VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 27: Asura trial, endless ladder

“A hundred thousand years!”

This time, without waiting for Su Bai to question, this skinny…

Let him be a man…

The skinny man spoke first, his mouth couldn’t move, and he didn’t know where the voice came from.

In short, he continued: “I’m fighting this remnant body, dying for 100,000 years!”

“Just waiting for a descendant, but waiting so long!”

“Now, you are finally here!”

Having said that, his voice was not as cold as before, and it was a little bit moved.

Can’t tell if it is joy, comfort, or emotion…


After that, the man moved, as if he was going to stand up.

But the whole body was creaking everywhere, and the bone joints were also deformed agitation.

Seeing Su Bai twitched his brows, always feeling that this person would fall apart in the next second.

Fortunately, this scene did not appear.

He stood up smoothly.

Anxiously, his height is not much different from that of Su Bai.

“Then what… how does the trial begin?” Su Bai asked.

The nameless ncp said: “Follow me.”

Then, with a wave of his hand, a huge bone suddenly flew out of the mountain of bones under the two of them.

The skeleton is like a bird, with six wings, suspended in the air.


While the wings were flapping, a whirlwind blew, wrapping Su Bai and the nameless npc.

Then, Su Bai shook his eyes and came to the back of the bird’s skeleton.

The npc stood in front of Su Bai, standing with his hands behind.

The flight speed of the bone sparrow is not fast, perhaps it was slowed down deliberately.

While flying, the roar gradually came from below, shouting and killing.



“The Luo Clan! Must die today!!!”


“What **** Shura! Come out for a battle hahahahaha!!!!”



“Clang clang clang!!”


The nameless NPC stood still, as if not hearing it.

Naturally, Su Bai looked on.

Then, the pupil shrank!

In this’Emperor City’, it is no longer barren at this time!

Green and green mountains! The flower garden is bright!

Suddenly, countless creatures appeared, and at a glance, they were densely packed with hundreds of millions!

Some people have beasts, there are other races, and there are strange things!

There are indescribable things shrouded in mist!

Suddenly there are so many creatures, but it is not beautiful…

Because those creatures are fighting together!

Divided into two camps, one is the human race, which seems to be the residents of the city.

On one side are those alien races, monsters, and indescribable things.

The human race is almost in a one-sided form, being slaughtered fiercely and quickly!

There were wailing, cries and cries all over.

This situation is too magnificent! It’s so miserable!

Almost the same hell!

This battle didn’t know how long it lasted. From Su Bai’s perspective, the battle was accelerating as before.

Within a few seconds, the city was ruined again.

Bleeding and floating on the scull, corpses lying down for hundreds of millions!

In the river, a tall man knelt on one knee, head down.

He is the only one left of hundreds of millions of compatriots!

Around him, there are tens of thousands of foreign criminals!

They approached carefully, obviously, this man is very strong.

Even if it seems to be at the end, they dare not look down.



After most of the human races in the city were extinct, a leisurely and loud singing came from his mouth.

The sound of the vicissitudes of life, contains deep sadness, like a funeral song!

The song has no words, just singing, a bit like calling something.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The sky began to flicker and rumbling.

Huge thunderclouds gathered and appeared, but they were not black, but scarlet!

“Wow, wow!!!”

The human blood on the ground began to rush and converge towards the only living person.

It didn’t take long to accumulate a blood mass of thousands of feet high.

When this vision appeared, the strange beasts that had been around began to panic.

Backed in fright, as if seeing something terrifying.

“Boom boom boom!!!”

The continuous red robbery thunder fell down, smashing on the huge blood mass.

The blood mass gradually solidified, forming a huge giant.

Su Bai couldn’t see the specific appearance!

There was an illusory power that distorted the light, so that Su Bai could not see clearly!

Su Bai only saw that the giant shook his hand.

A sword suddenly appeared beside him, which he held tightly.


A sword was swung, and a brilliant sword light appeared, tearing space and time!

When this sword light flew out, the tall giant began to shrink and shrink rapidly!

It didn’t take long before he became a skinny figure that was somewhat familiar.

And that sword light swung out, and all foreign races were wiped out!

This battle was won, but the price was…

In the end, the entire city was ruined and full of miasma, unable to set foot.

The only person who survived moved all the corpses out of the city.

He sat on a tall mountain of corpses.

After that, all the scenes burst like bubbles.

The city is intact, and there are no blood stains and corpses.

Just now, perhaps it was the year recorded in this city.

Only when Su Bai arrived, I played it again.

“Really strong! This game is really strong!”

Su Bai silently admired.

The situation just now was an epic battle, and it was a blessing.

Not long after, Bone Sparrow came to the center of this city with Su Bai and the nameless NPC on his back.

Here, there is a long, long staircase.

There is no end in sight and no idea how many layers there are.

It’s not an exaggeration to call it a ladder!

And the two of them landed just before this step.

“Let’s go, how far you can go and how much good fortune you get depends on your talent.”

The nameless NPC said lightly, motioning Su Bai to step up the stairs.

“Is this a trial, I’m curious about a special trial method.”

Su Bai thought in his heart and stepped onto this ladder.

Then, Su Bai’s heart jumped, and many delusions suddenly appeared!

Seven emotions and six desires, chaotic!

Of course, this delusion was very slight, and Su Bai easily threw it away.

But it was enough to alert Su Bai!

“So that’s the test.” Su Bai understood. This is a test of his mentality.

He thinks he is good at mentality, he has seen the warmth and coldness of the world.

So, Su Bai was full of confidence and continued to move forward.

The nameless NPC sat cross-legged on the ground, keeping his eyes on Su Bai.

The tenth step.

Twentieth floor!

Thirtieth floor!

Fortieth floor!

The hundredth floor!

Su Bai stepped on the 100th floor, relaxed and free, without pressure.

At this time, the nameless npc finally changed.

Of course, his expression can’t change, it’s dead.

But in his heart, he was quite shocked.

It’s not that there are people who have reached the 100th floor, but I have never seen such an easy one!

“Maybe… he can…”

An idea came to the Wuming NPC, but he quickly shook his head: “It’s impossible. It’s not bad for him to reach a thousand floors.”

Su Bai didn’t care about the idea of ​​nameless npc, but continued to climb the stairs enthusiastically.

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