VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 11: All equipment is picked up, hundreds of pieces of equipment are picked up for free

Su Bai looked at her back, muttering in his heart: “What the **** is going on? I really want to go in the village chief’s house and see…”

If you want to return, you can’t do it…

Didn’t you see that even the window papers in the village chief’s house were not broken? There must be barriers or barriers.

and many more!

Su Bai suddenly brightened his eyes and thought of a way to enter the village chief’s house.

He looked down at his wrist, and the progress bar on it was about 30%.

After a while, another bug can be created.

“Um… when the time comes to make a bug, get stuck in the corner to see?”

Su Bai held his hands, a little moved.

After pondering for a while, Su Bai continued to set off for the wild.

No way, it’s too early to run to the full progress bar.


A few minutes later, he returned to the familiar Hong Conglin again.

Started the long journey of spawning monsters again.

Fortunately, there are still many elite-level coral snakes in the depths of the red forest.

The terrain of the Red Forest is complex, and Su Bai is not blindly spawning monsters.

Instead, he was consciously practicing blocking and rebounding, so his monster spawning speed was greatly slowed down.

About an hour later.



An LV5 elite silver ring snake hung up, exploding snake gall and a dozen copper coins.

And Su Bai was in a burst of golden light, and his level rose again!


5 free attribute points, plus all power as usual.

The Crawling Cloud Sword was upgraded, adding up the two, the attack power increased by 35 points.

“Leap the level to fight monsters and reduce the experience too much…”

“Too hard to live for more than an hour, killing 100 LV5 level elite monsters, actually only rose to a level…”

“This bird game is too difficult to upgrade…”

After picking up the fallen things, Su Bai uttered a few words.

After spitting out, Su Bai continued to go deep, looking for a rare-level coral snake.

100 Elite Coral Snake Gallbladder is done, and 1 rare Coral Snake Gallbladder is missing.




In the jungle, the air is fresh, and the breeze slowly blows the leaves and rustles.

The chirping of insects and birds sounded in my ears from time to time, it was a beautiful scenery!

“There is a cave!”

As he walked, Su Bai saw a cave out of his sight.

The cave is mostly covered by half-person tall grass, and the grass branches at the entrance of the cave show signs of being oppressed and inclined.

“Well… it looks like a trace of a coral snake after it has crawled.”

“There is a coral snake in this cave?”

Su Bai thought, swept the grass at the entrance of the cave with his sword.

“Wow, wow…”

The grass was moved and rattled, but the cave was still silent and no coral snake came out.

“It seems that this cave should be quite deep.”

Su Bai came to a conclusion.

Then he tilted his head and thought, squeezed the sword, and stepped into the cave.

The cave is high and wide and can easily accommodate Su Bai’s entry.

The cave is really deep.

It is not straight, but curved like a sheep’s intestine, with no end in sight.

The light inside the cave is not bad, because on the cave wall, there is a little bit of scale light.

The blue light is dreamlike, but also mysterious.

Su Bai took a closer look and saw that it was a kind of stone that could glow.

Reached out and buckled, but couldn’t move.

Exploring information, information representation, is nothing more than an ordinary luminous stone.

“It should be the game system arranged in the cave for lighting.”

Su Bai secretly said, stepping deeper into the cave.

After walking for some distance, the road of the cave gradually sloped downward and became a slope.

The **** is quite high and a bit steep.

At this time, the air in the cave is not very good, there is a smell of soil, and a strange fishy smell.

“I’m a little nervous…”

Su Bai swallowed, feeling claustrophobic.

Slightly bent over, from time to time he held the Chuiyun sword in his hand as a crooked hand, carefully continuing to go deeper.

As we walked, the situation changed again.

On the ground and on the wall of the cave, a slimy liquid began to appear.

Slimy, slippery when you step on it, and smelly.


Su Bai couldn’t help but squeezed his nose, very uncomfortable, only feeling dizzy by the fishy head.

Enduring the discomfort, Su Bai was more careful.

His feet were too slippery, and he didn’t want his whole person to fall on this slimy, unidentified liquid.


How do you say it?

The more things you don’t want to happen, the more they happen!


As he walked, Su Bai slipped and fell on his back.

The road in the cave is steep and sloping, and it is lubricated by mucus.

Therefore, as soon as Su Bai fell down, he slid directly down the cave passage just like playing a slide!

Su Bai reacted quickly, and immediately thrust the sword in his hand into the ground, trying to stabilize it.

However, before the sword pierced the ground, Su Bai felt empty.

In just a second or two, Su Bai felt that he had hit something soft and wet.

Before he got up, Su Bai smelled an extremely strong pungent smell.

It was so much stronger than what I smelled in the passage before!

Su Bai’s stomach is churning, the taste is too strong!


Su Bai covered his nose fiercely, suppressed his nausea, and stood up.

At this station, he almost didn’t stare out!

He is now in a very big cave, or a cave, a pothole.

Very broad!

Not to mention a few miles, even tens of miles!

But what shocked Su Bai was that in front of him, there was a huge, huge snake head! ! !

It’s huge, just as big as a three-story building!

The body is even longer and boundless, meandering away, thick and slender, even more than a thousand meters long!

And beside this giant snake, Su Bai’s feet were full of thick or thin snakes.

That amount is so dense!

Let alone nearly 10,000! ! !

They are all coral snakes, and so is the giant snake!


All coral snakes are…dead!

When Su Bai fell just now, the wet liquid he felt was the blood of the coral snake.

“Fuck… trough!”

Su Bai can’t calm down, only one sentence expresses his heart!

This scene, coupled with the high level of realism of the game, is really too shocking! ! !

Especially that giant snake!

As soon as Su Bai stood upright, as soon as he looked up, he saw the giant snake’s eyes as big as a cow.

Unwilling to stare at him, his eyes are bright red and strange, and his teeth are long and sharp.

In addition, there are densely packed snake bodies scattered all over the place, gathering snake blood in a shallow lake…

Looking at him, he breathed a cold breath behind…

Who can see this kind of scene in reality?

Can you tremble at a glance…


After a few long breaths, Su Bai calmed down a bit, looked around and looked around.


“I go……”

His eyebrows raised, his mouth opened, and he was shocked again.

Then, the corners of Su Bai’s mouth began to rise.

Go up!

Crazy up!

“Hey haha ​​in a trance!!!”

Su Bai couldn’t help laughing!

I saw that the ground of this cave was covered with yellow, orange and orange copper coins!

Occasionally, a little bit of silver coins embellish it.

This number can be as big as tens of thousands!

In addition to game coins, there are many bottles, which are potions of life, magic, and energy.

There are also many sundries such as snake skin and teeth.

Of course, these were not enough to make Su Bai ecstatic.

In addition to the things mentioned above, there are one, two, three, four…

Oops, countless!

In short, in addition to game currency on the ground, there are…

Hundreds of pieces of equipment! ! !

That’s right!

Hundreds! ! !

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