VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 29: Transfer: Shura

Apart from this fifth passive, there are other things.

This ten thousandth step is a big platform.

On the platform, there is a huge crystal.

Apart from that, there is nothing else.

The crystal is diamond-shaped, about three feet high, and the color is also crystal clear red.

While Su Bai was looking at it, he heard the voice of the unnamed NPC in his ear: “Put your palm up and feel it silently. When you perceive a huge force, guide it into your body and you will be able to successfully transfer. “

“it is good!”

Su Bai nodded, and without hesitation, directly reached out and touched the crystal.

Close your eyes and try to feel it.

In an instant, Su Bai felt a huge energy.

He tentatively introduced this power into his body.


The crystal trembled violently, and that force responded to Su Bai’s thoughts very obediently, and introduced it into his body.


Under the ladder, the nameless NPC looked up.

Although the distance is extremely far, he can see clearly.

After seeing the crystal trembling, he took a long breath.

Hmm…if you can breathe out.

“Really stepped on the 10,000-level ladder!”

“It’s a natural resource!”

“I haven’t seen him in the past, but now he is the only one! In the future, I am afraid it will be difficult to produce one!”

The nameless NPC whispered lowly, and then settled, quietly waiting for the completion of Su Bai’s transfer.

Su Bai is very happy now!

Not physically, but psychologically!


After the energy in the crystal rushed into the body, he felt his body was powerful!

The waist is sore and the legs don’t hurt, and it’s easy to go up to the third floor… ahem…

No nonsense…


His passive curse, that negative buff…


Was washed away by this energy!

“Awesome! Saved me the number of bugs created once!”

Su Bai smiled, feeling the infusion of energy in his body.

This process is not long.

About a minute or two.

After the energy transmission is completed, Su Bai has also completed the transfer!

A system prompt sounded in his ear: “Ding! You have successfully advanced from the’trainee warrior’ to the only exclusive class: [Sura]! The following are your class advancement rewards:”

“Strength +20, Physical +20, Intelligence +20, Spirit +20!”

“Life +1000, Shura Power +1000, Physical Defense +1000, Magic Defense +1000!”

“You have obtained Shura’s exclusive professional skills: [Blood Tyrant], [Heart-cutting Blade]!”

“Ding! You are the first player in the entire server to transfer, and you are given: Level up*1, free attribute points*10, gold coins*10, rare lucky draw chest*3!”

“Ding! You are the first player to pass the Asura trial in the entire server, and you are hereby presented: level promotion*1, free attribute points*20, gold coins*20, silver lottery treasure chest*5!”

“Ding! As the first player to pass the Asura Trial, your name will be in the history of the Divine Land forever! And, you will be notified to the whole server three times, and the world will be announced. Do you hide your ID?”

A series of system prompts bombing!

He also exploded two golden lights on his body, rising two levels.

Su Bai pulled out his ears and curled his lips: “Of course…not hiding!”

“Besides, three times is not enough, let me announce ten times!!”

Just playing games, Su Bai never bothered to hide his head and show his tail.


“Ding! Full server announcement, Daxia player “White Night” has just passed the Shura difficulty transfer trial. As the first player to pass the Shura trial, he will receive: level promotion*1 level, free attribute points*20, gold coins *20. Silver Lucky Draw Treasure Box*5! Moreover, his name will always carry the history of God’s Land! I will announce it ten times here to tell the world!”

“Ding! Full server announcement, Daxia player “White Night” just…”

“Ding! Full server announcement, Daxia players…”

“Ding! Full service announcement…”


The system is really honest, and it has been announced ten times.

These ten announcements, like a meteorite, hit the calm lake!

Shocked a huge wave!

Full service!


All-God Land Player!

All shocked!

All stupid!

How long will it take to serve?

The vast majority of players are just a few levels away!

They don’t even know the trial of transfer…

As a result, some people have passed the transfer trial now…

“Do you want to be so scary?!!!”

“What speed is this? Impossible?!”

“This is the beginning of the transfer? How is this possible?!”

“This is definitely a big guild, a big gang, piled up with a number of people! It is definitely not a casual player!”

“Fuck! It’s actually a player from Daxia! Old man! Give us Daxia players a face!”


“Huh! What’s so great! Later, I have to go through the Asura trial!”

“How can it be repaired! Let Daxia **** take the lead!”

“I’m not convinced! How could it be so fast! This Daxia player must have taken advantage of the loophole! I want to report!”

The whole server was boiling, and there was a violent uproar, and it was difficult to digest the shocking news.

As for Su Bai, he was checking the two active skills he had acquired.

He now only has these two active skills, and Guanli’s hit has disappeared because of his transfer to Shura.

【Blood Tyrant】

Grade: LV1 (1/100)

Cost: 200 Shura’s power

Cooldown: 600 seconds

Attribute: Attack damage +20%/Movement, attack, release speed +10%

Details: When the blood volume drops below 30%, Shura’s fury will erupt, which will greatly increase its attributes for 60 seconds.

【Heart Blade】

Grade: LV1 (1/100)

Cost: 100 Shura’s power

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Attribute: normal attack*500%

Details: Explode the power of Shura in the body, causing a knowing blow to the enemy, 100% triggers a critical strike, 20% triggers a fatal damage, and 1% triggers death!

“Sure enough…”

After reading it, Su Bai was calm.

The main reason is that I have suffered too many shocks before, and I am indifferent…

Su Bai looked under the ladder, and naturally he couldn’t see anything.

But since the nameless NPC didn’t call himself, it happened to use the things in those backpacks.

First, Su Bai took out the skill book: [Ten Thousand Blood Calls Shura]

Choose to use.

“Ding! You learned the skill: Calling Shura for Ten Thousand Blood!”

“Ding! Because of the power of Shura in your body, this skill is automatically advanced to: Bloody Fury·Sura!”

The system prompts to learn and advance, and Su Bai opens the skill panel.

[Blood Rage: Shura]

Level: LV1 (upper limit, cannot be upgraded)

Consumption: unknown

Effect: unknown

Details: The ultimate forbidden skill of Shura Dao, just listen to the power is extremely terrifying, can destroy the world! But there has never been a true record

Note: This skill currently lacks necessary conditions and cannot be activated!

“Huh? What’s this…”

Su Bai was a little dazed. He never expected that this skill, which sounds very strong, could not be used.

“What are the necessary conditions? Why didn’t they show it?”

Su Bai held his chin and thought in his heart: “Before that ten thousand blood called Shura, but ten thousand people were required to sacrifice, so harsh conditions have been marked, but this advanced level has not been marked.”

“Or, my advanced skills are even more terrifying, but the requirements are even more terrifying?”

“It’s not impossible…”

“Forget it, the problem is not big!” Su Bai shook his head and turned off the skill panel.

With those five passives, he doesn’t panic even if he has no skills!

Next, Su Bai opened his backpack and prepared to use the things he had obtained on the ladder.

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