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Chapter 25: repair! Luo! test! Practice!

“Thank you, grandma, village chief.”

Su Bai thanked him politely and stepped into the formation.

At this moment, a cold wind blew suddenly in this room with no windows and closed doors!


Su Bai shivered violently!

This cold wind is very strange, it pierces the bone!

Moreover, after being blown by the cold wind, Su Bai had a feeling of being stared at!

It felt so real, even he felt something had invaded his body!

Like a tarsal maggot, it is tightly and deeply hidden in its own body!

In addition, there is something wrong!

This formation should have sent Su Bai away instantly.


After a second…

Two seconds later…

Three seconds later…

Su Bai is still standing in the center of the formation.

Just when he was confused, the light of the formation gradually faded!

It is no longer the blue light that is like a dream, but a dazzling scarlet light gradually emerges!

The red light infested the entire formation, and it became more intense, scarlet as blood!



What’s more, the formation under Su Bai’s feet began to seep liquid.


And it is accompanied by a strong fishy smell!


“This this this!!!”

The village chief’s grandma looked at the red light gradually emerging from the array, looked at the scarlet liquid, and smelled the smell of blood.

Her eyes widened and her face was terrified!

The heart was beating wildly, even breathless, and the body was sore.

The heart is full of fear and incredible!


When both of them were shocked, the blood became more intense!

The formations are trembling, as if they can’t bear it! !

“Wow! Wow!”

Moreover, the blood red liquid on the formation began to flow upstream, swept and wrapped around Su Bai.

“I wipe it! What the hell!”

Su Bai was very uncomfortable and couldn’t help struggling.

But I can’t move!

He seemed to be banned, unable to move, only talking.

Su Bai asked eagerly: “Grandma the village chief, what’s the situation? What’s wrong?!”


The village chief’s grandma took a deep breath, and uttered four words that were enough to make the entire world of Divine Land tremble!

“Xiu! Luo! Try! Practice!!!”



As soon as the village chief’s grandmother’s words fell, Su Bai went to an unknown area in the blood.

He was teleported away.

But the formation quickly calmed down, dull and dull as inactive, without any abnormalities.

As for the village chief’s grandmother, she was stunned after she was dazzled by the blood light, and her expression gradually faded from shock.

After a few breaths, she recovered.

The expression was indifferent, without the fear and shock before.

“Warrior, good luck…”

She glanced at the picture, then turned and walked away slowly.

She had forgotten all the shock and what she had seen before and deleted it from her mind.

In her memory, Su Bai just went to the abyss to test safely.

She had never seen the blood red formation, let alone the words Shura Trial.


Time goes back a few minutes.

Above the sky of Novice Village!

Fu Qingqiu was with a woman wearing a dazzling and gorgeous armor.

The two had just gone to explore the cave that Su Bai had visited before, and found nothing.

So he planned to patrol in the air for a while, and then returned to the God Realm after making sure that it was all right.

“Sister, why have you been out of contact for so long?”

The woman in battle armor asked while visiting Novice Village.


Fu Qingqiu’s surface is indifferent, but in fact his earlobes are slightly rosy.

After being silent for a while, he said indifferently: “Nothing, but some strange poison.”

“Oh? There is actually poison that can hurt you?” The woman was surprised and turned to stare at Fu Qingqiu.

Fu Qingqiu unnaturally put aside his gaze, and tried to keep his tone calm: “It’s really weird.”


The woman was silent for a while, then suddenly stretched out her hand.

The movement was like light and electricity, and grabbed Fu Qingqiu’s wrist.


Fu Qingqiu was shocked, and hurriedly twitched his delicate hand, wanting to pull it away.

If you don’t pull out your hand, your sister will definitely be able to know her current situation and she will be furious!

But struggling is useless, she can’t get it!

Fu Qingqiu was eroded by the strange poison for a long time, and he lost too much life energy in Su Bai’s body. Now his strength is weaker than usual.

Not to mention, as the goddess of war, my sister is much stronger than the goddess of life!



A second later, a vigorous momentum erupted from the goddess of war, angry and violent!

Within a few breaths, it swept across the radius!

A dark cloud suddenly appeared in the sky, and a dazzling thunder light exploded among the dark clouds!

At this time, within a thousand meters, the wind no longer flows, and the birds are all running away! !

“Who! Do it!!!”

Gritting his teeth, his voice is low, and his face is cold.

Fu Qingqiu: “…”

Be silent.

Fu Qingqiu understood that in her sister’s heart, it was estimated that she could pierce the sky with anger!

As long as she said the name of the villain, he would definitely not survive for 10 seconds!


I don’t seem to know the name of that villain…

Fu Qingqiu was suddenly aggrieved and lost. He didn’t even know his name…

“Who did it!!!”

The goddess of war looked at Fu Qingqiu lost, and repeated it again!

His eyes were red, like a flame, and he grasped Fu Qingqiu’s hand unconsciously.

It hurts!

However, Fu Qingqiu remained silent and was silent.


In the face of Fu Qingqiu’s silence, the goddess of war was full of fire, but could not vent.

“Do you know what we are about to face?!”

“…” Fu Qingqiu nodded silently, still silent.

Watching Fu Qingqiu still didn’t speak, the goddess of war was extremely angry!

Can’t help but roar: “Do you know why you are still like this?!”

“Let’s not mention that we must preserve our strength to deal with the crisis predicted by the prophet!”

“Just mention our identity, how can you be like this?! How can you maintain the purity of your divine power after breaking your body?!”

“Furthermore! We are gods and cannot have mortal emotions! Let alone mortal desires!”

“If your heart is softened, the knife will slow down!”

“Desire… If you look too much, your heart will be upset!”

Like a cannon, the goddess of war roared and talked a lot.




Fu Qingqiu, from beginning to end, remained silent.

As the goddess of life, her heart is soft and kind.

And this incident is not the little man’s fault…

She naturally wouldn’t let her sister kill Su Bai.


Fu Qingqiu was still not advancing. The goddess of war said that he was tired, and he took a long breath and gradually calmed down.

However, it doesn’t mean that she just let Su Bai go.


With a cold snort, she said coldly: “If you don’t say it, do you think I can’t clean him up?!”

After speaking, she pointed out, her mouth closed, and she was muttering something.

As she talked, a dark, erratic light appeared on her fingertips.

When Fu Qingqiu arrived, he opened his mouth and remained silent.

Nothing to stop it.

This is a kind of curse, which has a great impact on Su Bai’s growth, and even affects all aspects.

But anyway, it didn’t hurt his life.

“Just let sister vent your anger…”

“When is the big deal, I will help him solve this curse…”

Fu Qingqiu muttered silently in her heart.

Soon, but within a few seconds, the black light flew out in a swish.

The curse of no source.

The goddess of war didn’t know who destroyed Fu Qingqiu’s innocence, nor could he trace it back.

Because Su Bai possessed part of Fu Qingqiu’s divine power, this power could block the tracing of the goddess of war.

But this curse without a source turned the wrath of the goddess of war into a curse.

Su Bai can be found and possessed.

Of course, although it is possessed, the spell has no root and no source.

Su Bai could not find the goddess of war based on the curse.

And the goddess of war could no longer retrieve and sense the curse she released by herself.

And this is the chill that Su Bai felt when he stepped into the formation!

As for the change in the formation, it is unclear whether it was born because of this curse.

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