VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 108: Suzaku wakes up

After a while, Su Bai and Xia Cha arrived in the horse shed.

The two ride on the same horse and rush to the wild jungle.


Halfway through, Su Bai’s heart moved and heard a milky voice calling.

After opening the pet space, Little Suzaku has woken up.

Wandering curiously in the space, looking at the sleeping little snow from time to time.

When he sensed that Su Bai was looking at the space, Little Suzaku suddenly turned his head and looked at Su Bai.

“Baba… giggle…”


She smiled, flapping her wings, and wanted Su Bai to hold her.

“What a cute little thing…”

Su Bai smiled and summoned her from the pet space.

Suddenly, a burst of light burst before him.

In the light, wings, body, flame…

Little Suzaku appeared in the air, and…


As soon as she appeared, she thumped and fell from the air to the ground.

Mengmeng fell off…


The little Suzaku was stunned for a moment, and then water burst into his eyes, tears streaming down.


The little Suzaku stood up staggeringly, and cried vaguely, “Ba Ba, it hurts…”


Xia Cha looked at the cute little Suzaku and exclaimed: “Brother, what is this? So cute!”

“It’s the Suzaku’s child.”

Su Bai explained, and then jumped off the horse.

Little Suzaku jumped over and hugged Su Bai’s leg.

Looking up at Su Bai, tearfully said: “Baba…pain…”

This pitiful little appearance makes Su Bai feel distressed.

He quickly bent down and picked her up.

“No pain, no pain…”

Su Bai patted Little Vermilion lightly, comforting her.

The little Suzaku is not big, just like some adult fat orange cats, with soft feathers and a good holding feeling.


Being held by Su Bai, Little Suzaku stopped crying in pain.

Throwing into Su Bai’s arms, his eyes curled up, obviously very happy.

“Wow! Brother, she’s so cute!!”

Xia Cha also dismounted, and she looked at Little Suzaku with beaming eyes, which she loved very much.

Little Suzaku was startled by her enthusiastic gaze, and shrank into Su Bai’s arms.

Then, Cai Nai asked grimly: “Baba…who is she?”

Su Bai introduced: “He is my sister Xia Cha, you call her… Sister.”


Little Suzaku nodded cutely, then looked at Xia Cha, and cautiously called to her sister.

“Eh! How good!”

Xia Cha responded, her eyes full of petting, wishing to **** Little Suzaku in her arms.

Just afraid to scare her, Xia Cha still only watched from the side.

After calling her sister, Little Suzaku looked at Su Bai again, “Baba, Ma Ma?”

“she was……”

Su Bai thought for a while, and simply said: “She has left temporarily and will be back later.”


Little Suzaku nodded blankly, without showing any sadness.

Maybe, it’s not really true.

This made Su Bai secretly relieved.

“Brother, what’s her name?”

At this time, Xia Cha on the side asked.

“She doesn’t have a name yet…” Su Bai shook his head.

Before Luo Ling left, she didn’t say Little Suzaku’s name.

Presumably, she has not named Little Suzaku…

Xia Cha’s eyes lit up and she said joyfully: “Then let’s pick one for her!!”

“Well, I really want to start one. Her mother’s surname is Luo, what’s her name?” Su Bai said, thinking about it.


Little Suzaku looked at Baba and her sister in contemplation, tilted her head curiously, and made two noises.

And listening to this voice, Xia Cha suddenly had inspiration!

Xia Tea Ceremony: “Brother, why not call Luo Ying? Sakura of Sakura!”

“Luo Ying?”

Su Bai said, feeling very good, “Yes, very nice!”

So, Su Bai touched Little Suzaku’s head and said to her: “Little Suzaku, your name will be Luo Ying from now on.”

“Bah Bah!! Okay, Baba…”

Little Suzaku…No, Xiao Luoying was immediately very happy, and excitedly held her small head on Su Bai’s chest.

The summer tea that I saw is an envy!

She also wanted to arch her brother’s chest like this…No, she also wanted to be so admired by the cute little Luoying.

“Ha ha……”

Su Bai smiled slightly.

Little things are really cute and tight.

After choosing the name, Su Bai checked Xiao Luoying’s attributes.

【Luo Ying】

Master: Bai Ye

Grade: LV1

Grade: Legend

Race: Suzaku

Life: 10000

From the fire: 5000

Damage: Fire attribute attack 172

Talent: Li Division

Skills: Nirvana from the ashes, blazing flames, wing feathers from the fire

Details: The Suzaku born by secret method is different from the ordinary Suzaku, and it is in its infancy.

Before looking at his talents and skills, Su Bai found something not quite right.

That is, in Xiao Luoying’s panel, a column of [Race] appeared.

And Xiaoxue’s, there is no race column.

“Um… why isn’t Xiaoxue’s?”

There is only one explanation for Su Bai thinking and thinking.

Xiaoxue’s origins are too extraordinary!

In Xiaoxue’s information panel, there is this sentence:

[A kitten from an unknown source has a very strong original life level, but it has been sealed for too long, resulting in a sharp drop in rank and strength. 】

Xiaoxue is now a legend, but this is after the fall.

It was estimated to be very strong before, a strong batch!

Although the system did not show the race of Xiaoxue, it was a bit nonsense and outrageous.

But considering that this is not an ordinary game, Su Bai has nothing unacceptable.

“Forget it, race or something, it doesn’t matter.”

Su Bai shook his head, no longer looking for trouble.

He looked at Xiao Luoying’s talents and skills.

【Leaving Division】

Natural ability

Effect 1: Li Gua

Details: Luo Ying can hold, control, use, bear, contain, and absorb 99% of all things that prosper the sun and belong to fire in the world.

Effect 2: Not extinguished

Details: The flame on Luo Ying’s body will never go out, offsetting external damage. Fire attacks offset 50%, and other attacks offset 20%.

Effect 3: Killing

Details: Luo Ying’s main palm kills, each attack will give an additional 20% fire damage.

【Nirvana in the Fire】

Grade: LV1

Consumption: 5000 from the fire

Cooling down: 280 minutes

Details: The Lihuo within Luoying’s burning body will regenerate without damage in the flame, and its status will increase by 200% for 10 seconds.

Note: When the distance from the fire is insufficient, it can still be reborn. But according to the percentage of missing from the fire, the life and the value of the away from the fire will be reduced, and the status cannot be increased.

[Flame spreads the sky]

Grade: LV1

Consumption: 200 from the fire / per second

Cooldown: 50 seconds

Damage: normal attack *330%

Details: Luo Ying spit out the fire in her body, causing burning damage to enemies within a certain range (range: 10 meters around her body)

Note: The target burned by the fire has a 30% chance to trigger the burning state for 5 seconds, causing normal attack * 10% fire attribute damage every second. During burning, the enemy’s fire resistance is -30%.

【Li Huo Wing Feather】

Grade: LV1

Consumption: 500 from the fire/fire feather

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Damage: normal attack*470%*1~10 times

Details: Luo Ying condenses into a fire feather with 500 degrees of fire, causing a huge amount of damage to the target enemy. It can target a single target and can attack in a range. (Fire feather attack range: 10 meters around the body)

Note: The target that is attacked by the fire wing feather has a 30% chance to trigger the incineration state for 5 seconds, causing normal attack * 10% fire attribute damage every second. During burning, the enemy’s fire resistance is -30%.



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