VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 31: Great God! Help!

After transferring to Shura, Su Bai’s personal panel has changed a lot!

First of all, energy-change-the power of Shura

Secondly, as a melee class before, the two attributes of [Intelligence] and [Spirit] were not displayed and did not receive bonuses.

And now, the four basic attributes are all displayed! ! !

This is undoubtedly a good thing, so that he has no shortcomings!

There is no doubt that Su Bai can really use magic weapons!

Can issue magic attacks!

“Well, it seems that in the future, I have to spend some attribute points to improve my intelligence.”

Su Bai thought so, and then turned off the panel.

Putting Wind Breaking Through the Cloud Bow on his back, Su Bai was ready to go down the ladder.


At this moment, there was a sneer beside him, and a teleportation hole suddenly appeared.

“Let’s go, this teleportation channel will send you back.” The faint voice came from below the ladder.

“Oh, goodbye!”

Su Bai coughed and said goodbye, then turned and stepped into the transmission channel.

Another experience of weightlessness.

Novice Village.


In the stone house, a transmission channel suddenly appeared, and Su Bai appeared from the channel.

After looking at it, the door was closed, and it seemed that the village chief’s grandma had left.

I raised my hand and looked at the bug progress bar, only to increase by about 2%.

It is possible that the time flow rate in the trial area is slower than the outside.


Before Su Bai moved, he heard a burst of voices.

It is a friend chat message.

And his friend, currently there is only one: Xue Wu

“What’s up? So anxious?”

Su Bai muttered in his heart, and while pushing open the Shimen and walking outside, he opened the friend chat bar.

Then he frowned.

Something happened to Xue Wu over there!

“Great God! Help!”

“We are leveling, and that Domineering Cool brought more than a hundred people to besiege us!”

“The enemy is a widow, we can’t hold it!”

“Great God! I am willing to pay! One million please come to the rescue!”

“Great God! Are you there?!”

The message was five minutes ago, almost when Su Bai passed the Asura trial.

In addition to information, there is also a map location punctuation.

Originally, Su Bai was planning to leave Novice Village and go to Dacheng, but it looks like one million…


Seeing that he had a deal with Xue Wu, and it was quite pleasant…

Su Bai ran to the map location punctuation in the message, a little far away.

It’s in the Goblin territory.

But under various blessings, Su Bai’s movement speed was not slow, and it would not take a few minutes to reach that location.


Dark Forest!

Thanks to the large amount of equipment traded with Su Bai, Xue Wu has fully armed her maiden army.

The strength of the team has risen!

So, I came directly to this goblin area to fight monsters.

One is high experience.

The second is fewer people.

Of course, because they didn’t know the mechanism, they were also turned by goblin throwers.

However, after adapting for a while, the division of labor was clear, and with more than 30 people, the speed of spawning was not slow.

Although experience will be shared, it is still much faster than ordinary players.

They are so happy!

However, he did not pay attention to the surroundings!

They feel that the blame level here is so high, naturally no one will come over.

Even if someone comes, there will be a few idle, not afraid.

But, they don’t know, someone is watching them! Want to hunt them!

This person is no one, that is, that tyrant is cool!

Being slapped to death by Su Bai in public…the tyrant is so cool!

According to his temper, he must find the place back!


The white Su white people are gone, and they can’t find a place.

However, he learned that Su Bai’s equipment had been sold to Xue Wu.

At this time, evil spirits arose in his heart!

I can’t beat you in the white night, I call people to besiege the stinky woman and explode their equipment!

Saved millions!

Isn’t it beautiful!

Of course, he is not a fool!

People bought so much equipment, they must be well armed.

Therefore, Dominator Cool spent a lot of money and hired more than a hundred players!

Adding members of his own guild, a total of nearly two hundred players!

What if you are well equipped? !

If I hit you for 1 damage, you will die too!

So, this wave of people chased Xue Wu and the others mightily.

“I’m going! What’s this for such a big scene?!”

“Hi! Is this going to brush the boss?!”

“I’m rubbing! There is fun to watch! Keep up and keep up!”

“66666, which guild is so awesome, it has gathered so many people!!”

“Liu beep, old iron!”

The players stared at the huge crowd.

There are many good people who followed.

There are also many people who pull out the camera function of the system and shoot these hundreds of people.

Domineering Kuxuan walked ahead of the crowd, with his head up and his face proud.

He loves to show up the most, and now he leads nearly 200 people!

This card!

This majesty!

It makes him feel good!

Someone followed, some shot, and he saw it all.

But don’t care!

Any name is a name!

The bad name is too!

He is now leading people to hunt!

It’s also comfortable to let others see themselves when the bad name comes out later!

“Ding! The system prompts that Daxia player “White Night” has just passed the Shura difficulty…”

“Ding! The system prompts, Daxia players…”

“Ding! System…”


I was upright, but suddenly heard a series of system prompts.

All players, including Domination Cool! are shocked!


All the previous noises fell silent.

It was as if the teacher suddenly came to the scene during the evening study…

After waiting ten times for the announcement, the discussion broke out!

“Fuck it!”

“What’s so special!”

“This is level 10? This is a trial?!”

“This is still a human?!”

“This is really awesome!!”


Listening to the discussion in the ear, Domination is very cool and uncomfortable.

There is a feeling of being robbed of the limelight.

“Huh! Wait until I explode all the equipment of that little girl! Level 10! I will also have to go through the Asura trial!” Domineering Cool snorted in his heart, not convinced.

“And that kid! I want to kill you back to level 0!”

“Dare to slap my face! I want you to kneel and beg me to forgive you!”

“And that woman! Ha ha ha! What kind of pretense, I have a way to make you surrender!”

Thinking of Su Bai, Domineering’s cool face gradually distorted and became ferocious.

He couldn’t help speeding up, he couldn’t wait.

Not long after, Domineering Cool came to the Dark Forest.

As for how he knew Xue Wu was here, it wasn’t difficult.

Let a little brother hang behind Xue Wu and the others.

“Go! Surround them!”

In short, the tyrant exclaimed coolly and waved his hand!

Suddenly, these hundreds of players rushed out.

The ground is shaking!


“Yeah! Will games also be earthquakes?!”

“Huh?! Who are you?!”

“Be careful!”

Before Xue Wu and the others could react, the players hired by Domineering Cool had already been surrounded by three circles inside and outside three circles.

It can be said to be difficult to fly!


The female player named Xue Wu, seeing the coolness of Domination, suddenly her face sank!

She could naturally see that the tyrant’s coolness is here to seek revenge.

If it is completely destroyed, the equipment on the body will drop a lot if it is not guaranteed!

Moreover, Doomsday Cool is afraid that there is still a younger brother in Novice Village.

When they are resurrected in Novice Village, it is another round of killing!

Come a few more times, then…

Xue Wu: “…”

The more she thought about it, her heart kept sinking.

The slender willow frowned, and the aura of indifference on his body became more intense.

Obviously, she was angry at this time.

But no matter how angry, more than 30 people, facing nearly 200 people…

how to spell? !

Xue Wu’s heart was filled with weakness and anger!

After all, she doesn’t have the strength of that great god…

“and many more!”

“Great God!”

Xue Wu’s eyes lit up, and he quickly pulled out the friend bar to send a message to Su Bai!

Request support!

Ask for help!

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