VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 30: Attribute explosion! ! !

Blood of Shura

Shura’s Blood·One Strand

Shura Blood·One Drop

Well, there is also the [Liu Wei Bu Yuan Shui] from the gift package when I first entered the game before.

I forgot to use this stuff before.

Looking at everything in his hand, Su Bai thought to use it silently.

Suddenly, everything turned into brilliant light and poured into his body at the same time.

Su Bai’s intuitive feeling is, comfortable!

Comfortable duck batch!

The whole body was warm and relaxed.

After a few breaths, that feeling faded, and Su Bai’s attributes soared!

Of course, this is not the time to check your own properties.

Su Bai opened the backpack again!

Then, take out 3 light red rare lucky draw treasure chests, and 5 white and silver silver lucky draw treasure chests!

“Hey hey! Patriarch Bless!”

Su Bai smiled and rubbed his hands, and then opened all the treasure chests at once!



The treasure chest is all opened, and it emits light.

A green light is also a thing of excellent quality.

The four reddish rays are four rare quality things.

Three shiny silver! That is, three silver quality things!

Five silver treasure chests, three silver were drawn out.

“It’s not bad luck!”

Su Bai is very happy, first pick up that excellent quality thing.

It was an armor, Su Bai didn’t even look at it, and threw it directly into his backpack.

Now, excellence is really out of his eyes.

Pick up the first rare, two-finger wide and long, crystal-like thing.

[One-star sharp strengthening stone]

Grade: LV10

Quality: Rare

Category: Consumables/Weapon Strengthening Stone

Effect: physical attack +10/magic attack +10

Details: The things that strengthen the equipment can improve the attributes of the equipment.

It is useful to strengthen the stone.

But for Su Bai, it’s not too useful!

Because Su Bai is confident and can often hit high-level, high-quality equipment.

Then look at the second rare.

It’s a round jade coin with a transparent green texture, like a jade coin.

【Lower Resurrection Coin】

Grade: LV10

Quality: Rare

Category: Consumables

Effect: resurrect the character

Details: Used after the character dies, it can be resurrected once. But after the resurrection, the character attributes are only 20% of the full state.

Not to mention this, it has no effect on Su Bai.

“Although I don’t need this stuff, for players, it’s hard to buy for a thousand dollars!”

“Another wave of small money! Good fortune!”

Su Bai smiled and threw the resurrection coin into his backpack.

The third and fourth rare are both a scroll.

Su Bai picked it up and checked the information.

[Back to the City Roll]

Grade: LV10

Quality: Rare

Category: Consumables

Effect: In non-combat state, crush the scroll to return to the town over a long distance.

Details: There is 3 seconds to read and transmit, which can be interrupted. However, if the transmission is interrupted, the scroll will disappear. Please use it under safe conditions.

Note: The town you return must be the town you have been to before, and the player cannot choose which town by himself, the scroll will choose the nearest one.

“Return to the city roll, not bad!”

It’s useful, Su Bai is in the backpack.

After watching Rare, the highlight is coming!


Su Bai picked up one, which was a shield.

This thing…

Su Bai is really not very interested.

He plays all games and never plays shield!

He likes white clothes stained with blood, charging with a sword!

“Too lazy to watch it, and watch it when you want to sell it.”

Su Bai didn’t even look at it either, and threw it into his backpack.

The second silver is a bit special!

It is a piece of cloth!


Su Bai picked it up and shook, his eyes lit up!

“Oh! There is a cloak!”

This cloth is a cloak!

The whole body is jade white, and it feels cool to the touch, with a herring embroidered on the lower part of the cloak.

Of course, this is not important, what is important is!


【Herring Cloak】

Grade: LV10

Quality: Silver

Category: Special equipment/cloak

Attribute: Life +2000/Physique +47

Damage: physical attack +127/magic attack +131

Defense: physical defense +100/magic defense +100

Additional: attack speed +5%/movement speed +5%

Equipment Skills: Flowing Clouds and Flowing Water

Affix: Rumor has it that there was a lonely little girl who fell in love with a herring…Unfortunately, that herring was caught by a bad boy and ate it.

【Running Clouds and Flowing Water】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 180 seconds

Consumption: None

Effect: Movement speed +30%

Details: Stimulate equipment skills, greatly increase movement speed, for 30 seconds.

“Acceleration! Good stuff!”

Su Bai can say that there is no shortage of everything now, just a little bit of speed!

Not to mention that this cloak still blesses life and attack, even if it doesn’t, only blessing speed, Su Bai also needs it!

Su Bai was immediately equipped!

So, a cloak appeared behind him.

Flying in the wind, so cool!

“There is one last one!”

Su Bai picked up the last silver.

That silver shining, extremely metallic, very cool recurve bow!

“Wonderful! I just lack long-range attack methods!!”

Su Bai’s eyes are brighter!

【Cross Wind Crossing Cloud Bow】

Grade: LV10

Quality: Silver

Category: Weapon/Bow

Attribute: Strength +17/Intelligence +40

Damage: physical attack +89/magic attack +211

Weapon skills: tear the wind and arrow rain

Affix: A weapon created by a dwarf craftsman master, taking into account both beauty and fierce power! ! !

【Tear the wind and arrows】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 180 seconds

Cost: 200 Shura’s power

Damage: normal attack*80%*20 times

Details: Charge up for three seconds, shoot 20 arrows, and each arrow will cause 80% damage! Arrows can be designated to form a range attack, or arrows can be designated to form a single attack.

Note: When the arrow is in the range of attack, after setting the center point, it will strike all targets within a radius of 2.5 meters from the center point.

“This… is a magic attack…”

After reading the attributes, Su Bai was a bit difficult.

Because the melee profession does not take the magic profession bonus…

“Wait a minute!”

Su Bai suddenly stared.

He remembered that his profession seemed different from the usual!

Moreover, it was mentioned in the introduction of this equipment that if you consume 200 Shura’s power, you can issue that equipment skill!

“The passive skill [Sura’s Commander] I obtained before, said I can use various weapons!”

“Is that…I can also use magic weapons?!!!”

The more Su Bai thought about it, the more he felt that was the case, and quickly opened the personal panel.

In the panel, before looking at the personal attributes, you see the huge and shiny:

[You currently have 40 unallocated free attributes, please allocate in time]

Needless to say?

Su Bai clicked, full stud power!

Then, check your information panel.

His current attributes are super luxurious!

The luxury of super vvvvvvvvip!

ID: White Night

Grade: LV12

Occupation: Shura

Title: The fastest man in the world

Life: 123442

Power of Shura: 2630

Strength: 358

Physique: 183

Intelligence: 235

Spirit: 119

Damage: physical attack 1625/ magic attack 1009

Defense: Physical Defense 1990/Magic Defense 2207

Skills: Bloody Fury·Sura, Brutal Tyrant, Heart-cutting Blade

Passive: Asura’s Commander, Asura’s Armor… Omit… Asura’s Greedy Slaughter.

Equipment: Weeping Cloud Sword, Herring Cloak, Black Scale Silver Ring… Omit… Snake Bone Necklace.



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