VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 107: Inverse scale dragon blood, 100% success rate

After laying on Su Bai’s back for a long time, Xia Cha became more sober, and her sleepiness gradually subsided.

“Hee hee, brother, why do you smell like flowers on your body!”

Xia Cha grinned, sniffing on Su Bai curiously.

“It’s OK…”

Su Bai pretended to dislike her and pushed her away, urging: “Go and wash your face, brush your teeth, your face is almost healed!”


Xia Cha pouted her mouth and ran to brush her teeth and wash her face.


Su Bai took the phone and went to the forum.

Then, I naturally saw the discussion on Jianbang Ling in the forum.

“It’s fast!”

Su Bai smiled, very satisfied.

This kind of thing requires an absolute first opportunity.

Otherwise, if it drags on for a while, maybe a golden boss will pop up, and another gang order will be issued.

The first and second are far less meaningful.

Just now, everyone knew that Su Bai was the first to enter the main city, but no one knew who was the second.


After eating, the two of them went online without any delay.

After a night of rest, both of them were full of energy.

The bug progress bar is naturally full!

So, what bug is better?

Here, some things are worth mentioning.

After these several card bugs, Su Bai also figured out the general rules.

First of all.

Card bugs are of a one-time nature.

Only one behavior, one thing, one thing can be stuck.

There is an exception for the mysterious merchant, it should be his things that are counted as one thing.

Take a chestnut, it is like a mysterious merchant’s thing, stored in the space ring, and Su Bai is stuck in the space ring.

“What should I do better?”

After Su Bai entered the game and found that the progress bar was full, he frowned and thought.

Xia Cha blinked, watching Su Bai thinking about something, and didn’t say anything to interrupt her.

He looked at Su Bai quietly.

Full card?

Su Bai tried it, but it didn’t work.

Display: [Data is unlimited, cannot be created! 】

“Hey, is there no limit to the level of this game?”

Su Bai was slightly surprised.

The highest-level thing he has seen so far is LV100.

I thought that level 100 is the full level.

Or, the game really has no level restrictions.

Or, there is a unique hierarchical system that allows players to keep improving, so the data is unlimited.

“I really want to get the level of the inverse scale dragon blood to the level that I can use now…”

Su Bai looked at the inverse scale dragon blood in the backpack, this thing was still unusable.

It is a level 100 thing.

Look greedy!

However, this thing is a bit dangerous!

There is only a 1% chance that the physique will evolve into a true dragon body.

But there is a 99% chance that the body will burst and all the character data will be cleared!

The consequences are really unbearable…

Even if Su Bai has a super high lucky value, with this 1% chance, he would not dare to gamble.

If you want to get a card, that’s also the success rate of this inverse scale dragon blood, card to 100%!

“Um… do you want to do that?”

Su Bai thought that it should be possible.

It’s just that the 100% success of the card and the lowering of the level of use are two acts.

You need to card the bug twice to succeed.

“Well, there is nothing on hand anyway.”

“It’s done!”

Su Bai thought and decided to pay attention.

Looking at the Dragon Blood in the backpack, Su Bai said silently: “The success rate of Dragon Blood is stuck to 100%!”

Then, Su Bai saw the inverse scale dragon blood in his backpack changed.

The light was already violent, and the dragon’s blood exuding bright orange clouds became even more violent.

After a while, a box pops up.

[Create success! 】

Su Bai read the information again.

【Inverse Scale Dragon Blood】

Grade: LV100

Grade: Legend

Category: Consumables

Effect: After use, 100% of the body evolves into a real dragon.

Details: A true dragon will die when touched! However, this drop of blood is the real Dragon Blood.

! !


It’s a success!

The chance is 100%!

Su Bai was also excited!

You only need to wait another ten hours before you can use up this eye-catching dragon blood!

“By the way, how about…”

Seeing this Nilin dragon blood, Su Bai had another thought, “Or, bring this dragon blood into reality?”

“If you want to really turn into a dragon, that would be too awesome and cool!”

The more he thought about it, the more Su Bai moved, his heart beating.

“Calm down, it’s still early to create a bug next time, don’t rush for a while.”

Su Bai eased his mind.

Looking to her side, Xia Cha was staring at herself blankly.

Su Bai said: “Chacha, I have received a task, let’s go and go together.”

“Oh oh great.” Xia Cha nodded.

The two set off, preparing to fetch horses from the stable.

Along the way, Su Bai and Xia Cha felt that there were more players in the city.

Many people are full of excitement, and many people are discussing intensively.

What was discussed was naturally related to the shops in that city opened by players.

“You said, would that shop just open in the white night?”

“I think it is, even if it is not, it is inextricably related to Big White Night!!!”

“I think so too. Ninety-nine percent of the first order to build a gang was made by Big White Night!”

“By the way, why doesn’t the store have a name? Shouldn’t it be necessary to quickly pick the name at this time, so that it is famous all over the world?”

“Wow! White night!”

“Say Cao Cao Cao Cao is here! I just ran into the big guy in the night like this!”

“So handsome!”

“Boss White Night, I want to give you a monkey!!”


While walking, Su Bai was a little strange listening to this player’s discussion.

Why, it’s been so long, didn’t Shangguan Qingshang even take the name?


At this moment, his friend sent a message.

When I opened it, it was sent by Shangguan Qingshang.

Yesterday the two had a cooperative relationship, so naturally they added their friends.

Neon: “Big brother, what do you think is better for the name of the shop?”

Su Bai understood that the reason she hadn’t named her was because she wanted to ask her own opinions.

I have to say that Su Bai is very useful.

This is really an excellent partner, who actually gave up the naming rights of the store!

No matter what happens in the future, now, I really can’t find a more suitable partner than Shangguan Qingshang.

This makes Su Bai very curious.

What is it that makes Shangguan Qingshang so eager to build an industry in the game?

Is it really just to make money?

With her ability, she would not compromise to such a degree.

After being curious for a while, Su Bai shook his head and stopped thinking.

This is someone’s business and has nothing to do with him.

After thinking about it, I sent a message in the past: “It’s up to you, I don’t care.”

He really doesn’t care.

Su Bai only cared about whether his own things were sold or not, the others didn’t matter.


After a few seconds, Shangguan Qing Chang said, “How about [Ye Luo]?”

This name is still based on Su Bai.

Taken from the last word of Su Bai’s ID and occupation.

Su Bai sent a message: “Everything will do.”

“Okay, it’s Ye Luo.” Shangguan Qing Chang said.

The name is finalized.

At this point, the first store opened by a player in the Divine Land World was born.

As for the future, with Su Bai’s reputation and help, how brilliant will it be?

This is not known, let it be time.



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