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Chapter 19: Guardian of the Goddess of Life

Su Bai: “…”




Su Bai watched his nose and nose, not bb anymore.

Although the atmosphere is quiet, he is now relaxed a lot.

He didn’t have the weird feeling of trembling and chills that he had before.


Quietly, another feeling appeared again!

Su Bai felt a sharp pain in his abdomen suddenly!

It’s the kind of bulging feeling before!


He took a breath and looked at his stomach.

In the lower abdomen, the huge energy that was originally sealed by the goddess could not be sealed at this time.

After all, it was just a handy one before, without the follow-up power injection of the goddess, it is good to be able to persist for so long.

“Uh, uh!!!”

After three or two, Su Bai swelled rapidly again, causing him to groan in pain.


The goddess was startled and looked up at Su Bai.

Just by looking at it, he understood Su Bai’s current situation.

She is a god, and the power of Yuan Yin is too strong for Su Bai to bear.

If you leave it alone, in a few seconds, Su Bai will be blown up.

This huge energy will overflow between heaven and earth.


The expression of the goddess was struggling and not calm, just like the little girl panicked and confused when faced with a huge choice.

She didn’t know what to do with Su Bai, or if she should help him solve it.

In any case, her innocence was buried on Su Bai.

But it’s reasonable, all of this is not about Su Bai’s business.


Looking at Su Bai who was struggling with pain, she sighed quietly, the goddess folded her hands and closed her eyes.

The red lips lightly opened and closed, as if praying for something.

After all, she is a kind-hearted goddess of life, and she plans to take action.

With the prayers, bright turquoise characters gradually appeared in the space.

The characters have different shapes, some are like flowers and some are like elves, exuding a fresh breath, magical and mysterious.

If there is spirit, it keeps flying and jumping, and it sinks into Su Bai’s belly

As the characters submerged more, the energy in Su Bai’s body contracted more, no longer chaotically rushing, no longer expanding.

Only three breaths of time passed, and Su Bai returned to the original state.

The energy in his abdomen condensed into a light cluster, and the light cluster began to move upward.

In the end, it came to Su Bai’s chest and slowly fell into his heart.


As the light group submerged, Su Bai felt a shock all over, as if there was a loud noise in his mind.

At the same time, the system prompt sounded in the ear: “Ding! You have received [Blessing from the Goddess of Life]!”

“Ding! Because you have the power of the goddess of life in your body, the blessing of the goddess of life blends with this power, and the automatic advancement is: [Guardian of the goddess of life].”

After the sound fell, a series of introductions were refreshed on the system panel, but Su Bai had no time to read it.

He has been stunned by these two system sounds!

Su Bai: “…”




Staring wide, Su Bai stared at the woman in front of him in a daze.

It can be said to be overwhelming!


It’s weird!

This woman is actually the goddess of life? !

This information was so explosive that Su Bai was hard to return to his senses after being bombed.


Staring stupidly by Su Bai, the goddess felt a little hot on her cheeks, a little dizzy.

I couldn’t help lowering my head, and then, seeing that I was not wearing any clothes, my face flushed suddenly.


The wind screamed, and the green long skirts that had been torn by herself flew around and wrapped around her.

Su Bai also regained his senses and couldn’t help saying: “You are…”

“To shut up!”

Then, I was interrupted by this goddess of life.

She didn’t know how to face Su Bai, nor did she know how to answer.

Therefore, simply don’t let Su Bai speak.

Su Bai: “…”


“You go…”

The two were quiet for a while, and finally, the goddess lowered her head and whispered: “Go, don’t let me see you again.”

After speaking, she waved her hand and the barrier in the room was lifted.

Since there is no killer, let him stop appearing in front of him.


Is it that simple?

It’s okay and safe, but melancholy rises in Su Bai’s heart.

Feeling troubled by gains and losses.

“Hey, it’s an NPC after all…”

Su Bai felt a little sour in his heart.

As a person who has never been in love, he can’t understand this feeling, and can only put on the equipment silently.


He got off the ice jade bed and stood on the ground. He wanted to leave, but suddenly he couldn’t move his feet.

Can’t tell why, but it just stopped.

“Not leaving yet?!”

The goddess of life is cold and authentic.

Although the words were cold, her heart was not as calm as the surface.

After seeing Su Bai really getting up and preparing, a feeling of emptiness suddenly rose in her heart.

After seeing Su Bai stop, his heart speeded up inexplicably, and he felt his chest swell, with a sweet feeling and unconscious joy.


Being urged, Su Bai let out a cry, and could only continue to walk outside.

And seeing Su Bai really go out, he almost walked to the door.

That swelling and sweet feeling, somehow evolved into anger.

“If you ask you to go, then do you really go?”

“Just left?!”

“Don’t say something?!”

In her head, these few thoughts suddenly came up, lingering endlessly, making her irritable.

She couldn’t help but raise her head, looked at Su Bai’s back, opened her mouth, wanting to say something.


But in the end, she still didn’t say anything, just looked at Su Bai’s back in confusion.

But at this moment, Su Bai suddenly turned around.


The goddess was taken aback, and quickly lowered her head, her hair dangled to conceal the blush on her cheeks.

“Then what…”

Su Bai scratched his neck and asked carefully: “What…what’s your name?”


“Fu Qingqiu…”

There was a moment of silence, but for some reason, the goddess still told Su Bai her name.

“Fu Qingqiu… the autumn wind is very cold, and the snowy night is approaching, which suits her!” Su Bai said silently in his heart, and then couldn’t find anything.

At this moment, Fu Qingqiu suddenly looked up with a slightly happy expression.

Standing up, she felt her sister’s breath.

My sister is here, she wants to leave quickly.

Otherwise, if his sister sees himself like this, this little man will definitely not survive.

“I am leaving.”

Fu Qingqiu’s expression gradually became indifferent, and his body was gradually born high above, overlooking the world’s cold temperament.

Of course, whether the heart is also as calm as the surface, then only the heaven knows the self.


Su Bai didn’t know what to say, so he could only make a foolish cry.

“Don’t mention this to anyone!” Fu Qingqiu said again.


Su Bai said again.

“I…I’m leaving…”

The original words were finished, but Fu Qingqiu felt that his mouth was out of control, and said another sentence.

After she finished speaking, she reacted, this… Isn’t the meaning of these words asking him to keep himself?

But Su Bai, a straight steel man, where could he hear the hidden meaning.

Just nodded blankly and said: “Okay…”


Seeing Su Bai dumbfounded, Fu Qingqiu suddenly became angry and snorted heavily.


With a long sleeve, the storm raged, and Su Bai somersaulted Su Bai.

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