VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 15: Second card bug




Well, after making up the three swords, it’s time to flash.

Because the tauren turned around and hit Su Bai with an axe.

After getting out of the way, Su Bai continued to make up the knife.

Anyway, he sticks to the side of the tauren.

No matter how hard the Tauren tried, he couldn’t beat Su Bai.

Not to mention the slow tauren of ‘Shui Han’, even if there were none, Su Bai could still easily avoid its attack.




After the three swords, the blessings of the Chuiyun Sword disappeared, but Su Bai did not escape.

He looked slightly condensed, drank a bottle of Intermediate Life Potion, and his sword-holding hand muscles knotted.

Su Bai is trying to block.

There was no block before, because…

The Chuiyun Sword is a long and slender weapon, and this axe is like a door, can it be blocked by the Chuiyun Sword?

But without a try, Su Bai was not reconciled.

And now, he wanted to try, so he drank a bottle of medicine.


The barbarian tauren roared, still holding the giant axe, and smashed Su Bai’s head.

And Su Bai violently swung his sword and hit the giant axe.


There was a loud noise, crisp and ear-sounding.

The Weeping Cloud Sword and the Great Axe collide like an ant and a lion!

However, the giant axe was lifted by the Crawling Cloud Sword!

And the tauren shook his whole body, staggering back!

Su Bai’s strength of over 180 has played a role!








Perhaps due to the large body and insufficient flexibility, the tauren has a longer period of stiffness.

Su Bai has fully output five swords, and the bull head has a stable body.


The body was in severe pain, and the blood volume dropped sharply, making the tauren raging!

It roared and raised its giant axe in both hands, accumulating power.

Su Bai didn’t rush away, after all, the charging time was 2 seconds, enough for him to make another blow.


If the damage exceeds the previous time, it may be due to a charged posture and cannot be better defended.

With this sword, Su Bai quickly retreated.

Just 4 meters away, the tauren’s great axe suddenly smashed down.

Naturally it hit the ground.


There was a crash, and the ground was shaking.

The tauren’s whole body was shaking quite violently, and sand was raised.

If you stand there, you may be shaken down.

But Su Bai had already run out of range, and naturally there was nothing.

After 2 seconds, the shaking ended.

Without saying anything, Su Bai rushed forward and continued to output.

The damage of the barbarian tauren is indeed high, and that skill is also terrifying.

But the action was too slow and it was just a dish for Su Bai.

After cutting dozens of swords, the tauren wailed and died.

The experience gives me a lot of 300 points.

Counting it all up, Su Bai only needs to kill 19 tauren to get another level.

“OK, I’ll level up here next, get it!”

Su Bai picked up thirty or so copper coins and a piece of equipment.

Good luck this time, the equipment is excellent, it is a heavy armor.

Su Bai looked at it and found that the attributes were quite regular.

Although it is LV10 equipment, it is far inferior to his LV5 rare light armor.

Throw it directly into the backpack and plan to wait for the service to be sold.


More than half an hour passed.

After Su Bai killed 20 tauren, he leveled up.


The 5 points free attribute still adds strength, and the Crawling Cloud Sword is also upgraded.

After all, the physical attack has increased by more than 30.

It has broken 600.

Su Bai didn’t stop, and continued to brush Tauren.

However, the required experience points from LV9 to LV10 have greatly increased.

A full 10,000 experience points are required.

In all, more than 30 tauren need to be killed.

Next, there is a boring and interesting time for spawning monsters.

One hour passed.

Su Bai finally arrived at LV10.

After assigning attribute points to strength, Su Bai saw that he couldn’t continue to upgrade his level now!

The experience bar shows:

[Has reached the current occupation limit]

He has reached the upper limit of the rank of trainee fighters.

In other words, he can only stay at level 10.

Su Bai opened the properties panel and took a look at his current properties.

ID: White Night

Grade: LV10

Occupation: Trainee Warrior

Title: The fastest man in the world

Life: 112/Energy: 165

Strength: 208/Physique: 17

Damage: Physical Attack 642

Defense: Physical defense 431/Magic defense 621

Skills: Exploring, perforating a blow

Equipment: Weeping Cloud Sword, Ink Scale Silver Ring Breastplate, Ink Scale Silver Ring…Omitted…Snake Bone Necklace.

“OK, I should go back to the territory of the coral snake to see if there are any rare coral snakes refreshed.”

Close the panel and Su Bai begins to return.

As he was walking, he remembered the progress bar on his arm.

Time seems to have passed for a long time, right?

It seems almost ten hours.

So Su Bai raised his hand and looked at the progress bar.


Sure enough it was full.

“Well, I entered the game eleven hours early. It seems that there is still about an hour before the game will be officially launched.”

“I did a good job in these ten hours. I originally thought it could only be a few levels beyond the player, but now it’s directly beyond a stage.”


Su Bai smiled and ran to the Red Forest faster.

After ten minutes, Su Bai arrived.

After going deep into the jungle, I happened to see a special coral snake.

Throw a probe, hey, it’s a rare coral snake!

The level is LV8, the damage is average, and the toxin damage is high.

But Su Bai was not afraid. Without saying anything, he stepped forward to kill!

The speed was resolved, and the last required rare coral snake gall was successfully exploded.

“Finish, go back to Novice Village!”

Su Bai picked up the snake gall and returned to Novice Village, “Well, it just so happens that the progress bar is also full, so I can go to the village chief’s house to have a look.”


Novice Village.

Su Bai handed the things to the anxious village head grandma.

After the village chief’s grandmother handed over the task reward to Su Bai, she hurriedly returned to her hut.

Su Bai tiptoed, avoiding everyone’s sight, and came under the eaves again.


Sure enough, a bright brilliance broke out in the house.

Su Bai opened the backpack, and the ring in the backpack was shaking and glowing.

“Wait a minute, wait for the village chief to come out first.”

Su Bai calmed down first, and didn’t create bugs immediately.

Soon, the light in the room fell silent again!

The ring no longer vibrates, no longer shines.

Then, Su Bai saw the village chief’s grandma trot out.

Still anxious, even more anxious.

She looked around, as if looking for something.

“Would you not even collect snake gall?”

Su Bai muttered in his heart, no longer waiting.

Touch the progress bar on your wrist, a window pops up, prompting you can create a bug.

Su Bai meditated in his heart, ‘Enter this room. ’

Then, he felt the backpack vibrate and something flew out.

A closer look, it turned out to be that ring!

“Is this? You can enter the house just thinking about it?”

Su Bai was puzzled.

When he was confused, the ring glowed, and a chain of light touched the wall.


There was a trembling, and the wall became illusory in Su Bai’s staring eyes.

An oval circle was formed, faintly blue, and its light was spinning like a whirlpool.

“This… is like a portal?”

“Strange, why is it this way?”

“Dare to love this golden finger, will it use game mechanics reasonably and create bugs based on game mechanics?”

“6 Ah…”

Su Bai’s thoughts were like electricity, and at the same time, he stepped into this’portal gate’.


After a while, Su Bai entered the village chief’s grandma’s hut!

When he stepped in, the portal closed immediately.

The ring automatically fell into Su Bai’s hands.

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