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Chapter 14: The border of Novice Village






The five bloodthirsty wolves all greeted Su Bai.

However, only -1 forced damage appeared on Su Bai’s head.

No more than 5 damage at most.

Sure enough, the little monsters couldn’t break Su Bai’s defense.

“It’s me!”

Su Bai smiled faintly, swinging his sword, just to pierce the eye of a bloodthirsty wolf.

-1012·Weakness Crit!

The bloodthirsty wolf’s defense is much higher, and the critical strike is just over 1,000.

Draw out the sword and stab again!

-1024·Weakness Crit!

Come again!

-1022·Weakness Crit!

-1011·Weakness Crit!

Su Bai didn’t dodge at all, standing straight in the surrounding of the bloodthirsty wolves, standing and outputting, he could make great efforts against the weakness of the bloodthirsty wolves.

After killing one, his HP did not drop by 80%.

Raising his hand to drink a low-level life medicine, Su Bai continued to stand still.

-1023·Weakness Crit!

-1013·Weakness Crit!

-1027·Weakness Crit!

Every sword of Su Bai must be aimed at the weakness of the bloodthirsty wolf, such as the eyes and abdomen.

Swords and swords must crit with weaknesses!

The blood of the bloodthirsty wolves drop extremely fast!


Finally, another bloodthirsty wolf was furious, and his hair stood up, which was in a violent state.

Su Bai stood still faintly, and gave it a backhand.


Fatal damage exploded on its head, and the remaining health bar was also emptied.




The remaining three bloodthirsty wolves roared one after another, and they all started rage.

But it didn’t work.

Their damage hit Su Bai, and the sky was no more than 5 points.

Incompetent furious.

Within a minute, these three bloodthirsty wolves were also resolved.

The LV8 monsters give a lot of experience, and Su Bai’s experience bar has risen to about 15%.

Dozens of bloodthirsty wolves can be upgraded again.

Picking up more than a dozen copper coins exploded on the ground, Su Bai continued to go deep.

Next, he stopped standing.

Although it’s cool to stand up, it takes a lot of practice to block a rebound.

But even so, thanks to strong defense and attack, Su Bai’s monster spawning speed is not slow!

After half an hour, after Su Bai killed a bloodthirsty wolf, he released a golden light and upgraded.


As usual, 5 points of free attributes all add strength.

The Crawling Sword also upgraded.

The power changed from 35 to 37, the physical attack changed from 143 to 161, and the rest remained the same.

As a result, Su Bai’s attack power increased by more than 30!

Satisfied, he stretched his body, took the sword and turned, Su Bai continued to move forward.

He didn’t want to kill the bloodthirsty wolf.

One is that the experience is reduced, but it is not difficult and boring to kill.

As I walked, the surrounding trees gradually became scarce, and no other monsters appeared.

Some birds and insects were gone, very quiet.


Su Bai frowned, clenched the sword in his hand, and proceeded carefully.

After dozens of steps, the scene in front of me suddenly became bright.

He came to a border.

“I go!”

As soon as he saw the scene clearly, Su Bai was shocked and took a step back subconsciously.

Three feet away in front of him, there was an incomparably high sandstorm tumbling like a splashing sky and heavy rain.

Being so close, the pressure was too strong, so Su Bai retreated in shock.

“It seems that I have reached the border of Novice Village.”

After a while, Su Bai calmed down and looked curiously.

Nothing can be seen, only endless yellow sand!

The hurricane whizzed, and the yellow sand rose to a great height!

Like the walls of the world, the world behind the dust is isolated from sight.

Although the grass blades under the feet are a bit yellowish, they are not covered by yellow sand.

It is estimated that there is a barrier here, the huge sandstorm is isolated, and no grain of sand can enter.


Looking at it, Su Bai suddenly heard a long and deep roar!

The sound was thrilling, and it seemed to have the pressure to pierce the soul, making Su Bai’s body tremble involuntarily!

After the voice subsided, Su Bai shuddered and recovered.

“This sound effect is really high-end…”

Su Bai twitched the corners of his mouth, looked at the yellow sand barrier, shook his head, and turned to leave.

Although very curious, don’t mess around…

It is estimated that if you step into the yellow sand, you will die instantly.

It’s still important.

Su Bai returned to the area where coral snakes were infested again, looking for rare-level coral snakes.

A lot of low-level ordinary coral snakes and elite-level coral snakes have been refreshed.

Rare level is still not available.

Helpless, Su Bai could only walk to the Dark Forest.

There must be no Coral Snake there, and Su Bai is going to level up.

Skip the Goblin Territory and the Cat Demon Territory all the way.

Su Bai came to a fiery red forest.

The air in this forest is very hot and dry, because there are many strange flowers and flames are blooming in the stamens.


After stepping into this area, Su Bai heard a deep moo, which should be the sound of a cow.

After a few more steps, he saw a tall and fierce bull…head!

He is six or seven meters tall and his muscles are very strong.

Against the huge bull’s head, he carried a giant axe like the door panel in his hand.

That hideous face and tall body exudes a strong pressure.

【Barbarian Tauren】

Grade: LV10

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 20000

Damage: physical attack 576

Skill: Savage Axe

Details: Orcs, eroded by demonic energy, unconscious, only the hunting instinct remains.

[Barbarian Axe]

Grade: LV2

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Damage: normal attack *420%

Details: The barbarian tauren raises the giant axe in both hands, charges it for 2 seconds and then chops it down, causing huge damage to the target. If it does not hit the target, it will hit the ground, shaking the ground within 3 meters of the barbarian tauren.

After reading the information, Su Bai was slightly solemn.

The damage of this tauren is really high enough.

The blood volume is also a full 20,000!

There is also that skill, not to mention the horror of damage, and the cooldown is also low, only 30 seconds.

“It’s not easy to fight…”

Su Bai frowned, but after careful observation, he felt relieved.

This tauren is slower and slower, which is probably caused by unconsciousness.


Su Bai rushed out fiercely, and in the process of running, both of Chuiyunjian’s two skills were activated.

Used to amplify the attack, and slow down the tauren’s reaction and speed by one point.

Coming to the Tauren in two steps, Guanli strikes!

Well, a sword struck the tauren’s calf.

No way, the tauren is too tall…


The damage caused made Su Bai’s face black, and his face became small!

This is an increase of 10% weapon damage, and then a 135% increase in basic attack damage, which is only in the early 600s…

“The defense is really high…”

Su Bai muttered in his heart, and then continued to chop.




Because of the weapon skills: the slowing effect of ‘Shui Han’, and the tauren was already dull, after Su Bai had cut 4 swords, the tauren would react.


With an angry roar, he grabbed the giant axe in his hand and struck Su Bai’s forehead.

If you hit this time, needless to say, return to the city for free once.

But, for Su Bai, the speed at which the tauren’s giant axe cuts was almost the same as slow motion.

How could this hit him?

Su Bai took a leisurely left step and walked away easily.

The wrist turned, and the Chuiyun sword crossed away.

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