VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 24: Transfer trial


Xue Wu said, but looking at Su Bai’s expression, she didn’t know what to say.

“Hee hee hee……”

At this moment, her union members also ran over.

One of the round-faced girls approached Xue Wu with a smile.

Winking his eyebrows, he said with a smile: “Sister Xuewu, he dragged you for a few steps just now, and you didn’t respond. Isn’t it because you are indulging in the arms of your little brother?!”


Xue Wu’s heart jumped, and she felt a little shy of being said.

Seriously, the embrace just now…

It’s really warm…

“Sister Xue Wu? Why are you in a daze? I was right?” Seeing Xue Wu’s changing expression, the round-faced girl got even more energy.

When said so, Xue Wu’s face became even more dizzy, and Su Bai couldn’t help but pay attention.

She is shy, even more beautiful!

Before, she was like a mountain ice flower, visible unattainable.

But now, it is like a plum blossom in the snow, although it has a cold breath, it is beautiful and indispensable!

Su Bai stared at him in a daze, watched by all the players, and laughed at by his friends…

Xue Wu couldn’t calm down, and glared at the girl fiercely and said: “Dead girl, don’t say anything if you can’t speak, no one treats you as dumb!”

“Hee hee~~~”

The round-faced girl didn’t care, still giggling.

Smart eyes wandered about Su Bai and Xue Wu non-stop.

“Go go go… step aside!”

Xue Wu pushed her irritably, and the round-faced girl didn’t mind, and walked away with a smile.

Without her entanglement, Xue Wu also slowly calmed down.

“So, start trading now?” Xue Wu asked.

Perhaps it was this general matter, Xue Wu’s tone to Su Bai was much softer, not as cold as before.

“Okay! Come with me.”

Su Bai nodded, then turned and walked towards the bar, with Xue Wu following behind.

The two entered the bar, no one stood in the way.

Of course, it was more afraid to block Su Bai’s way.

This is so fierce that they are afraid that they will be slapped to death because they got in the way.

That would be ashamed!

Aside from the gossip, the two came to the box where Su Bai stored his equipment.

Su Bai took it out, and then called the game’s trading platform.

This game is very user-friendly, real currency exchanges can be carried out directly, and the information of both parties will never be disclosed.

Su Bai put up all the equipment and waited for Xue Wu to transfer the money to the trading platform.

Xue Wu was also very simple, and after a few glances, he turned the money around.

3 million!

Seeing the large string of 0s, Su Bai was really a little excited.

Excited, shaking hands, clicked the transaction confirmation.

With so much equipment, fortunately Xue Wu brought so many girls over, otherwise they couldn’t put it down.

“Okay, done, goodbye.”

Su Bai said, waving his hand, raising his leg and leaving.

He is going to a professional trial.

“Oh, wait.”

At this time, Xue Wu stopped Su Bai aloud, and when Su Bai turned her head, she continued: “Well, hello, God, add a friend? In the future, she said she won’t have a chance to make a deal or cooperate.”

Su Bai tilted his head for a moment, then nodded: “Okay.”

Xue Wu’s eyes curled, obviously very happy, and quickly pulled out the panel, Jia Subai’s friend.

Su Bai passed naturally.

“Go, goodbye!”

After getting it done, Su Bai waved his hand and left.

Naturally, Xue Wu didn’t say anything this time, just looking at Su Bai’s back, dumbfounded, a little surprised.

“Sister Xuewu, everyone has gone away, are you still watching?”

“Hee hee, that’s it, it’s like Wang Fushi!”

“Hehehe, Sister Xuewu, if you have a spring heart, go find him!”

And the girls next to her laughed.

Although Xue Wu looks cold, but in fact she has a very good heart and a soft heart.

That’s why they dared to have fun with Xuewu.

“You girl, make fun of me again, believe it or not I tear your mouth?” Xue Wu said viciously.

After finishing speaking, he raised his leg and walked outside while saying: “Okay, don’t delay, with so many equipment, we should go to leveling!”

“Hurry up and be the first to go to the main city and be the first to transfer!”

“There is a full-service announcement like that, which is of great help to the development of our union!”

When it comes to business, they are also serious and excited:


“Chong Chong Chong!!!”

“Walk around, I’m stronger! And bald… Bah, I’m not bald!”


On Su Bai’s side, he came to the village chief’s grandma.

Su Bai asked hello, and then said: “Grandma village chief, I’m ready, let’s start the trial of transfer.”

“Okay, come with me.”

The village chief’s grandma nodded, and then took the lead to walk ahead.

Su Bai followed.

The two turned left and turned right and came to the rear of Xinshou Village.

It’s very quiet here, there are no players, because players can’t come here without the leadership of the village chief’s grandma.

And here, there is a building with a completely different style.

Compared with other huts, this house is built with large stone bricks.

Approximately seven or eight meters high, it has a magnificent and solemn atmosphere.

The stone bricks are also carved with lines that look mysterious, and the beep grid is very high.

The village chief’s grandma walked into the house, and Su Bai naturally followed.

Entering it, the layout inside is very empty, there is nothing!

Only on the floor, there is a huge formation map.

The formation map is gloomy at this time.

“Okay, here it is!”

The village chief’s grandma stopped, and then turned to ask Su Bai: “Warrior, which difficulty test do you want to choose?”

After she finished speaking, a panel appeared in front of Su Bai.

[Trial of Transfer]

One, ordinary

2. Difficulty

Three, nightmare

Four, hell

Five, the abyss

The last difficulty, the abyss.

Its font is red and distorted, like a patchwork of broken limbs!

There is still red light flowing above, as if it is flowing.

Very oozing!

This must be the hardest.

After Su Bai finished reading, the village chief’s grandmother said again: “These five difficulties, the more difficult, the better the reward when the final settlement is made.”

“There may even be some very strong, unusually difficult, unique occupations!”

Su Bai’s heart moved.

This means that it seems that it is possible to obtain a hidden job in a difficult trial?

“Do you want to conduct that difficult trial?” the village chief’s grandma asked Su Bai.


Su Bai didn’t think much, and directly chose the most difficult abyss.

“Warrior, your courage is amazing!”

The village chief’s grandma admired, but still hesitantly said: “Are you sure? A warrior who can pass through the abyss has not appeared for thousands of years!”

This should be the world view of the Divine Land World.

If npc wants to become stronger and want to change jobs, it also requires professional trials.

And this deep trial, no one has passed it for thousands of years? !

Su Bai was a little surprised.

Frowning for a moment, Su Bai nodded firmly.

“I’m sure, I choose Abyss Difficulty!!!”

Seeing Su Bai’s face firm, the village chief’s grandma stopped persuading and nodded.

She is short, her palm touching the center of the formation map.


The air hummed and buzzed.

The pattern began to shine, a bright blue light, like a dream.

It didn’t take long for the whole array to be extremely bright.

“Well, warrior, good luck!”

The village chief’s grandmother stepped back and motioned for Su Bai to step into the formation.



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