickly!

Coupled with word of mouth among players.

It didn’t take long for Daxia’s players to know everything except the sleeping ones!

“Yeah! Jianbang Ling came out so soon!”

“Who typed it? Why is there no news at all?”

“What do you mean by no news? Did you forget? The White Night boss killed the Golden Boss not long ago!”

“This, it should be, it’s probably played by the White Nights.”

“By the way, doesn’t the White Night boss plan to build a gang? I still want to get in touch with idols…”

“You are thinking about fart!”

“Suddenly! I don’t know if I can make up enough money!”

“There is no mine at home…No, if you don’t live in a mine at home, don’t think about it! This first order to build a gang is still in the form of an auction! The price is absolutely terrifying!”

“…I’m heartbroken!!”


Seeing the discussion of these players, Shangguan Qingshang nodded in satisfaction.

going offline.

Next, she doesn’t need to do anything anymore.

Just leave it to ferment.

When I wake up, all Daxia players will know.

that’s the truth.

Even faster!

Ordinary players just watch the excitement, but the big guilds of the big family will know it for the first time!

Even when he was asleep, he was awakened and told by his subordinates from his sleep.

Then, naturally I was extremely tempted and extremely excited!

“The order to build a gang was issued so soon! This first order to build a gang, I will definitely get it!”

“In the Twin Cities on the other side…I can’t make it! No! Even if you ask someone to buy it, you have to buy this Jianbang order!”

“Damn! It’s difficult now! The competition is too great! But…huh! Come on, I’m bound to win!”

“Hahahaha! Save trouble! Find someone and see who is in the Twin Cities on the other side. This task of buying a help order is a rewarding reward!”

“If it’s not unexpected, this build gang is probably related to that white night again! This person… is really strange! Watch him and see if he can be recruited into my union.

It was late at night, but the situation was surging and restless!

Many people have launched big moves.

The order to build a gang is inevitable.

Among them, we need to focus on someone.


Feiyun Dynasty, one of the six major cities, Chengjiang waters.

Here, the president of a large guild still moved his mind.

His ID is the Lord of Death, and he was called “Little Young Master Xiao” by Zhang Shiyi.

He is still leveling and is now at level 22.

It can be said that it is very fast, and it can be described as a leveling that wastes sleep and food.

But even so, every time the Lord of Death opens the ranking list and sees the first White Night’s level of 26, he feels extremely dazzling…

He naturally saw the Daxia District clothing message sent by Shangguan Qingshang.

“He must have made it again! Why on earth!!!”

The Lord of Death was indignant and unbalanced.

He invested a lot of time and money, but he couldn’t keep up with even a casual person.

The mentality collapsed, and the balance was out of balance.

“Old Li, how’s the personnel going?”

After feeling upset for a while, he asked.

Old Li said, “Master, there is no news yet.”

“So slow!!!”

The Lord of Death frowned dissatisfied, but did not struggle with this matter.

The most important thing now is to buy the help order!

“I can’t go to the Twin Cities on the other side, so how can I buy it?”

“Who will do it?”

The Lord of Death frowned and thought, trying to find a suitable candidate.

Thinking about it, but there is no suitable one.

He has a narrow and suspicious personality, and it would be hard to be assured of such a big thing if it is not an absolute cronies.

“Master, it’s better to let the killer do it.” At this moment, the old Li next to him said.

“Give it to him?”

The Lord of Death said in a rhetorical tone, “He is just a killer. What should I do to him for this kind of thing…”

While talking, his eyes gradually lighted up.

Not to mention, this killer is really a pretty good candidate!

Killer, though cold and bloodthirsty.

However, as long as it is a career for money, it is also about credibility.

No one wants to make a deal with someone who speaks back and has no guarantees.

Especially the high-priced and elusive profession of killer.

Besides, if the money is not enough, or the price is too high, it is not worthwhile…

Then, you can get a help order in another way!

That is……

Let that piece of eleven assassinate the person who was successfully auctioned to Jianbang Order!

Of course, this is only the last resort.

After all, you can’t guarantee that after killing, you will definitely drop the order to build an gang.

But after all, choosing Zhang Eleven is indeed an excellent candidate!

Perfect! ! !

“it is good!”

The Lord of Death immediately made a decision and said, “It’s him, contact him!”

“Good young master.”

Lao Li went to do it.


Twin Cities on the other shore.

Zhang Shixi is very troublesome!

I just bought some precious and useful props.

As a result, Bai Ye was no longer found.

Someone told him that Bai Ye was offline.

Well, I was going to level up.

As a result, Young Master Xiao called again.

Actually let him be a killer to buy a build order!

Had it not been for this fat sheep to give a high reward, he would not bother to take care of such things.

He doesn’t care about it at all.

As a killer, what do you want to build an order for?

“However, Xiao Da Sheep said that this gang order was probably made by Bai Ye…”

“Hehe, since he is auctioned, he will definitely be there, right?”

With a cold smile, Zhang Shixi had an idea.

The Twin Cities on the other side, because of the emergence of a construction order.

The undercurrent is raging.


The next day.

After seven o’clock, Su Bai woke up early.

The physique is good, and the sleep is better.

When I got up, I was very refreshed, and I felt that my whole body was exhausted.

Xia Cha is still asleep.

After washing, Su Bai went to cook.


While cooking the noodles, Su Bai heard a sound of footsteps approaching.

Then, his waist tightened, and a pair of small hands embraced him.

My back softened, and I felt something stuck.

Turning around, Xia Cha naturally hugged him.

Her hair is fluffy and tousled, her small face is on her back, her eyes are not opened, like sleepwalking.

Obviously, Xia Cha is still in the sleepy state when she first got up.

“Still asleep, brush your teeth and wash your face.” Su Bai pushed her forehead.


Xia Cha buried her forehead on Su Bai’s back, rubbed it, and said vaguely, “So sleepy, let me squint for a while…”

Su Bai said unhappily, “I’m going to squint the bed, I’m cooking.”


Xia Cha is soft and authentic, and her voice is like a dream, “Brother smells so good, so warm, so comfortable…”

Su Bai: “…”

He didn’t realize there was any fragrance in his body.

But as far as the fact is concerned, his physique has improved greatly, and what he is taking is a flower liquid.

Although it is **** in gay, Su Bai really has a faint floral fragrance…

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