VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 109: With baba flying

The legendary quality is cattle!

Even if it is only a level 1 panel, it is not luxurious!

Su Bai looked at Xiao Luoying, feeling very happy.

Now, his two pets, Little Snow Master healed, and Little Luo Ying attacked.


“I just don’t know, when will Xiao Luoying be able to fly with people…”

Su Bai touched Xiao Luoying’s head and couldn’t help but remember that when Luo Ling was flying in the air, it was a really cool duck! ! !

After thinking about it for a while, Su Bai said to Xia Tea: “Let’s go Chacha, go do the task.”


Xia Cha got on the horse, then looked at Xiao Luoying in Su Bai’s arms and said, “Brother, I’ll sit in front of you, so why don’t you hug her, let me hug her?!”

“Sakura, what do you think?” Su Bai looked at Xiao Luoying in his arms.


Xiao Luoying blinked her eyes and said softly: “I want to… want to hug…”

Xia Cha: “…”

So there is a sense of shock…ha…haha…

Su Bai mounted Xiao Luoying on his horse and ran towards the turbulent jungle.

I arrived in about ten minutes.

Find a place to tie the horse.

As for coming back later, whether this horse is alive or dead, and is still not here, it depends on God’s will…

Step into the turbulent jungle.

The jungle is huge, but fortunately, the boss gave a slightly approximate range point, saying that the turbulence there is the most intense.

Su Bai opened the map and took a look. The location is not close!

Although it is a jungle, in fact, it is formed by a number of relatively low, gently undulating mountains.

The location given by the boss is at the heels of the mountains.

“Let’s go.”

Su Bai and Xia Cha walked towards the target location.

Along the way, you can naturally encounter monsters, basically swaying from LV20 to LV30.

Before that, Su Bai must have been too lazy to kill, so he would definitely skip over.

And now, in order to upgrade Xiao Luoying’s level, Su Bai killed it when he saw it.

Upgrade early, take yourself to fly early…

There were several lord bosses on the road.

Of course, it’s just the boss of the lord, it’s a piece of cake, no need to talk nonsense.

Leapfrogging experience upgrade is fast!

It didn’t take long before Xiao Luoying reached LV10!


She yelled vaguely, and then jumped out of Su Bai’s arms.


When she fell on the ground, the Lihuo on her body soared.

After a short ten seconds, Li Huo gathered, and finally retracted, only burning on Xiao Luo Ying’s body.

Xiao Luoying seems to have evolved, her body has become much larger!

Can be compared to the fat orange cat before.

Now, you can compare the size of an adult tiger.


Little Suzaku hopped over and hugged Su Bai’s leg again.

Depending on the situation, Su Bai still has to hug her…

Su Bai touched her head and said helplessly: “Sakura, you have grown bigger now, I can’t hold you…”


Xiao Luoying seemed to understand, and nodded a little lowly.

“Okay, let’s go.” Su Bai touched her head.

Xiao Luoying flew into the air with a flap of wings.

But he didn’t fly very high, so he stayed beside Su Bai and followed Su Bai closely.

About three or four hours passed.

It’s not surprising that it took so much time to kill monsters all the way.

Of course, the results are obvious.

Xiao Luo Ying level has reached LV19.

Moreover, after Su Bai killed a strange bird, he leveled up again.



In the same way, Xiao Luoying fell on the ground again, and the burning Lihuo burst into the air.

In the flames, her body was growing rapidly.

After half a minute, the fire gradually closed.

Sakura, grew up a lot!

It’s not the same as before.

To describe it vividly, Luoying now has two cars side by side as big as two cars.

When the wings are spread, it is nearly ten meters.

It can be called a behemoth.

At this time, we have to look at the information.

【Luo Ying】

Master: Bai Ye

Grade: LV20

Grade: Legend

Race: Suzaku

Life: 100000

From the fire: 9750

Damage: Fire attribute attack 2580

Talent: Li Division

Skills: Nirvana from the ashes, blazing flames, wing feathers from the fire,

Details: The Suzaku born by secret method is different from the ordinary Suzaku, and it is in its infancy.

Su Bai clicked on the skill again and took a look.

It was discovered that in addition to the skill of Nirvana, all other skills were upgraded to LV3.

Increased damage percentage and reduced cooldown.

Although there are not one or two more skills, it doesn’t matter.

“I don’t know, can I fly…”

Su Bai looked at Xiao Luoying and muttered in his heart.

And Xiao Luoying seemed to perceive Su Bai’s thoughts, turned her head, looked at Su Bai and said, “Yingying… bring Baba Fei…”

With that, Xiao Sakura came to Su Bai’s edge, lowered her body, obviously making Su Bai go up.

“Uh, can it work?”

Su Bai couldn’t help but worry a little.

“It’s okay, I can do it.” Xiao Luoying said.

Perhaps it was a level increase, but now she speaks a lot more clearly.


Su Bai nodded and stood on Luo Ying’s back.

“Then what, Sakura, can I come?” Xia Cha asked aside.

She also wants to fly!

But she was worried that Luo Ying could not bear it.

Luo Ying nodded, and said cutely: “Okay, my sister is coming up too.”

“Thank you Sakura Sakura.”

Xia Cha said thanks, and then stood up.

call! ! !

Kozakura folded her wings heavily, and the wind howled, taking off.

Although she was a little swayed at first, it might be the reason why she was not used to and unskilled.

But soon, Sakura was in control.

Carrying Su Bai and Xia Cha, flew towards the destination.

“Comfortable! Comfortable! Finally I can fly again!”

Su Bai sighed.

Finally felt the feeling of flying again.

It’s not like before, except for horse riding.

Running maps is exhausting, and the speed is not fast.

Kozakura’s speed is much faster than riding a horse, and the feeling of flying is even more refreshing!

Talk less gossip.

Soon, Su Bai came to the general task area marked by the boss.


“Bah Bah Bah Bah!!!”

As soon as he got here, Su Bai heard the harsh wind.

There is indeed more turbulence here than in other places, and it is more fierce and ferocious.

The harsh cries continued, and even some space was torn apart.

“Sakura, we landed.”

Su Bai was worried that Xiao Luoying would hit the turbulence, so she let her land.

“Good baba.”

Xiao Luoying landed obediently.

Two people stood on the ground and looked at this place.

Here is the junction of two mountains.

The low peaks meet here to form a ‘v’ shaped terrain.

The turbulence cannot see where it comes from.

It seems to appear out of thin air.

“Brother, how do you do this task?” Xia Cha asked curiously.

She shared Su Bai’s mission, and naturally knew the mission details.


When I got here, I didn’t notice any abnormalities. How could I do this task?

“I don’t have a clue.”

Su Bai shook his head and walked slowly and carefully, “Don’t worry, look around here, maybe you can find something.”

“Oh oh.”

Xia Cha nodded.

So, they just wandered around here.

Let ordinary people come, maybe it will be thunder, to be beaten to death by the turbulence.

And Su Bai, who was carried by heaven…

With the super high lucky value blessing, Su Bai, Xia Cha and Sakura couldn’t touch them because of the turbulence.

And, walking and walking…

Su Bai suddenly stepped on the air and disappeared.

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