VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 23: You kill someone with one slap


Su Bai frowned fiercely, her expression turning cold!

After two quick steps, Su Bai put his hand on the shoulder of Domineering Cool, forcibly turned him around and faced himself.

Then, Su Bai raised the loudspeaker and aimed it at the tyrant’s cool face, and roared: “You or him! I tell you to stop! Hand!”

“You! Listen! No! Are you here?!!!”

Can’t you hear it!

Can’t you hear it!


Are you there!


Su Bai roared with a loud volume, coupled with a loudspeaker, the sound was extremely loud!

It even caused a reverberating echo.

There was one person present, all wrinkled into bitter gourds, and they violently covered their ears.

As for the siege of Domineering Cool’s men, it was naturally interrupted.

And the tyrants who face the amplification are cool, everyone is stupid now!

I was stunned, feeling very tingling in my ears!

Shocked by this huge volume!


After a long while, he recovered, still feeling humming in his ears, and Su Bai’s roaring hallucinations still sounded.

“Fuck Nima!”

He cursed, while pulling out his ears, he shouted angrily: “How many are you in a hurry!”

“Isn’t it 3 million!”

“When I solve them, I can buy it for 3 million!”

After speaking, he still felt uncomfortable in his ears, and couldn’t help but cursed: “You are from Nana! Will you do anything! Mapi! I’m almost deaf by you!”

Foul language, he is really rude.


Su Bai sneered and said coldly: “The equipment is not yours, get out, don’t sell it to you!”


The tyrant raised his eyebrows coolly, and said viciously: “What do you mean?! Let Lao Tzu run for nothing?!”


Su Bai didn’t bother to talk to him more, it was just the word ‘get out’.

“Hahahahahaha! Yes, yes!”

Domineering Cool was angrily laughed, and sneered: “Only Nima is a casual player, I don’t know what good luck, and only got hundreds of pieces of equipment!”

“What is bullish? Dare to choke me?!”

“Little ones, kick him! Kill him back to level 0!”


“Good master!”


Domineering gave a cool order, and his little brothers shouted and killed Su Bai.

A little brother ran faster, ran to Su Bai in twos or twos, holding a stick in his hand, and about to hit Su Bai’s face.


“I’m going! It’s fighting!”

“This… the equipment seller was beaten?!”

“What’s weird? I guess, this guy’s equipment will be forced to sell!”

“Yeah, you don’t sell it? You can’t leave the village to level up!”

“This buddy’s mentality is too bad, right? I was shocked? Don’t you know how to dodge?!”

The situation changed suddenly, and the onlookers shook their heads when they saw that Su Bai was in conflict with that tyrant.

In their opinion, how do individuals and groups fight?

It’s completely eggs hitting rocks.


At this moment, Xue Wu on the side saw it, and hurried to Su Bai, seeming to want to help Su Bai block this stick with her body.

After all, she didn’t know that this game has a ‘block’ mechanism.

As for Su Bai, he was helpless.

In the eyes of others, he was shocked and motionless.

But in fact, he was just waiting for the weapon of the dragon suit to come, and then he was ready to take it with his bare hands.

Who knows, a girl suddenly ran out in front of him, trying to block him.

Su Bai stretched out his hand to embrace the willow waist of the girl in front of him, and pulled her to his side.


Suddenly, Yin Xuewu exclaimed.

Su Bai’s complexion remained unchanged, and his free left hand took it up lightly.


The thick stick, seeming to be attacking vigorously, was easily caught by Su Bai.

As for the damage…


In everyone’s glaring eyes, only -1 forced damage appeared on Su Bai’s head.

This? ? ?

Before they wanted to express anything, Su Bai grabbed the stick with his backhand and pulled it hard.


The little brother of the dragon set exclaimed, and his body was pulled towards Su Bai.

After that, Su Bai released the stick and waved his backhand…


With a loud slap in the face, the dragon brother died, turning into white light and disappearing.


In the air, a scarlet number slowly faded.





Everyone was shocked looking at the slowly fading injury numbers!

Including the violent and cool little brothers who originally rushed, they were all stuck, holding their weapons, and couldn’t move.

Is this horrible harm?

With hand fans, there are such terrible injuries? ! !

“It’s your turn!”

Su Bai said lightly, looking at the domineering cool.


A violent and cool spirit, quickly backed away, and at the same time shouted: “What are you waiting for?! Hurry up and kill him!”

Die once, lose 5% experience.

The problem is not big. The big one is, being killed in front of so many people?

Need more face? !


“Boy! You’ll be done by moving Master!”

“No matter! Kill him!”


“Wow, wow!!!”

The tyrant and cool little brothers rushed towards Su Bai, and all kinds of junk weapons in his hand rushed towards Su Bai.

Of course, Xue Wu was in Su Bai’s arms and naturally took care of it.

Seeing the attack coming, Su Bai held the girl in his arms tighter.

Although he is not afraid, the fat sheep in his arms…cough, customer customer.

She is afraid!

If you die, you will waste time waiting for her to resurrect.

Su Bai is about 1.87 meters tall, and although this girl is also tall, her head is around Su Bai’s chin, and she is well protected by Su Bai.




The attack begins, and it falls!

Su Baishan turned around, geared left and right, all blocked!

There is only 1 point of compulsory damage!

And every time he dodges an attack, Su Bai will surely slap it with a backhand.






One is counted as one, and one slap is bound to die!

In a matter of minutes, all of the cool little brothers of Domination were sent back to life by Su Bai.

The only thing left is Domineering cool.

The results are naturally not bad.

Su Bai walked to him and slapped a big slap in the face!



Needless to say, of course it was a slap to death.

Su Bai curled his lips in disdain, and finally became quiet.

It was just quiet for a while, because…

“Hold Cao Cong Groove Cao Cao Groove!!!”

“My God! My God, my God!”

“What did I see?!”

“What kind of terrible harm is this?!”

“Just slap a person with a hand, can there be such a terrible injury?!!!”

“Is this outrageous!!!”

Because the onlookers who ate melons reacted, they were shocked and amazed.

And this noisy sound also awakened Xue Wu in Su Bai’s arms.

Sensing the temperature of the big hand on his waist, he realized that he was actually held by a stranger.


With an exclamation, her face turned red with a scoff.

She had never had such close contact with that man, and she was a bit uncomfortable.

As a woman of noble character and status, not many people dare to treat her so presumptuously.

After struggling twice, Su Bai hugged too tightly, and could only blush and scolded: “You…you still don’t let me go!”

“Cough cough cough…”

Su Bai quickly let go of her, coughing a few times, his face was sincere, and his face was not red or breathing, and said: “Sorry…I forgot…”



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