VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 110: LV30: Secret Realm Dungeon: Falling in the Void

As he walked, Su Bai had entered the Secret Realm of Vermilion Birds just like before.

Suddenly disappeared.

Of course, not disappearing, but entering a secret realm.

“Ah! Brother?!!!”

Xia Cha suddenly exclaimed, hurriedly walked to the position before Su Bai, swished and disappeared.

The same was true for Xiao Luoying, who followed and disappeared.

In the secret realm, Su Bai started to give a system prompt.

“Ding! You found a copy of the LV30 Mystery Realm: [Void Falling in the Void], and get rewards: experience +10000, reputation of the twin cities of the other side +500, gold coins +20!

“Ding! You have entered the LV30 Secret Realm Instance: Falling from the Void! The challenge begins, please kill the Secret Realm BOSS within 180 minutes!”

“Ding! Daxia District Service Announcement: The player’White Night’ found a copy of the LV30 secret realm outside the Twin Cities on the other side: [Void Falling], the secret realm location information is now open to the public, all players can challenge, the first pass will get Lots of rewards!”

“Ding! Daxia District Service Announcement…”


Ten long-lost system announcements.

“I lost it!”

“It’s the White Night boss again, suddenly I don’t feel much surprised!”

“The White Night Big Boss is ridiculous!”

“Another secret realm! Have mercy on me, I haven’t found a copy of the secret realm.”

“What if you find it? Can you live it? Can’t get through with wool…”

“True…I tried the secret copy of the Tomb of the Indeterminate. As a result, I was taught to be a man by more than a hundred corpses!!!

“The strong are strong, the white night boss is going to be on our heads forever?”

“Why, don’t accept it? Don’t accept it and challenge him!”

“…No more, no…”

If this matter is discovered by others, it hasn’t been so popular yet.

But it is different with Su Bai. Many players discuss and quarrel in full swing.

Standing in the secret realm, there was a twinkle of light around him, and Xia Cha and Luo Ying also followed in.


Seeing that her brother was fine, Xia Cha patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Baba, I’m afraid…”

But Xiao Luoying hugged Su Bai in a panic.

Now her body is bigger than Su Bai…so she can only hug Su Bai.

“It’s okay…Baba, isn’t it okay?”

Su Bai patted her with a face of comforting comfort.

The Xia Cha I saw was so envious, and I wanted to be comforted by my brother like this! ! !

After Xiao Luoying came over, Su Bai came out of her arms and looked at the place.

This is a deserted place.

There is no grass, no green at all.

The ground was ground with extremely fine silt dust, and in the air, the wind roared constantly.

The sky is deep black, like a void, with constant turbulence.

It looked like it was on land in outer space.

“Where is this?”

Xia Cha asked curiously.

“I don’t know, the map has no information.”

Su Bai shook his head and started walking aimlessly, “Walk around and see if you can find anything.”

This is not the nature of the level like the Immortal Land.

The surroundings are all in sight, but no monsters are found.

I don’t know what’s the fault.


I was wondering where the monster was, and suddenly, a roar rang out of thin air.

Then, some strange things jumped out of the sand and void in front.

These monsters are all insects, about the size of an adult sow.

Su Bai probed for information.

【Void Black Bug】

Grade: LV30

Category: Rare

HP: 412000

Damage: 7665

Details: Monsters living in the void, devouring the power of space and the blood of creatures, their whereabouts are strange and difficult to distinguish.

LV30’s rarity.

The blood is a bit thin, so good!

“Chacha, buff!”

Su Bai said.

Xia Cha waved his hand immediately, and 10 wisps of blood lingered over Su Bai.

Shura greedy slaughter passively piled up.



Normal attack damage.

-71460·Critical Strike

Heart-cutting blade damage.

It is not difficult to fight, the defense of these monsters seems to be relatively low.

The Suzaku on the side also swooped, bulging, and spouting a blazing and brilliant fire, causing a large amount of damage.




