VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 22: 3000000!

At this time, there was a crowd of players outside the bar.

The number is less than thousands.

Most of them came to watch the excitement.

Unexpectedly, there are so many people who like to watch the fun…

Yes, the sale of hundreds of pieces of equipment, especially when the game is just starting to sell, is really eye-catching.

Without waiting for these people to question, Su Bai took out a loudspeaker.

This is a silver coin bought from the barkeeper just now.

As a bar owner, it’s normal to sell loudspeakers…


With a dry cough, after the players calm down, Su Bai said: “I am the player who just wanted to buy equipment. I have more than 600 pieces of equipment on hand.”

“34 pieces are rare, over 120 pieces are excellent, over 140 pieces are excellent, and over 330 pieces are ordinary!”

“I have no time to waste, these equipment will only be packaged and sold!”

“Now start bidding, the reserve price is 1 million RMB, and the higher price will get!”

After the voice fell, the scene suddenly fell silent.

This price scared many people watching the excitement!

Only a few hundred pieces of equipment, dare to sell one million? !

“Damn? Are you crazy about money? One million?!”

“Damn! Why don’t you grab it?!”

“Damn! How can a lion speak loudly…”

After being stupid for a while, many lemon spirit players who watched the excitement began to complain.

“I give out 1.1 million!”

But as soon as they uttered a few words, a loud voice sounded, which blocked their spit.


Someone actually bought it? !

1.1 million? !

The lemon essence is more lemon, and the whole body is weak and sour.

Of course, no one cares about them.

More people focused their attention on the person who said 1.1 million.

It was a man with a tall stature and a calm complexion. He was stared at by many eyes, still calm.

The ID of’Xuanyuan Wentian’ was on his head.

He wants to create a family in the game, so he will not hesitate to buy these equipment for 1.1 million to arm himself and his subordinates.

“I pay 1.2 million!”

After a while, another quotation sounded.

Then, as if reacting, one after another quotations sounded.

“I pay 1.3 million!”

“1.4 million!”

“1.5 million!”

When the price climbed to 1.5 million, it suddenly became quiet.

The price is really not low, not everyone can support it.

However, a voice soon broke the silence!

“1.8 million!”

It’s a man with ID: Overlord swallowing wine on his head. He is tall and has a rough face.

It increased by 300,000 all at once!

This caused many small guilds and people from small forces to retreat.

1.8 million!

Su Bai couldn’t help being excited, but he was still very well suppressed.

“Is there anyone else bidding?” Su Bai asked lightly.

At this time, there was a burst of noise in the outer part of the crowd.

And there were two loud shouts.

Female voice: “Wait!”

Male voice: “Wait for Laozi!”

Then, the crowd was separated and two pedestrians walked in.

The group of people is led by a woman, ID: Xuewu.

All the girls behind are all girls, more than 30 people, not small in scale.

The girl in the lead is very beautiful, she can get more than nine points!

But his complexion was cold, and his whole body felt noble and elegant, a bit of the sense of sight of the president of Bingberg.

Many players still eat this set, looking silly, and some people are swallowing their saliva.

In the other group, a man walked in front.

There are more little brothers behind, there are more than fifty people.

He looked very young, and Yomo was about the same grade as Su Bai.

His hair was colorful, and he was shaking as he walked, and his whole body was trembling, and he looked daunting.

“Two million! Master wants it!”

This playful player came to Su Bai and shouted loudly.

Su Bai hasn’t expressed his opinion yet, the Bawang Tunjiu on the side raises his brows and will continue to offer.

However, he hadn’t spoken yet, but there was a cold, but very pleasant voice.

“I pay 3 million!”

When many ordinary players heard this offer, they suddenly gasped!

This is too fierce!

Raise 1 million in one go!

Don’t treat money as money!

Su Bai was also taken aback and looked at the woman in surprise.

This woman is a big fat sheep…hehe, he is a big customer!

The courage is also enough, add 1 million when you speak!

“It’s 3 million, are there any bids?” Su Bai still said indifferently, although he was a happy group!





3 million is really not a small number.

Counting it up, a piece of equipment costs 5000 yuan!

Although, many people know that if you stand from the standpoint of union and family development, the price of 3 million yuan…

It’s really not thanks, it’s worth it!

Very profitable!

In the early stage of the game, with more than 600 pieces of equipment, the advantage is too great!

It can even make a small trade union or small group that is not well known and grow rapidly.

Then the snowball gets bigger and bigger, and it develops into a super big guild if it can’t keep it!

of course……

Understand and understand, but not everyone has this determination and courage.


Well, not everyone has 3 million RMB…

“If nobody bids, it’s this…”

Seeing that no one was speaking, Su Bai was about to complete the transaction, but a voice interrupted him.

“Wait for Laozi!!!”

It’s the person with colorful hair, and his ID is ‘Domineering Cool’.

He shouted to stop Su Bai from continuing to speak, and then he didn’t make a quote, but walked up to the cold woman with a shake.

It seemed that I wanted to say something, but after I got closer, I just stared at my sister.

The look in his eyes was fascinating, and he almost drooled.

I Xuewu frowned and said coldly: “If you want a quote, you can quote it! I’ll squint again and goug your eyes!”

The air-conditioner shivered soberly from the cold, and he woke up.

The old face blushed and frowned, turning into anger from anger.

“Ha ha……”

Hehe smiled, the bully said coolly: “I’ll see what’s wrong with you? Gouged out my eyes? That’s a big tone!”

“If there is a kind, come on!”

After speaking, he waved his hand.

Immediately, his younger brothers rushed to surround Xue Wu and the others.

Crazy Cool originally wanted to show his identity and let Xue Wu retreat.

But I haven’t started to say it yet, it just messed up.

It doesn’t matter, it’s better to kill, and you can’t fight with him if you die!

“Fuck! Just started fighting like this?!”

“Hehe, I think this tyrant’s coolness is deliberate, just to choose something, and then buy equipment for another 2 million.”

“I think so too, it’s… rubbish!”

“Hush, keep your voice down, do you want to face more than fifty people beating?!”

Looking at the posture, it seemed that a fight was about to start, and the onlookers were talking about it.

And Su Bai looked at this development, his face was dark.

“Wait for me!”

He roared, and his voice was amplified through the loudspeaker, causing ear pain for everyone present.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted and looked at Su Bai.

“Boss? Continue?”

However, the Domineering Cool person didn’t care about Bai, but asking Domineering Cool.

“Leave him alone, kill them!”

Domineering waved his hand coolly, turned his back to Su Bai, and didn’t even look at Su Bai.

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