VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 111: Hardened Titanium Dog Eye

“Ding! You successfully cleared the LV30 Secret Realm Dungeon: [Void Falling in the Void]. As the first passer of the Secret Realm Dungeon, you will receive the following rewards: Free Attribute Points*10, Gold Lottery Treasure Box*3, The Prestige of the Twin Cities of the Other Side +1000, Gold Coins* 20!”

Since the blame is dead, then naturally it’s time to harvest that we love and hear!

Let me talk about the level first.

Su Bai was promoted by one level plus more than a half, just to reach level 28.

Xia Cha has been promoted by two levels, with more than 24 levels.

Xiao Luoying is at level 22, more than half the experience bar.

Leveling up, plus the first pass reward, Su Bai gained a total of 60 free attribute points.

The old rules, strength and intelligence are 30 points each.

After it was done, Su Bai looked at the golden lucky draw treasure chest, which also required level 30 to open, and saved it first.

After getting this done, it’s time to check the harvest.

Su Bai looked at the boss and was immediately delighted.

It really is a secret boss!

There are four pieces of golden light!

There are also three pieces of silver!

There are also seven or eight rare!


Su Bai walked towards these things.

Pick up a gold one and view the information.

[Ghost phantom empty boots]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: light armor/boots

Attribute: Strength +215/Intelligence +199

Defense: physical defense +998/magic defense +987

Blessing: Movement speed +10%

Affix: What makes me so confident? Is it handsome? Is it elegant? Do not! It’s speed! Will you follow my mind?

Good equipment.

Blessing of three-speed equipment is rare.

Put it in your backpack and prepare to keep it for level 30.

[Killing in the air·Skill Sealing Stone]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Consumables

Details: Choose to mark the target, release the power of the space in the stone, and travel through the space to reach the target.

This thing is quite interesting.

In the future, if someone is chasing and killing someone, and the person runs far away, it can be used to chase.

Su Bai put it in his backpack and looked at the next thing.

【Hidden Arrow Magic Sky Bow】

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Weapon/Bow

Attribute: Strength +67/Intelligence +121

Damage: physical attack +424/magic attack +976

Weapon skills: blasting arrows

Affix: You can’t see me, you can’t see me, you can’t see me…Sine!

【Blast Arrow】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 130 seconds

Cost: 500 Shura’s power

Damage: normal attack*327%+normal attack*24%*5 times

Details: Charge up for 1 second, shoot a powerful arrow that is enough to detonate the space, causing huge damage to the enemy. After hitting an enemy, the arrow will detonate the space, causing 5 subsequent space explosion damage.

“Oh! Good luck!”

Seeing this bow, Su Bai was a little surprised.

His current bow is level 10 silver, and he really can’t keep up.

The same income backpack is reserved for level 30.

Go on and pick up the last gold.

【Space Crystal】

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Consumables

Effect: Backpack grid number +1000

Details: In the void, a crystal formed by a large amount of void power can expand the space of the backpack.

I rely on!

Good stuff!

Su Bai couldn’t wait to use this stuff now.

Although he currently has 100 backpack grids, it is not enough.

Too much luck!

If every piece of equipment is picked up, that is, the effort to kill dozens of monsters is full.

“Unfortunately, I’m still one level worse.”

“I can’t wait to see these equipment and props!!”

Su Bai put this spatial crystal into his backpack.

Looked at Bai Yin…

But, how can I look at it is not right.

It can only be said that the sea was difficult to overcome.

With gold, I don’t want to wear silver things.

Simply, nothing good.

They are all side-door weapons, leather armor and cloth armor.

Su Bai threw it into the backpack and planned to sell it.

Not to mention the rare ones, don’t need to look at them directly, put them in the bag.

Then, it’s the last thing in the copy!

Clear the treasure chest in the Secret Realm Dungeon!

Su Bai came to the side of the treasure chest and stretched out his hand to open the golden treasure chest.


The inside of the treasure chest emits bright golden light.

Not surprisingly, another golden thing has arrived!

After the golden light dissipated, as Su Bai had imagined, there was really a piece of golden equipment lying inside.

View information.

【Hardened Titanium Dog Eyes】

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Jewelry/Necklace

Attributes: Constitution +167/Life +1057

Defense: Magic Defense +1053

Blessing: With every attack, there is a 3% chance of emitting a strong light, blinding the opposite eye, and blinding for 10 seconds.

Affix: Why are you so ugly? It really blinded the labor and capital’s 24k anti-nuclear explosion photodiode transition transistor global positioning infrared tracking thermal effect off-character reaction and mirror reflection rocket propelled titanium alloy dog ​​eyes!


This thing is really a dog’s eye…

In addition, it really hardened…

emmmmm, you have personality!

Su Bai put it in his backpack.

“OK, let’s go.”

Su Bai said.

After they killed the ghost mayfly, there was an extra space hole here.

Want to come, just export.

“Yeah.” Xia Cha nodded.

Xiao Luoying didn’t care much, and followed Su Bai.


Passing through the space hole, the two people and one beast reappeared in the turbulent jungle.

It’s just that the turbulence here is much weaker now.

It is estimated that after waiting for a while, the turbulence will become stronger again after the boss is spawned again.

But that doesn’t matter.

“OK, go back to the city.”

Su Bai said, jumping to Xiao Luoying, and Xia Cha followed.

Flew towards the city.

As for that horse…

Regardless, life and death are alive and well.

To fly in the sky is faster than the ground!

Within ten minutes, Su Bai returned to the city again.

“Wow! What is that in the sky?!”

“Wow! So cool!”

“This flame-wrapped bird… why is it so like the mount of the White Night Lord.”

“What is an image? It’s from White Night, right?”


When entering the city, the huge and mysterious Suzaku galloped in the sky, which caused a lot of discussion.

Su Bai landed outside the shop.

Suddenly, the players here stared straight.

Even though many people have known for a long time, they have seen Su Bai’s Vermillion Bird mount, but when they witnessed Vermillion Bird’s power, the shock can not be suppressed!

When Su Bai and Xia Cha walked into the shop, Luo Ying was too big to wait outside.


As soon as Su Bai came in, the shop owner looked up at Su Bai and said, “The warrior is back, is there a result, or do I need to add something?”

“There are results.”

Su Bai nodded and said: “In the area you gave, I found an entrance to the Secret Realm Dungeon.”

“After entering it, there are many monsters that master the power of space. They should have kept the turbulent flow there.”

The shop owner nodded suddenly, and muttered softly, “So that’s what happened.”

“Okay, thank you Warriors for your doubts.”

The boss turned around, fiddled with the counter, and took out two things, “Now, this is your reward.”

Su Bai looked along and saw the information.

[Transportation Array over a Thousand Miles Distance]

Level: No level items

Quality: Gold

Category: Consumables

Details: Expand the transmission map, the maximum transmission distance is one thousand miles, and it will be discarded after use.

Note: The transfer location must be known and there must be a transfer receiving array.

Good stuff!

With this thousand-mile teleportation map, you might be able to go to other main cities.

Of course, it is still a bit difficult to go to other dynasty areas…

[On behalf of the law]

Level: No level items

Quality: Gold

Category: Consumables

Effect: When signing an oath with another person whose strength does not exceed the second level, the legal theory can be signed on its behalf. When the oath is violated, the legal theory will be burned, but it will not be negatively affected.

Note: The first-level oath is to swear by one’s own spiritual practice for critical physical trauma;

Second-level oath, for life-threatening, swear by God, etc.;

The third-level oath, for the soul in danger, swear by the gods in the sky.



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