Luo Ying’s current level is not low, and the damage is good.

It’s a big help, making Su Bai’s monster hunting much easier.

In less than ten minutes, this wave of monsters was solved by Su Bai.

Go deeper.

Walking, there will always be waves of monsters.

Of course, it was quickly resolved by Su Bai.

Kill monsters, kill monsters.

I don’t know how long it took, Su Bai was bothered by killing.

Finally, after killing a wave of monsters…


The void exploded and jumped out of a huge, pitch-black monster whose space was constantly fluctuating and the wind whistling.

It has a strange shape.

Round and full of tentacles.

【Ghost Mayfly】

Grade: LV30

Category: Gold BOSS

HP: 800,000

Damage: 13175

Skills: Ghost flashes, smashes the air, chases and kills over the air

Details: A kind of mayfly floating in the void. The primitive body is extremely small and possesses the power to travel through space.

[A ghost flashes]

Grade: LV2

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Details: The ghost mayfly activates the power of space and moves its position instantly. (Range: 20 meters.)

【Life is broken】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Damage: normal attack*344%*8 times

Details: The ghost mayfly explodes the power of space, shattering the space around the target, causing huge damage.

[Chasing in the air]

Grade: LV2

Cooldown: 300 seconds

Details: The Ghost Mayfly remembers the breath of the enemy, even if the enemy escapes to a long distance, it can still chase the enemy back based on the breath.

A bit strong.

A bit rare!

It’s the stranger who masters the power of space, no wonder the space is turbulent everywhere.


Just after reading the information, the ghost mayfly roared and killed Su Bai.

Its speed is very fast, and when it rushes, it is flashing.

It seems erratic.


Su Bai snorted and got serious.

Although the blood is not thick, this blame is too quick to act and needs to be careful.

Blood Shadow Instant Kill!

Seeing the ghost mayfly flash out, Su Bai used the blood shadow instant kill.

Suddenly, he was faster than the ghost mayfly, turning into a blood rainbow, traversing the space, and the sword in his hand stabbed heavily into the body of the ghost mayfly.

-43344·Critical Strike

The damage is not bad.


Eating pain, the ghost roared, suddenly spit out a gloomy energy.

This is its skill: Breaking the Sky


Su Bai opened the wings of Burning Fire and flashed past like a teleport.

“Tea tea, blood and spirit fusion!”

Su Bai shouted.

The high movement speed of the Wings of Burning Fire cannot be wasted, it is justified to hurry to output.

“it is good!”

Xia Cha responded, and then changed into the blood human form he had seen before.

Turned into blood stream, wrapped into Su Bai.

Su Bai opened the flowing water of his cloak again.

He hasn’t used this skill for a long time, and generally doesn’t use it.

Now, these states are superimposed, Su Bai’s fast batch!

Beyond the speed of the ghost mayfly!

The ghost mayfly flashed again and again, and Su Bai was able to keep up.

Heart-cutting blade!

-243350·Fatal! ! !

Very cool!

After a fatal injury, the blood volume of the ghost mayfly is only about 500,000.


The ghost mayfly roared in pain, and quickly retreated, trying to avoid Su Bai.


Dark and void of light emerged from its body, and it retreated 20 meters away in an instant.

Then, he spit an energy ball from a distance and attacked Su Bai.


Naturally, Su Bai was heavily flaring the wings of burning fire, and within only half of his breathing time, he attached the ghost mayfly.

It slashed up, and the flames on the Dark Flame Blade burst open.

Weapon Skill: Underworld Burst

-19504 Critical Strike

-9734·Critical Strike


-9698·Critical Strike

Su Bai’s speed is too fast, and the ghost mayfly can’t run away.

In one second, Su Bai could cut two or three knives.

Less to say, it is about 14 thousand damage, which is not even Xiao Luoying’s output.

In other words…

Only minutes away, this golden boss is dead!

It’s like racing.

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