VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 12: 600+ pieces of equipment! ! !

Su Bai felt that his hands were shaking a little, and he felt that his eyes were shining golden light…

These hundreds of pieces of equipment, I don’t know how much money can be sold!

It is hundreds of thousands or even millions, right? !


Su Bai laughed and ran all over the floor!

Copper coins are also money. These tens of thousands of copper coins must be picked up.

Fortunately, the game has an automatic pickup function for a large number of game coins.

As long as the automatic pickup is turned on, the game coins will automatically fall into the player’s backpack.

Otherwise, just picking up so many game coins will take a lot of effort.


After some time passed, Su Bai stopped, panting with his hands on his knees.

Running also consumes the energy of the player character, so it is a bit tired.

Now, he has picked up all the game coins.

A total of 74,000+ copper coins, 263 silver coins, and Morde gold coins.

But it’s enough. Together, these can be exchanged for 10 gold coins!

Make a fortune!

Su Bai was ecstatic and began to scan the equipment on the ground.

In terms of gloss, ordinary is pale white, refined is light gray, excellent is turquoise, and rare is light red.

Silver is naturally silver, and gold is golden.

Perfect, it is a fluorescent blue.

On the ground, pale ordinary equipment accounted for the vast majority, about 60%.

Light gray, well-equipped equipment accounts for nearly 30%.

Turquoise, excellent equipment has more than 10%.

Light red, less than 10% of rare equipment.


No silver!

“It shouldn’t be…”

Su Bai touched his chin, very reconciled, “It stands to reason that such a big snake is at least a silver boss, right? There is no silver-level thing unexpectedly burst?

“Could it be that the one who killed the giant snake took it away?”

After much deliberation, this is probably the reason.

“Forget it, if you don’t have it, you won’t have it. It’s a lot of money to be able to prostitute so much equipment for nothing.”

Su Bai shook his head and began to pick up equipment enthusiastically.

Of course, start with the high-level ones.

Who can guarantee that it will be refreshed and recycled by the system…

As the equipment was relatively scattered, Su Bai spent a lot of time and finally picked up all the rare equipment.

Not many, 41 pieces in total.

Adding in some of the sundries that Su Bai had in his backpack, it happened to fill 50 squares.

“Don’t refresh it for me…”

Finally, taking a look at the equipment spread in the cave, Su Bai began to climb the wall.

The cave passage is about three meters away from the ground.

But the rock in the cave is hard and easy to climb.

Su Bai climbed up in twos and threes and returned.

He wants to return to Novice Village and temporarily store these equipment in the bar in Novice Village.

There is a temporary storage warehouse with unlimited capacity.

The first 10 grids are free, no matter what you put in each grid, 50 copper coins an hour.

It’s okay if there are few things to put, but if there are more…


Who is Su Bai? Now there is not much else, but more money? !


On the way back, Su Bai ran all the way.

When the energy was almost exhausted, he took energy medicine and ran back to Xinshou Village at a speed.

When he came to the dilapidated bar, he shook all the equipment of his backpack into the big box of the bar.

After paying a silver coin as a deposit, Su Bai turned and ran.

The barkeeper who was watching was at a loss… What is this for? Furious?

Whoosh whoosh~~~

Su Bai sprinted at full speed and headed to the cave.

The blades of grass on the ground were scraped and whizzed.

Soon, he was in the cave again.

When he entered the **** of the cave passage, Su Bai lay straight up.

I’ve been lying down anyway…

Chi Chi Chi Chi ~~~


Glide, then fall into the big pit.

Still smashed on the dead Coral Snake without injury.

Standing up, Su Bai breathed a sigh of relief.

Everything is there and never disappeared.

I don’t know if the refresh time has not arrived, or the rules of the game are like this. Items appearing, unless they are picked up, they will not disappear.

Su Bai didn’t dare to bet, and quickly began to pick up equipment.

This time, I will mainly pick things that are outstanding and emit green light.

There are more than rare ones, Su Bai’s back pack is full, and he can’t take them all.

have nothing to say.

Climb the wall out of the cave and return to Novice Village.

Store equipment in the bar, leave the novice village, enter the cave to pick up equipment!

Climb the wall out of the cave and return to Novice Village…

Bar storage…

Back and forth, Su Bai spent almost three hours and ran more than ten times!

Although I was so tired, my heart was hilarious!

The equipment has never been refreshed by the system, so Su Bai has moved back!

634 pieces! ! !

It is broken down by quality and quantity into:

41 rare pieces, 121 excellent pieces, 142 excellent pieces, and 330 ordinary pieces.

As for the equipment level, Su Bai took a rough look, and the lowest was LV**.

Normal quality, from LV3 to LV10.

The three qualities of Sophistication, Excellence, and Rarity, and the lowest level of equipment are all LV5.

In addition to equipment, there are three kinds of medicines: snake skin, snake tooth, and red and blue essence.

There are more than 200 snake skins and 100 snake teeth.

Three medicines, the cumulative amount does not exceed 50, the drop rate of this thing is quite low…


It doesn’t matter~

Anyway, it was of little use to Su Bai, it was the icing on the cake.

After moving, Su Bai is now in the bar, next to the big box where things are stored.

He is choosing equipment.

With so many good equipment, you have to arm yourself no matter what!

“Wow! There is a suit!!!”

After a few twists, Su Bai’s eyes brightened!

Among those 41 rare equipment, there is actually a set! ! !

This luck!


Su Bai smiled, looking at the information one by one.

【Ink scale silver ring breastplate】

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Light Armor/Tops

Attribute: Strength +15/Intelligence +9

Defense: physical defense +65/magic defense +51

Affix: Icy cold scales, silver flashing ring, I love it!

【Ink Scale Silver Ring Pauldrons】

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Light Armor/Shoulder Armor

Attribute: Strength +12/Intelligence +10

Defense: physical defense +57/magic defense +43

Affix: Use scales to shape a snake head? The arm came out of the Shekou? Nice design!

【Ink scale silver ring belt】

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Light Armor/Belt

Attribute: Strength +10/Intelligence +8

Defense: physical defense +51/magic defense +39

Affix: This belt is dazzling, not bad.

【Ink scale silver ring bottoms】

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Light Armor/Bottoms

Attribute: Strength +16/Intelligence +13

Defense: physical defense +64/magic defense +55

Affix: Hmm… It looks weird, but it also fits well!

[Ink scale silver ring boots]

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: light armor/boots

Attribute: Strength+13/Intelligence+12

Defense: physical defense +62/magic defense +53

Affix: Nice shoes, but will they smell bad when you wear them?

[Ink Scale Silver Ring Set Attribute·Activation]

Attribute: Strength +20/Intelligence +20

Defense: physical defense +100/magic defense +100

Blessing: attack speed +5%/movement speed +5%

Trigger attribute: When being attacked, there is a 5% chance to generate a toxin aura, which can reflect 30% of the damage taken. Lasts for 30 seconds and cools down for 300 seconds.

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