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Chapter 13: A rarity, the attributes explode!

Rare is different!

The attributes are excellent, and there are suit effects.

Without saying anything, Su Bai unloaded the equipment on his body and put on these five pieces.

Not in a hurry to check his own information, he continued to search for the rest of the equipment to see if there was anything he could bring.

From this look, three more good things were discovered.

【Black Bone Ring】

Grade: LV7

Quality: Rare

Category: Rings/Accessories

Attribute: Intelligence +10/Magic +88

Defense: Magic Defense +89

Affix: This bone ring seems to have a fishy smell? What is it made of?

【Snake bone necklace】

Grade: LV7

Quality: Rare

Category: Necklace/Accessories

Attributes: Constitution +9/Life +61

Defense: Magic Defense +83

Affix: Necklace made of snake bones, I hope it will not fall apart.

【Fang bracelet】

Grade: LV7

Quality: Rare

Category: Bracelets/Accessories

Attribute: Strength +7/Energy +80

Defense: Magic Defense +91

Affix: Can such sharp teeth make a bracelet? Don’t you know how to tie hands? ——A blacksmith apprentice

Su Bai also put on these three pieces of equipment.

So far, there is no other equipment for Su Bai to wear.

“Well, change the shotgun for the cannon! Look at the attributes.”

Su Bai opened his information panel happily.

ID: White Night

Grade: LV7

Occupation: Trainee Warrior

Title: The fastest man in the world

Life: 112/Energy: 165

Strength: 182/Physique: 17

Damage: Physical Attack 532

Defense: physical defense 416/magic defense 613

Skills: Exploring, perforating a blow

Equipment: Weeping Cloud Sword, Ink Scale Silver Ring Breastplate, Ink Scale Silver Ring…Omitted…Snake Bone Necklace.

It is still an attribute that makes people speechless.

Only level 7 and over 500 objects!

Material defense 400, magic defense 600!

Although the blood volume and physique are extremely low, this attribute…

It can be said that in Novice Village, the mobs can hardly touch Su Bai!

“Tsk tusk tusk! No wonder the explosion rate is so low, and only a piece of rare equipment is needed for feelings, which is enough to greatly improve the player’s attributes!”

Su Bai held his chin and sighed.

“Walk around, go and kill the monsters!”

After sighing for a while, Su Bai rushed out.


Was stopped by the village chief’s grandma.

Before Su Bai went back and forth more than a dozen times, it was not that he missed the village chief’s grandma.

In fact, I met it three or four times.

Every time the village chief’s grandma saw Su Bai, she looked surprised and eager, and then asked Su Bai if she had finished collecting things?


It is important to move equipment, and Su Bai naturally stalled the past.

“Grandma the village chief, there is still a rare snake gall bladder, I will go right away!”

Su Bai didn’t wait for the village chief to ask, he just blurted out.

Then he quickly circumvented her and ran out of Xinshou Village.

After all, an old grandma has a sad face, and after hearing that she hasn’t finished collecting, her face is lost, sad, and eager.

Seeing Su Bai felt weird and couldn’t bear it.


The village chief’s grandma looked at Su Bai’s running back, frowning and sighed.

I was very anxious.

The snake gall that Su Bai had collected before were not enough.

Even the next rare snake gall and elite snake gall may not be enough.

“Oh…how can this be good…”

She sighed again, and then hurried back to her cabin.


Su Bai’s side.

With a rush, he came to the Red Forest, where the Coral Snake appeared.

Although it is important to complete the task, he wants to see his current damage.

“It’s you!”

Su Bai saw an elite silver ring snake, and then yelled to attract its attention.

When it attacked, Su Bai blocked and rebounded.

The coral snake flies upside down,

Su Bai’s long sword shook, and opened the “Crawling Cloud”, increasing weapon attacks by 10%!

The arm holding the sword rose, and the general attack damage was *135% with a ‘perfect blow’!

The state is fully open, and all the gains that can be used are used!


Seeing the seven-inch part of the silver ring snake, Su Bai slashed down with a sharp sword.

-4234·Fatal! ! !

One sword! Spike!


Seeing the terrifying damage that broke out, Su Bai himself was taken aback!

After a number of increases, and then triggered by a lethal mechanism, the damage is simply terrifying!

Next, Su Bai tried a few more times to see his normal damage.


This is ordinary damage, because Su Bai has level suppression on LV5 Coral Snake, so his general attack is slightly increased.


This is a rebound. After the Coral Snake stiffens, it has a hidden damage bonus.

-1132·Weakness Crit!

Needless to say, the weakness crit damage.

Now, a LV5 Coral Snake, even if Su Bai is only a basic attack, he will die within 8 swords!

Beautiful! !

“Stop playing, it’s time to find the rare coral snake.”

After slaughtering a few coral snakes cheerfully, Su Bai stopped and started looking for rare-level coral snakes.

However, after wandering in the jungle for a long time, Su Bai was helpless.

Because he hadn’t seen a rare coral snake.

Even an elite-level Coral Snake is rare and almost killed by him.

“Could it be possible that all the rare-level silver ring snakes died in that cave?”

Su Bai wondered, it is indeed possible.

“I don’t know if it will be refreshed…it should be…”

“Forget it, take a deep look.”

Su Bai shook his head and continued to go deep into the jungle.

After walking for more than ten minutes, he should have walked out of the territory of the Coral Snake, and no snake could be seen.

The howling of the wolf gradually sounded in his ears, and it was estimated that he had come to the wild wolf monster area.

“Forget it, let’s talk about the task later, leveling first.”

Su Bai was too lazy to turn around, but looked for the sound of howling wolf.

It didn’t take long before he saw a group of wolves as big as pigs gnawing around the dead deer.

“The number is not too large, there are only 5, and it should be able to handle it.”

Su Bai thought, throwing a probe.

【Bloodthirsty Wolf】

Grade: LV8

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 10000

Damage: Physical Attack 352

Skill: Rage of Wolf

Details: Corroded by demonic energy, fierce and bloodthirsty, fiercely hunting every creature that appears in front of them.

【Wolf’s Fury】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 180 seconds

Attribute: physical attack +20%

Details: The bloodthirsty wolf is furious and launches a desperate attack. The damage is increased by 20% for 20 seconds.

After reading the attributes, Su Bai was a little surprised.

A monster at level 8 actually has over 10,000 HP.

The damage is also high!

The coral snake’s damage was only around 50.

“Maybe, the coral snake venom is too strong, so the system balances the physical attack of the coral snake.”

Su Bai guessed.

He was just a little surprised, and he was definitely not afraid.

Even if this bloodthirsty wolf opened a rage, he was not afraid, after all, his defense was over 400.


Su Bai walked out and whistled at the bloodthirsty wolves who were gnawing hard.




Immediately, these five bloodthirsty wolves all noticed Su Bai.

First, it was a daze, and then he lay down, grumbled.

The wolf eyes are scarlet and full of killing intent.

In reality, it is not a good thing to be stared at by five ferocious and hungry wolves.

But now, Su Bai is gradually getting excited, and his adrenaline is soaring!

“Heh! Come on!”

Licking his lips, Su Bai’s eyes were intensely wary.




Being provoked, the five wild wolves roared one after another, and then rushed to Su Bai fiercely.

Su Bai neither dodged nor prepared to raise his sword to block.

Just waiting for the bloodthirsty wolf to rush up.

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