VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 2: Start with a silver sword! !

“Unexpectedly, it can actually create bugs!!”

Su Bai raised his wrist in shock and found that the progress bar on his wrist had returned to zero and was slowly increasing.

At this rate, it may take several hours before the next creation can be made.

Putting down his hands, Su Bai opened his backpack.

A row of 10, a total of 5 rows, a total of 50 grids.

Only the first grid has something, which is a festive red gift bag.

Su Bai thought, and the gift package opened.

Several things jumped out.

First of all, there are 100 silver coins!

It is equivalent to one gold coin, ten thousand copper coins!

You can buy blood medicine and blue medicine, which can make Su Bai survive better and spawn monsters more comfortably in the early stage.

Then, it was a silver sword that was not inferior at first glance.

A bottle of crystal red potion.

A title.

Su Bai took out the sword and looked at it carefully.

The sword is four feet three inches long, and the blade is smooth and shiny, with fine cloud patterns, and a silver flash.

When he held it, the sword seemed to be breathing, bright and dark.

In this process, the blade gradually became cold, and a faint white mist was absorbed.

“Tsk tusk tusk, grid b is really high, it must be a good thing!!”

Su Bai touched the long sword with satisfaction and checked the information.

【Crawling Cloud Sword】

Grade: LV1

Quality: Silver

Category: Weapon

Moisture: 7/100

Attribute: Strength +12/Intelligence +3

Damage: physical attack +35/magic attack +8

Special attribute: Water attribute enhancement +7

Special bonus: water attribute attack

Special damage: when attacking, additional 7% water attribute damage

Weapon skills: weeping cloud, water cold

Affix: Rumor has it that this sword was once a cloud in the God Realm. It fell into the mortal world and was cast by a master.

[Note: This weapon will increase with the player’s level, up to LV10. 】

“What a fierce attribute!”

Su Bai exclaimed, and clicked on the details of the Weapon Skill of the Crawling Cloud Sword.

【Crawling Cloud】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Consumption: None

Attribute: Within 10 seconds, weapon damage increases by 10%.

Details: Inspire sword power and increase weapon damage in a short time.

Note: This is a weapon skill and cannot be upgraded.

【Shui Han】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 0 seconds

Consumption: 10 water vapour/second

Attributes: When attacking, it will splash icy water vapor, slowing down the enemy’s movement speed, attack speed, and release speed by 20%.

Details: The Cloud Sword will continuously accumulate moisture. When moisture exists, you can activate this skill as you like.

Note: This is a weapon skill and cannot be upgraded.

The quality of cowhide!

Luxurious property!

The physical attack is simply exploding!

Not to mention two more amazing equipment skills!

Not to mention, this is actually a weapon that can grow!

“It’s really a silverware! Even if it can only grow to level 10, but this is a silverware, it’s probably no problem for me to use level 20!” Su Bai touched the sword and exclaimed.

Silver is very rare! very powerful!

Regarding the classification of game equipment, currently the official only revealed: ordinary, sophisticated, excellent, rare, silver, gold, perfect.

The above is not clear, it is estimated that it will not open until the version is updated.

The difficulty of obtaining silver equipment is extremely high!

Generally, only the silver-level BOSS has a certain chance to burst out.

But the burst rate…

Not to mention silver, rare and above, the burst rate is simply…horrible!

Shaking his head, Su Bai didn’t want to think of this, and held the sword in his hand happily.

Looking at the bottle of potion in the backpack, he checked its information.

【Liu Wei Bu Yuan Water】

Grade: LV10

Quality: Rare

Category: Consumables

Attributes: Strength+10/Physique+10/Intelligence+10/Spirit+10

Description: After taking it, the character attributes are greatly improved.

Another very strong thing~

Directly add 40 points of four-dimensional attributes!

Generally speaking, things with four dimensions are rare and precious.

These 40 attributes can only be acquired by the player at level 8.

It’s a pity, it takes level 10 to use it, and Su Bai can only ignore it temporarily.

The last thing to come up with is a title.

[The fastest man in the world]

Seeing the name, Su Bai twitched the corners of his mouth, “What kind of ghost name, I’m just outside the dead, in the mouth of the dead monster, I don’t wear this title.”

Su Bai continued to look at it.

[The fastest man in the world]

Grade: LV1

Quality: Silver

Category: Title

Attribute: Strength +15/Intelligence +15 (Note: ‘Intelligence’ attribute, warrior occupations are not blessed)

Damage: physical attack +25/magic attack +25 (note: ‘magic attack’ attribute, warrior class does not bless)

Blessing: movement speed +10%/attack speed +10%/release speed +10%

Trigger attribute: When attacking, there is a 3% probability, increasing the speed of movement, attack and release by 5%. Lasts 20 seconds, cooldown: 60 seconds

Affix: Who can be faster than me? Ok? Who is there? Who else? !

“Ahem, it smells so good!”

After reading it, Su Bai didn’t say anything, and slapped the title on.

A title animation suddenly appeared on his head. The animation was a super fast man.

Su Bai’s complexion remained unchanged, and the title animation was hidden.

After finishing all this, Su Bai opened his panel excitedly and checked his current attributes.

ID: White Night

Grade: LV1

Occupation: Trainee Warrior

Title: The fastest man in the world

Life: 24/Energy: 40

Strength: 36/Physique: 8

Damage: Physical Attack 132

Defense: physical defense 8/magic defense: 4

Skills: Exploring, perforating a blow

Equipment: Weeping Cloud Sword

“The three-speed is not displayed, it is probably a hidden attribute…”

Su Bai touched his chin, and after enjoying it for a while, he turned off the panel and walked around the Novice Village.

Entering the game is not received a task, it should be triggered by the player himself.

Before taking a few steps, Su Bai saw an old granny with a sad face.

The name of [Hu Ping·Xin Shou Village Chief] is on the head of the grandmother.

Su Bai’s spirit was lifted, the NPC’s melancholy expression was simply telling the player: “I have a mission, come on, pretend!”

“The village chief’s grandma, what can I do for help?” Su Bai asked him when he walked to the village chief.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, Su Bai felt that the village chief seemed stunned when he saw him.

Of course, the village chief’s grandmother quickly said eagerly: “Warrior, I need you to collect something for me. Would you like to help?”

After she finished speaking, Su Bai saw a task information box.

【Collect Coral Snake Gallbladder】

Difficulty: F

Requirements: Collect 10 Coral Snake Gallbladder

Progress: 0/10

Rewards: experience*200, silver coins*1, snakeskin armor top*1


Needless to say!

Su Bai chose to take it immediately, and the village chief’s grandma smiled and said a few words of thanks!

The difficulty of the task is: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

F-level tasks are not difficult.

Su Bai bid farewell to the village chief, and then continued to stroll around, wanting to see if he could take on a little more mission.

He walked to a blacksmith’s shop, and a pretty sturdy man, sweating, banged an iron block.

“Uncle Blacksmith, what can I do for you?” Su Bai said hello.

The blacksmith paused for a moment, and was also taken aback when he saw Su Bai.

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