VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 112: Level 30! Open the treasure box! Six pieces of golden equipment!

This theory of signing on behalf of the law is a bit interesting, very powerful and interesting.

You can make one default.

However, it does not seem to be used at present.

Of course, Su Bai still has to collect it, and it may be used any day.

“Boss thanks.”

After taking it, Su Bai thanked him.

The boss waved his hand and said, “You’re welcome, you should, see you later, the Warriors.”

Su Bai nodded and walked out with Xia Cha.

Xiao Luoying waited quietly outside, blazing all over, causing the temperature here to rise a lot.


Seeing Su Bai coming out, Xiao Luoying shouted Su Bai happily.

This is called…

Suddenly let the players who were onlookers enviously stunned…

Su Bai and Xia Cha stepped on Xiao Luoying’s back, “Xiao Ying, let’s go, go… Forget it, let’s go to the turbulent jungle.”

He is still 2 levels short and can reach level 30.

I was too lazy to run around, so I went to the turbulent jungle to level up.

There is a big place, many monsters, and few players. It’s a good place to level up.


With a red wing, Luo Ying flew into the sky with Su Bai and Xia Cha on the breeze.

The players who were left on the ground, watching Suzaku admiringly.

“Handsome! Really handsome!”

“Oh! This Suzaku is really handsome!”

“I’m so envious! I want to have this kind of pet too!!!”

“Who doesn’t want it? I would rather be single for ten years and exchange for such a pet!”

“I would rather be single for a lifetime!!!”

In the air, Su Bai checked the bug progress bar in his hand.

Currently, it is more than 50%! .

In about five hours, we can create another bug.

Su Bai looked at the time again, it was already after noon.

Although Su Bai is not hungry, Xia Cha needs to eat.

So, after Su Bai arrived in the turbulent jungle, he went offline to eat with Xia Cha.

After dinner, go online.

Don’t talk nonsense, just start spawning monsters!

See one kill one, see one hundred kill one hundred!




-7210·Critical Strike


Although only killing some ordinary monsters, Su Bai is full of energy!

As long as you reach level 30, a lot of things in your backpack can be used.

It’s just that the experience he needs to upgrade now is very high!

Killing an ordinary monster of LV30 gives less than two thousand experience points.

With less than two thousand points of experience, the experience bar can’t even increase by 0.5%.

Long time to spawn monsters.

After more than two hours, Su Bai upgraded.


Gain 15 free attribute points.

Of course, Xia Cha has also upgraded during this time.

It’s just that she has less experience in eating, and she has only risen to level 1, and level 25 is more.

Obtained a total of 20 attribute points and +10 points for each strength and intelligence.

Xiao Luoying is at level 24, and her attack is stronger.

Sweeping aside, Su Bai brushed faster.

Another two hours passed.

Finally, after killing a 30-level elite monster, Su Bai upgraded!


At the same time, Su Bai felt the power of Shura in his body boiling again.

Before 19-20, he realized a skill.

And now, too, I have realized another skill:

“Ding! Because your level is raised to LV30, your Shura power is boiling, and you have realized a Shura exclusive skill: [Blood Arc Slash]!”

Kang Kang Information.

【Blood Arc Cut】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 100 seconds

Cost: 700 Shura’s power

Damage: normal attack*800%*1~3 times

Details: With the power of Shura, it is condensed into an arc of blood, slashing out violently and continuously at the enemy. Currently, up to 3 blood arcs can be cut, and each blood arc consumes 700 Shura’s power.

Note: The arc of blood can fly out of the weapon, and the farthest distance must not exceed 10 meters.

Not bad!

The skills of the Shura system are really strong, and the damage percentage is too high!

Su Bai closed the skill information with satisfaction.

Following what was said before, count the current data.

Su Bai reached level 30.

Xiao Luo Ying is level 26.

Xia Cha added 10 attribute points to Su Bai from level 25 to 27.

A total of 25 attribute points, strength +10 points, intelligence +15 points.

Get the attribute points distribution, finally it’s time to harvest!

Su Bai was full of excitement, first took out the spatial crystal and used it.

Suddenly, his backpack expanded greatly!

Now there are 1100 grids!

You don’t have to be so stretched to load things in the future.

Then, Su Bai put on the equipment in the backpack immediately in no hurry.

He first took out the 6 golden treasure chests.

3 come from the first kill of the golden boss.

The other 3 are from the first pass rewards of the Quest [Void Falling in the Void].

“Hey! With my current lucky value, surely I can get some good things?!”

Su Bai thought, opening all these 6 treasure chests at once!



Hum! ! !

The treasure chest opened, and the place was immediately illuminated by brilliant golden light.


Xia Cha exclaimed and couldn’t help covering her eyes.

The light is too strong, even a bit dazzling.

There are 6 golden treasure chests, all of which are exuding golden light! ! !

Six gold!


Su Bai calmed down his excitement slightly, and reached out and picked up a piece to check the information.

【Flying Star Sword】

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Weapon/Sword

Attribute: Strength +238/Intelligence +101

Damage: physical attack +1553/magic attack +777

Affix: I think this sword is unremarkable, but why is it so sharp?

This sword has no special blessings, weapon skills or something.

The shape is also relatively ordinary, but the sword is embellished with star marks.

It looks unremarkable, but!

This strength and physical attack are too vigorous!

The “Hidden Arrow Magic Sky Bow”, which is also level 30 gold, has a magic attack of 976.

And this flying star sword demon attack is weak, but not much, not to mention physical attack.

“Good sword!”

Put the Flying Star Sword in your backpack for now.

I plan to wait for these things to be read, and equip them at once.

Continue to look at the next one.

[Cloak of Phantom Shadow]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Special equipment/cloak

Attributes: Health +3700/Physique +137

Damage: physical attack +457/magic attack +439

Defense: physical defense +200/magic defense +200

Blessing: movement speed +10%/attack speed +8%

Special effect: After 5 seconds in a static state, the cloak will emit black mist, hiding the wearer’s body.

[Shoulder of Shattered Hope]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Light Armor/Shoulder

Attribute: Strength +173/Intelligence +168

Defense: physical defense +1134/magic defense +1096

Affix: It’s over, it’s all over, I shouldn’t practice any sunflower treasure, it’s over! It’s all over!

[Undefeated Fenghua bracelet]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Jewelry/Bracelet

Attribute: Strength +167/Power of Shura+1078

Defense: Magic Defense +1135

Affix: Undefeated my demeanor in the years, Lingwei undefeated in the evening!

【Eternal Glory Breastplate】

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Light Armor/Tops

Attribute: Strength +186/Intelligence +173

Defense: physical defense +1275/magic defense +1124

Affix: The traces of this armor record its indelible brilliance!

[Jil Pongying Waistguard]

Grade: LV30

Quality: Gold

Category: Light Armor/Belt

Attribute: Strength +175/Intelligence +168

Defense: physical defense +1057/magic defense +1009

Affix: Come on, pretend!

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