VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 26: Trial land, the lost ancient city

Trial ground.

After a while of weightlessness and dizziness, Su Bai came to a scarlet world.

At his feet is a huge altar, the whole body is crystal red, like a good red jade.

But unfortunately, the altar was very dilapidated. There were many broken places, and there were scratches on various weapons and fists.

Outside the altar, the eyes are full of scarlet.

The sky is scarlet, the soil is scarlet!

There are broken high walls, dilapidated buildings, and crooked palace attics everywhere.

There are even many buildings, covered by endless red sand, only a corner is visible.

It was devastated and in ruins.

The breath of vicissitudes of ancient times is blowing, and this area has not known how long it has existed.

There are no people, no creatures.

There was no sound of wind, and there was silence!

It’s like a continent lost since ancient times!

“What the **** is this?”

Su Bai looked around, looked around, and said in his heart: “This is what the village chief’s grandma said, the Shura trial?”

“What is the Asura trial? It’s not in the trial level…”

“The name sounds very unusual, it feels very strong and difficult…”

After looking at it for a while, Su Bai remembered the chill he had felt before.

In fact, he now feels a little uncomfortable, feels a little soft, and can’t lift his strength.


Su Bai opened the panel and wanted to see if there was a problem.

Then, I really discovered it!

In the buff column, in addition to the [Guardian of the Goddess of Life], there is unexpectedly an extra buff!

The problem is that this buff is a negative buff! ! !

【The Curse of the Passive】

Effect 1: Passive punishment

Attributes: When leveling up, all attribute points obtained are reduced by 80%.

Effect 2: Passive weakness

Attribute: When attacking, reduce all attack damage by 80%.

Effect 3: Passive defeat

Attribute: When attacked, all defenses are reduced by 80%.

Note: This curse is extremely strong, and if the main effects mentioned above are removed, there may be other effects.


After reading it, Su Bai’s eyes burst!

“My Nima!”

“Where does this curse come from?!”

“Unexplained, cut so many attributes of me?!”

Su Bai is extremely angry!

Once this negative buff comes, the impact can be too great!

In the future, you can only get 1 free attribute if you upgrade to one level!

Attack, 1000 damage, only 200 damage!

Defense, 1000 points of defense, reduced to 200 points of defense!

This is simply!

“Couldn’t, I came to this Shura trial, there is also part of the reason for this curse…”

Su Bai suddenly thought of this, and suddenly felt angry.


“Wait for the third time to create a bug, try to clear it out!”

“Nnd, don’t let me know who cursed me!!”

After cursing for a while, Su Bai turned off the panel.

If you come, you will be safe, let’s start the trial.

Su Bai looked in front of him, which was the center of the altar under his feet.

There, there is a half-person-high column.

Walking in, Su Bai saw a palm print on the top of the column.

“Do you want to put your palm on it, and then start the trial?”

Su Bai thought, then put his palm on it.


Then, he was slightly startled, feeling a stabbing in his palm.

He raised his hand and saw that there was a wound in his palm, bleeding.

And on the column, naturally there is Su Bai’s blood.

The strange thing is that Su Bai’s blood is slowly leaking into the cylinder.


And the cylinder absorbed Su Bai’s blood and began to tremble, emitting red light.

“You finally came!”

Suddenly, a voice without emotion sounded.

Really no emotion!

Cold and solemn, just listening can make people feel cold!

“who is it?!”

Su Bai was taken aback, and quickly glanced around.

But I didn’t see any figures!

Nothing, nothing abnormal.

But Su Bai didn’t wait long, something abnormal appeared!

“Boom, boom, boom!!!”

In the huge and continuous rumbling, the dumped, dilapidated, and damaged buildings in the red sand in the distance evolved in this rumbling.

As if time is going backwards, endless red sands fly upside down, gathering towards those dilapidated buildings!

There are buildings standing straight out of the red sand constantly!

Some palaces have been restored by red sand constantly, regaining their former glory and grandeur!

Ten seconds later.

Here, there is already an extra large palace and castle community!

High and low.

There are thousands of palaces!

There is a bell tower!

There is an attic high in the sky!

There are extremely wide walls, hundreds of feet high up and down, endless left and right!

However, there is still no creature!

Su Bai: “!!!”

Open your mouth and stare!

What a big scene, Su Bai was stunned!

Before he could return to his senses, outside the city wall, the red sand suddenly moved.


With the rustle, a mountain rose from the red sand.


Su Bai took a breath!

That mountain…

It’s a mountain of bones!

A giant mountain made up of unknown bones and broken bones!

There are human bones, snake bones, animal bones, and weird bones!

In just a few breaths, this mountain is already so majestic, over a thousand feet tall!

If it were not far apart, Su Bai might not be able to see the top even if he raised his head!

And above the top, there is actually a figure!

The distance is too far, Su Bai can’t see clearly, can only see that his body is very thin and thin.

Taking a deep breath, Su Bai asked, “The figure on the Skeleton Mountain, are you talking to me?!”

“it’s me!”

It was still that plain and cold voice, as if he had lost his emotions.


Su Baiping recovered his mentality and continued to ask: “You just said’You are finally here’, are you waiting for me?”

“Yes.” The cold voice continued.

Su Bai asked: “Why are you waiting for me?”


That voice did not answer Su Bai’s question, but let Su Bai pass.

But two people are far apart, how can they get there?

Su Bai was worried, but suddenly found that his body was tight.

Then, the situation around him changed suddenly and quickly.

Three seconds later, Su Bai felt his foot solid and stepped on a stick-like object.

Looking down, it was a thick leg bone.

It turned out that he came to the bone mountain that is thousands of feet high!


The corners of his mouth twitched, and Su Bai silently moved his feet, then looked up at the thin figure in front of him.

There is no npc name on the head, only four words are displayed:

“Unknown Person”

He was sitting on a huge, oddly shaped skull.

The upper body is straight, the feet high and low, each stepping on a skull.

The left hand hangs diagonally, the right hand rests on the knee, and also holds a skull.

The eyes are hollow, no eyeballs are visible.

Fleshless and skinny!

A tattered and corrupt armor, with holes everywhere.

There were injuries everywhere, and some injuries could still see broken bones.

Even his chest, arms, and thighs had several weapons, bone spurs, scales, and so on.

I don’t know how this kind of injury survived.

But even so, Su Bai could still feel an unparalleled style, an aura of Ling Ran killing!

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