VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 21: Sell ​​equipment! ! !

After being stupid for a while, it broke out.

“Fuck! It’s really level 10!”

“What level 10 are you paying attention to! Look at his blood volume, tmd, broken one hundred thousand!!!”

“Fuck! Brother, that’s not right! Great God! How did you do it?!”

“This Nima, this Nima is still a player?!!!”

“Slot! This is a real god! Really beep!”

“Ma Dan, he is actually wearing rare equipment! I am envious of my real name!”

“What’s the rarity, look at his weapon! The silver light!!!”

“Wow, brother, please take me to level up!”

“Hahaha laughed to death, what about the person who said that the great **** is just **** at level 10? Come out and perform!”

“That’s right, where is the dung pool snorkeling? Please start your performance!”

“Puff! I laughed to death, snorkeling in the dung pool, he is a talent!”

Everyone laughed and smashed away, exposing the two people who had previously said that they were snorkeling and snorkeling.

“After a word, it’s hard to chase the horse, two brothers!”

“Man! One spit and one nail!”

“Brother, now is your showtime!! (show time

A few people followed suit.

The two men were awkwardly stuck in the middle of the field.


Su Bai deliberately gave a dry cough, then motioned with his eyes.

Not to mention, there are many latrines in Xinshou Village, and the snorkeling venue is definitely enough.



The face of the **** is flushed, and the same is true for the dung pool snorkeler.

With the run of Su Bai’s eyes and the laughter of everyone, he couldn’t stand it anymore.


The **** person coughed, turned and ran.


The crowd booed and laughed.

But the man who said he wanted to dive in the dung pool was still standing there. He blushed, clasped his fists and said, “I’m sorry, I’m blind…”

“Then what…bye…”

After speaking, he also ran away dingy.

But I can apologize if I have some responsibility.

“Ha ha……”

Su Bai smiled and didn’t care, it was a trivial matter in itself.

He turned to look at the village chief’s grandmother, ready to continue to inquire.

The other players didn’t watch the scene, so they didn’t slowly disperse.

There were also non-girls who clamored for Su Bai to take them, but Su Bai ignored them all and didn’t hear them.

“Grandma the village chief, let’s go back to the topic we just mentioned.”

Su Bai said.


The village chief’s grandma smiled and nodded, the goddess is okay, she is more relieved.

“Warrior, the speed of your improvement is really shocking.” She looked up and down Su Bai, with a kind and satisfied expression, “Now, are you going to take a step further?”

“Of course!” Su Bai nodded.

“Okay, you have met the conditions for entering the transfer trial, do you want to start now?”

The village chief’s grandma asked kindly, and then kindly reminded: “However, after the trial begins, you cannot contact the outside world for a short time.”

“If there is still something unfinished, you can finish it as soon as possible, and come back for the trial.”

“I will wait for you here.”

“I do have something to do. I will come back later, thanks to the village chief’s grandma for reminding me.” Su Bai expressed his thanks.

After all, there is really something that hasn’t been resolved yet, and his equipment in the bar hasn’t been sold yet.

“Hehe… it’s okay.” The village chief’s grandma waved her hand with a smile.

Su Bai said goodbye to her and went to the forge and tailor’s shop first.

All the sundries such as snake teeth and snake skins that were picked up in the cave before were cleaned up.

Not bad, more than 300 silver coins were harvested.

After finishing here, Su Bai walked to the bar, ready to buy the equipment.

The bar, which was run down and not many people, was very lively at this time.

Some players are asking, want to take the task, and some come to buy potions.

But after all, there are not too many people. At least the rich are not here, so they are going to clean up the blame.

Su Bai thought for a while, and pulled out the chat bar, area news.

I cut a picture of the warehouse equipment, posted it to the chat box, added a sentence, and posted it.

So, a message popped up in the chat bar of the players in this novice village.

[White Night: Sell 600+ pieces of equipment, from rare to common, everything! Attention, only pack once for sale! Attached.jpg】

This is a regional news. It takes 10 silver coins to send.

Will be forced to pop up in the player’s field of vision!

So, No. 9527 Novice Village, exploded!

When all players saw the area information and the photos, their heads were stunned!

Many people even wonder if they are looking for flowers!

How long does it take to serve?

Just played so much equipment? !




“Am I? Is this true?!!!”

“Fuck! More than six hundred pieces of equipment! How rare!”

“Just at the bar! Walk around!”

“President! Did you see it?!”

“Nonsense! I’m not blind yet, go! Go back to Novice Village!”

“Master, someone sells equipment! More than 600 pieces! Lots of advanced and high-quality equipment!”

“See it! Go! Get the money ready!”

After a while of silence, the chat bar exploded, turning over hundreds of messages in one second!

What’s more, the players rushed back quickly!

And Su Bai sat leisurely on the bar stool.

Many people chatted with him privately, but Su Bai ignored them.

“Who is selling equipment?!”

“Damn, is that great god? Such a beep!”

“I want to buy equipment!”

Soon, many people entered the bar.

The small bar was crowded in a mess, noisy.

“it’s me!”

Su Bai said lightly, attracting everyone’s attention.

After seeing the ID on Su Bai’s head, they all looked up and were overjoyed.

“Brother! Make a price! How to buy?”

“Great God, how many ordinary equipment I want, at what price?”

“Brother, make a price!”

Everyone spoke, all wanting to buy equipment.

“Not urgent.”

Su Bai shook his head and said slowly: “Wait for more people to talk about it. In addition, the message I sent also said that it is packaged and sold, not planning to retail.”

“I just want to buy a little bit, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

When this remark came out, many people suddenly became disappointed.

Many people were too excited to pay attention to the following sentence of Su Bai.

Of course, there are many people who try to see if they can buy a few.

But now, Su Baitie wanted to sell all, they were naturally disappointed.

They can afford to buy one or two, but they can’t stand it if they buy more.

A person with normal brain circuits knows that these six hundred pieces of equipment are very valuable.

If it is sold to unions and families, the value becomes even higher!

With so much equipment, a union can definitely rise rapidly!

“Hey, it’s gone…”

“It’s nice to have money…”

“Hey… can’t afford to afford… I slipped away…”

“What’s the slip? It’s good to see the excitement.”

Many people left, and many people stayed to watch the excitement.

But overall, the players in the bar are getting more together.

The bar can’t stay, just wait outside.

Ten minutes later.

“The brother who wants to sell equipment, I am the president of the Overlord’s Guild, I intend to buy all of them, are you there?”

“At Xia Xuanyuan Wentian, I also intend to acquire them all! This brother, is there?”

“Man, come out to sell equipment!”

Many leaders of families and trade unions came over and squeezed the door of the bar, but they couldn’t get in anyway.

Helpless, can only shout loudly outside the door.

Su Bai heard it naturally, and went out of the bar.



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