VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 18: Preemptive strike! How can you do this? !


And when the goddess’ murderous intent appeared, Su Bai was stunned, and he felt the woman’s breath suddenly changed!

This breath is extremely cold, like a winter wind, piercing the bone!

Under the impact of this breath, he felt cold all over, and his body trembled inexplicably.

In a trance, even a bizarre and terrifying illusion!

He saw the boundless sea of ​​blood and millions of corpses, leaving only this woman standing with her hands.

Her long green dress was stained with blood!

She was holding the knife and staring at herself, without any emotion.

Then, it was a slash, and the bright and dazzling light of the sword struck across an unknown distance!


Su Bai’s pupils shrank and his body trembled, waking up from the hallucinations.

“She! Want to kill me?!!!”

This thought came to him.

Originally, if you were killed in the game, you were killed. How big could it be?

The previous Su Bai was really not afraid, that is, he was worried about being killed back to level 1.

But now, it’s strange!

Under the impact of that terrifying aura, Su Bai just couldn’t calm down.

Very frightened, my heart beat faster.

It feels like disaster is imminent!

It feels so weird, but so real!

“Madan! No matter what the hell, thirty-six tricks, slipping is the best policy!”

Su Bai quickly pulled out the offline interface and prepared to go offline.

Then, Su Bai’s face was black.

The interface displays: You are currently in a special space, and you cannot perform offline operations temporarily.


Su Bai rolled his eyes, his mind turned sharply, and he came up with a solution: “Thirty-six strategies–preemptive strike!”

“The first is the strongest, and the second is the worst!”

“Got a gamble!”

Su Bai was cruel, then stretched out his hand and suddenly pushed the woman away.



She looked confused. Although she had just made a decision, she did not immediately start.

I was a little tangled in my heart, a little inexplicably unable to handle it, and a little soft.

Therefore, when Su Bai pushed her away, she couldn’t react.


The goddess lightly opened her red lips, and then got stuck again, not knowing what to say.

“Kang Dang… Wow…”

Su Bai didn’t care so much, he took the equipment scattered on the bed of ice jade, and hugged the equipment around his chest with both hands.

He lowered his head, couldn’t see his expression, his shoulders drooped, and he was silent.

His clothes are messy, and there are even red marks on his body that were caught by the goddess before.

The whole body, body movements, expressions and emotions all revealed a sense of sadness and misery.

Full of acting!

This action is just like…


And Su Bai’s actions completely stunned the goddess…


Obviously I was taken advantage of…

What are you doing now?



The head of the goddess was down, and for a while, she was speechless.

She didn’t speak, Su Bai was about to say: “You… why do you treat me like this…”


This is really… soul interrogation!

She is not swearing…

What can I say? How can this be answered?

In any case, it was indeed that she forcibly tied Su Bai and imposed… ahem, brutality…


After a while, the goddess just said a word to me, and Su Bai immediately interrupted: “How can you do this!”

“Bound me cruelly, what about me…”

“I have someone I like… I’m still a virgin…”

He has a person who likes wool, which is completely fabricated.

He’s an otaku, and the woman he sees most often is his sister.


Still silent.

The murderous spirit in her heart is getting lower and lower.

What Su Bai said was true, and she could perceive that Su Bai did not lose his Yuanyang before.


This is very difficult…

After all, apart from not knowing how this little man entered the enchantment, everything else is really none of his business…

“I…I’m not pure anymore…”

After he finished speaking, Su Bai secretly raised his eyes and saw the woman’s expression changed a lot.

No longer as cold as before, but with a slightly apologetic expression in the silence, he secretly said in his heart.

But it’s not in a hurry, we must take advantage of the victory!

When this woman is said to be stunned, quickly let her let herself out, and then quickly go offline!

Su Bai continued: “Do you know how bad this affects me! How do you let me meet people? How to face my lover?!”

“You made me betray her!”

“I’m very traditional!”

“This kind of thing must be reserved for the wedding night in the bridal chamber!”

“I was only pulled into this house, but you have committed such atrocity to me!!”

“You! You are too much!!!”

“How can you do this?!!!”

“You are so…”

The more Su Bai spoke, the smoother he spoke, the more intense he spoke.

Righteous words, serious expression.

Under Su Bai’s “Blood and Tears Accusation”, the face of the goddess kept changing.

It was shy, apologetic, and aggrieved.

Mixed feelings……

Finally, she became angry.

“Enough! Shut me up!”

Blushing, she yelled and stopped Su Bai from continuing to bb.



When she roared, surging vigor burst out from her body, and many things in the room were blown away.


Although Su Bai sat steadily, his heart jumped and he secretly cried out: I’m going, is it too much? ! “

“This… won’t you shoot yourself in the foot?!”

Su Bai is a person who wants to cry without tears.

However, fortunately, the woman did not make any further movements after shouting.


After taking a few breaths, the corner of the goddess’s eyes twitched, finally calming down.

For hundreds of thousands of years, she has never been so gloomy!

Fortunately, it’s finally quiet…

I can finally think about it.

After being silent for a while, she asked: “You just said that you were pulled in? What’s the matter?”

Don’t want to kill this little guy, first find out the ins and outs!


Su Bai was in a daze and didn’t know how to answer. Could it be that I got in with a bug?

He just said it smoothly, just making an excuse.

But soon, Su Bai had a flash of inspiration and thought of how to answer.

Reaching out and pointing to the ground, Su Bai said, “It was the ring that pulled me in.”

The ring on the ground was naturally the one he had exploded before.

Before the fierce battle, it got to the ground.


The goddess looked in the direction of Su Bai’s fingers, her heart beat, and she naturally saw that it was her ring.

Reaching out, the ring flew into her hands.

“So that’s it…”

The goddess held the ring, her thoughts were complicated.

She figured out the reason, she thought so:

[Because this ring is closely related to her, and this little man got the ring, and with the affinity of the ring, it is not impossible to pass through the barrier. 】

“Hey, this is really…”

The goddess wanted to cry without tears.

In this case, it really has nothing to do with this little man.

After all, he didn’t have the slightest aura in him, and he was very weak.

There is no problem with his body.


But she has lost her innocence!

What is this called!

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