VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 16: What story is this? No novel dare to write like this!


As soon as Su Bai stepped in, he suddenly gasped.

His eyes flicked, his mouth opened slightly, and he was dumbfounded!

Not far in front of him, there is a jade bed.

And on the jade bed, lies a very beautiful woman!

She was combing a cloud diagonal bun, and a white jade hollow hairpin was inserted diagonally above her head.

The skin is as radiant as snow and warm jade.

The red lips are not vermilion, but they have a natural pink.

No blush on cheeks, but their own rosy color.

An ancient long skirt with green tassels, his slim figure is well outlined.

The waist is like a willow, worthy of a grip.

The jade legs are slender, but unfortunately they are hidden by the clothes, so I can’t see…

He closed his eyes and seemed to be asleep.

The whole body exudes a gentle and gentle breath that makes people feel like a spring breeze.


This look, this temperament, this figure! !

It is a goddess in the sky!

Nothing is beautiful all over the body!

What is the beauty of the country, the appearance is like a fairy, the sinking fish and the geese, the closed moon and the shameful flower, the ice muscle and the jade bone, the foggy temple and the cloud…

These adjectives are not enough!

Su Bai couldn’t find any flaws in her at all!

If there are shortcomings, it is not the woman’s shortcomings, but yours!

It’s because you don’t appreciate her beauty, so you think it is a shortcoming!


Su Bai stayed for a long while, but it was the trembling of the ring in his hand that made him come back to his senses.

Spreading out his hands, the ring vibrated violently.

The imaginary colors inside flowed very fast, as if it was about to fly out.

In fact, Su Bai doubted that if it were not for the black mark on the outside of the ring, the ring had already flown out.

“It seems that the reason for the ring’s change is her.”

Su Bai pondered.

After hesitating, he walked to the jade bed.

Approaching, he saw a lot of snake gall on the jade bed.

Su Bai could tell at a glance that it was the coral snake gall that he had collected so hard.

The snake gall is constantly flowing and giving out a green and green breath, which is absorbed by this beauty while breathing.

I don’t know what it is doing.

Su Bai looked at the jade bed again, and it seemed to be made of ice, crystal clear.

Strangely, there was no chill out, it was strange.

Touched, there is no feeling of freezing hands, but a kind of coolness that directly hits the soul.

It seemed that there was a kind of sober and soul-washing power, which made Su Bai settle down a lot.

Throw a probe.

【? ? ? 】

grade:? ? ?

quality:? ? ?

category:? ? ?

Attributes:? ? ?

Details:? ? ?

Not surprisingly, they were all question marks.

Su Bai probed the woman on the ice bed again.

【? ? ? 】

No problem, still a question mark.

Even the “level”, “attribute” and other things are not displayed at all.


When Su Bai looked curiously, suddenly, a whispered whisper sounded.

Looking up, it was the nasal sound that the woman made.

From this look, Su Bai found something wrong.

The blush on her face seemed a bit abnormal.

“It seems…too red…”

Su Bai held his chin suspiciously and scanned her.

At this moment, the silver ring snake gall that was piled up on the edge of the jade bed was rapidly drying up.

As the snake gall dries, the woman’s cheeks become more rosy, and even her neck and earlobes are stained with rouge.


She seemed uncomfortable with the unbearable nasal sound, her body twisted slightly.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Bai looked confused, a little confused.

I thought it was a treasure, a special plot, a special mission, the result…


After thinking about it, Su Bai stretched out his hand to see if he could wake her up.

As a result, when she just touched her thin shoulders, she suddenly opened her eyes abruptly.


Su Bai was shocked and quickly withdrew his hand, not knowing what to say for a while.


The woman did not speak, but stared at Su Bai, breathing very fast.

The look is strange…

It seems to be covered with a layer of fog, and the water is flowing, which is very charming.

So Su Bai looked dumbfounded again.

Then, before he recovered, he was suddenly pulled, and the whole person fell down.

With the soft touch and the coldness of the ice jade bed, Su Bai suddenly became sober.

“Eh eh eh!”

Busily bracing himself, standing up high, Su Bai said in a daze: “You…what are you doing?!”


She was silent, her expression seemed contradictory, struggling, and shy.

She can’t stand it anymore.

The strange poison in the body is too strong to be suppressed!

If it continues, it is likely to be eroded and polluted!

Originally, these snake gall’s effects were quite small, and they could only play a small amount of pressure.

It would be okay if Su Bai was not here, it would not stimulate the strange poison in her body.

In a deep sleep state, I can hold on for a while, and it won’t be a big problem when my sister arrives.

but now……

As soon as he smelled Su Bai, the terrifying snake venom began to boil again!

I really can’t stand it anymore!

Can’t wait!

Power is being eroded!


The woman’s eyes condensed and no longer hesitated.

Beams of light flew out, binding Su Bai, making him unable to move.

Then, it was a whirl, and after seeing things clearly, the positions of the two changed.

Become Su Bai at the bottom, and the woman at the top, sitting between Su Bai’s waist and abdomen.


The woman waved her hand again, and the brilliant light spread from her body, forming a stronger barrier.

At this time, the village chief’s grandma could not come in either.

After the barrier is laid…

“Trick, thorn…”

Pieces of clothing are flying…

“Kang Dang Dang Dang!

Su Bai’s eyes stared, his equipment was removed…


This is really unexpected!


“Being single for more than 20 years, have you explained it in a game?”

Su Bai’s mind was dizzy, and there was still an unreal and illusory feeling.

This is also sudden…


Su Bai: “…”


The virgin body is really gone.

Su Bai was a little bit dumbfounded, and now finally understand why this beauty is blushing…

Is the relationship caught in some kind of chun medicine?

“It’s really nonsense, it’s too nonsense, I dare not write it like that in novels…”

Su Bai murmured inwardly, and then kept his eyes on it, not thinking about it.

He felt that with the fusion with this unknown npc, a burst of energy suddenly poured into his body.

This kind of energy, it is not clear what the ghost is, after all, Su Bai has never felt it.

Su Bai has only one feeling, that is…


Too much support!

This sudden influx of energy is unimaginable!

A person can drink 1 liter of water in a short period of time, and Su Bai feels that he is just like being filled with tens of thousands of liters in 1 second!

It’s so uncomfortable! !


He gritted his teeth and felt a terrible pain in his body.

Fortunately, the pain is 5%, otherwise I really can’t stand it.

Su Bai opened his information panel to check what his current status was.

Then he saw:

【Life: 12386632】


The value jumps.



The value jumps again!



Other attributes are okay, but the health value is simply outrageous!

Tens of millions!

It also explodes every 0.1 seconds!

Every time you surge, you can surge millions of health points! ! !

“What the **** is this? I won’t be blown up?!”

Su Bai was frightened, feeling that he had become swollen.

This is an expansion of the literal meaning.

His body really started to swell, and he couldn’t bear the energy, too much, too huge!

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