VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 17: kill him!


At this moment, the woman groaned and heard Su Bai’s painful cry.

She opened her slightly closed eyes, their eyes dazzling.


Although she opened her eyes, she did not look at Su Bai, her eyes were dull and hollow.

In fact, after making this choice, she is now very confused.

As a goddess, the goddess of life who is in charge of the vitality of heaven and earth.

She has lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and her life is pure and indifferent.

I have never had such an intimate thing with any man.

No man can get her favor, who ever thought…

It’s just a final check when the channel is about to open.


This place was opened up to welcome visitors from the outside world, and there is actually a powerful legendary monster.

The legendary monster is nothing more than a piece of cake. I planned to solve it easily.

What I didn’t expect was that this legendary little snake actually had weird poison that could affect him!

There is also a force that has never been seen before, sealing most of his strength and equipment!

As a result, his information could not be passed out, so I had to wait for my sister to find it after the inspection.

A lot of time was lost!

Then, how did this weak little man come in early?

Inexplicably, he passed through the barrier he had laid down…

The time that led to the hard work was completely wasted.


The mind is chaotic, the goddess who has always been indifferent, but at this time there is a feeling of disconnected thinking.

Only the body is still moving instinctively under the influence of that strange snake venom.

This also caused the surging and massive life energy in her body to continue to be transmitted to Su Bai’s body.

Su Bai swelled more and more, with round head and round feet.


Su Bai couldn’t help crying out again, his teeth trembling.

Although the pain is only 5%, he is almost like a balloon at this moment!

This feeling is also a terrible pain beyond bearing!


Finally, the goddess finally awakened from the chaotic consciousness and saw Su Bai who was swollen to the point.

With an exclamation, he quickly stretched out his jade hand to reach Su Bai’s abdomen.

Then, Su Bai’s body burst out with a bright green light.

This light seems to have a sweet fragrance, like the light of grass and trees under the sunrise, with strong vitality.

The light gathered towards Su Bai’s lower abdomen, and after only a few breaths, Su Bai’s body returned to normal.

All the life energy in his body was gathered together, temporarily confined by the goddess’ divine power.


Su Bai finally relaxed, sweating all over his body.

Looking at the panel, the health value returned to normal.

“Hey… Although it’s uncomfortable to support, but if it gives me tens of millions of health points, it is simply too comfortable!”

Su Bai smashed his mouth, feeling a bit pity…

When the goddess saw Su Bai sober and realized what she was doing, her cheeks flushed suddenly.

Turning her face to the side, her slender hair fell down, covering her face.

“Close your eyes!”

She said softly.

This is the first time she has spoken.

The voice is as soft as her temperament.

However, the voice is trembling.

Obviously, she was not calm.

Su Bai: “…”

He closed his eyes obediently.

Of course, it’s not that good.

But there is a small gap in the eyelids…


She can perceive it naturally, but…

Forget it, leave him alone.

As soon as he closed his eyes and his hair was loose, he assumed that Su Bai did not exist.

In half an hour!

After one hour!

One and a half hours later!

The game is officially launched!

The Novice Village where Su Bai is in flooded with a large number of players.

After a period of confusion, they naturally started looking for tasks to pick up.

Then, all were confused!

Why are there no tasks?

How to play this?

When they came to the village chief’s grandma, they were even more embarrassed!

She wanted to take over the task, but she was bombed away by the village chief’s grandmother with a black face.

No way, the village chief’s grandma can’t help her face black.

More than an hour ago, she just went out to find the warrior, but she couldn’t get into the house when she came back.

God knows if there is something wrong with the goddess, this can’t help her worry and fear!

Where can I give players a good face…

And all the players watched the village chief walking back and forth in front of the house, whether they looked up at the house, they were all very curious.

“What’s the situation with this NPC?”

“Is it a bug? The npc doesn’t dispatch tasks?”

“Why does she turn around and then look at the room behind her from time to time?”

“Is the daughter-in-law giving birth?”

“Your brain circuit is a bit strange… Which online game, the story of Novice Village, is actually the village chief’s daughter-in-law giving birth?”

“Ahem…Boldly propose, and be careful to verify!”

The players observed for a long while, but couldn’t see why, so they dispersed.

Of course, if there are players curiously take a few glances.

Another hour passed.

In the village head’s house, the wind and rain rested.



The breathing of both of them was a bit short, but it was gradually calming down.

In other words, they are all sober.

The light beam binding Su Bai’s body has dissipated, he is free, but…

Don’t dare to make any moves.

Mainly, the thief is embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.

“She doesn’t look like an ordinary NPC, she looks very strong, she won’t slap me next time, right?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a second, the main thing is, will she chase me down?”

“According to the reality of this game, it’s not impossible…”

“If you were killed back to level 0, it would be uncomfortable…”

“Sorry, what should I say?”

Su Bai’s thoughts turned around.

As an innocent boy…


As a young boy who has just finished his innocence, this kind of thing can be the first time a real girl gets on the sedan chair.

I’m completely numb, and I don’t know how to deal with it.

Su Bai was confused, and the goddess was also confused.

God has the pride and dignity of being a god!

But now, her arrogance and dignity are in a mess in front of Su Bai.

She is emotionally unstable now, and she has long lost her former calmness.

Pain, loss, hesitation, anger…

In the mind of the goddess, all kinds of thoughts turned around: “I clearly laid the barrier, and only the village chief can enter. How did he get in?!”

“What a coincidence…”

“Could it… be the handwriting of the Demon Race?!”

She thought of a possibility, and the killing intent gradually appeared in her heart!

Although at present, she didn’t feel anything abnormal, but she was all comfortable.

However, she couldn’t help but not worry.

Who knows if any hidden toxins will be planted to control the seeds…

“kill him!”

“True to kill him! Obliterate his spirit!”

“He took my innocence, and should have killed him!!!”

Her confused phoenix eyes gradually became clear, gradually indifferent, and murderousness overflowed!

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