VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 32: Kill one with one sword!

But obviously, Su Bai is going through trials.

I couldn’t receive her information at all.

Xue Wu didn’t have time to wait for Su Bai to reply, because the army around him had already begun to move around.

“Sister Xuewu…”

“How…what to do?!”

“I’m afraid…”

Many of the girls around Xue Wu trembled, and their faces turned pale.

They are just ordinary girls, where have you seen such a scene?

Even if he is a big man, he is suddenly surrounded by nearly two hundred players, he has to panic!

“Don’t be afraid!”

Xue Wu comforted them in a low voice, then looked at the dazzling tyrant standing on a rock, and asked coldly: “What do you mean?!”

“What do you mean?!”

“Haha! Need to ask?!”

The tyrant babbled Xue Wu’s words again, raised his nostrils to look at people, and laughed wantonly: “Hand over your equipment, I can let you go and not kill your experience!”

“If you don’t know how to promote…hehe!”

“Just wait to get back to level 1!!!”

After that, Xue Wu’s complexion was even more ugly!

“You dream!”

With an angry shout, Xue Wu shakes the weapon in his hand, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Sisters! Kill!”



Xue Wu is very strong and does not give in.

And her women’s army, although Xue Wu suddenly launched the counterattack horn, they were a little flustered, but they still reacted quickly.

Follow Xue Wu and start counterattack.

“Fuck! Dare to do it first!”

“Brothers, kill!”

Kuangba Kuxuan was startled by Xue Wu, and hurriedly began to drink.

Thus, this melee began.

“I’m going… so many people beat these dozens of beautiful girls?”

“This…I thought it was something amazing…”

“Hey! Shame!”

“Brother, do we want to help those little sisters? Maybe we still need a friend!”

“Go! Go up and help, I can’t stand it anymore!”

There were a lot of onlookers, and there were many players with a sense of justice (seeing how beautiful the young lady looks), and they were immediately filled with outrage!

Raise your arm and prepare to fight!


Ahem, only a few players responded and joined the battle.

The result…

Naturally, it didn’t even pick up a wave, and it died after a few seconds.

More onlookers knew in their hearts that they were only a few ranks. There were nearly two hundred players, and they were killed by a spike…

It’s better to watch the show outside and condemn it in your heart…

Soon, this overwhelming battle will be over.

There was no stalemate for a long time.

The sisters of the Xuewu Guild, although they seem to be murderous.

Attack and defense are high, but…

There is no problem for them to kill monsters, and to play against a large number of smart and flexible players, it is…too miserable!

Attacks are often missed, and they tend to panic.


“Sister Xuewu, I am dead!!”

“Ah! I’m so angry! Do you dare to hit me!”

“You group… these bastards!”

“No! I lost my equipment!”

“Oh! It hurts!”


The victory and defeat are undoubtedly one-sided!

Even though the girls from the Xuewu Guild had good equipment to support them, they didn’t last for three minutes.

Although it consumed dozens of enemy players, they all returned to the Novice Village in about two minutes.

Only Xue Wu was left.

She is also a heavy player with good game skills.

Moreover, her equipment is the best, and the blood medicine in the team is also on her body, so she has lived till now.

But it was almost there, and the blood volume dropped by 50%.

It’s just a matter of gathering fire.

Coincidentally, at this moment, Su Bai has arrived!

But he can’t get in, there are too many players outside!

The **** and cool itself brought nearly two hundred people, and there are also many melon-eating players onlookers.

Su Bai was not polite, and directly took the Rip Wind Piercing Cloud Bow from his back.

Put your fingers on the bowstring and pull hard.

Then, he felt a force in his body transmitted to his fingertips!


The bowstring trembled, and in an instant, a scarlet energy arrow condensed.

Laid across the bow.

But there is more!





After several buzzing sounds, energy arrows condensed one after another.

A total of 20 can only measure arrows!

Except for the first one on the bow, all the others are floating in the air, spinning steadily.

“It’s really cool!”

Although the situation looks very urgent, Su Bai still wants to compliment this cool scene!

After the praise, he released his finger.

“call out!”


The energy arrows on the bow immediately flew out, and other arrows flew out simultaneously!

A shower of arrows fell from the sky!


-2857·Critical Strike!



-7134·Fatal! ! !

The person shot by the arrow must have a huge damage figure on his head, and it must be killed in seconds!

All at once, a full 20 players were second!

A strand of blood will fly out of the dead player, lingering around Su Bai.

It is Su Bai’s greed and passiveness!

And now, naturally it has been stacked to 10%.


“what’s the situation?!”

“What’s the matter! Why did I die?!”

“Where did the arrow come from?!”

“Fuck! This kill damage! What’s the situation?!”

With such a big gap and such a big movement, the players inside are okay, but the players on the periphery have noticed.

Many people panic and shout.

Then, they saw Su Bai standing not far away, with the wind-piercing cloud bow on his back.

“Fuck! Boy, are you looking for death?!”

“Nima’s, I think you are tired and crooked!”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry! He hurts very much! Be careful!”

“Fear of farts! Did you see the bow on his back? The quality must be very high! He must be able to do it by relying on the skill of that bow!”

“Huh?! By the way, how can he use a bow?!”

“Fuck him! Kill him! Burst the equipment!”

These players were suddenly excited, holding various garbage weapons, and ran towards Su Bai.

His eyes were full of excitement, staring at Su Bai’s equipment, full of greed!

“Things and flows!”

Looking at them, Su Bai held the Weeping Cloud Sword and turned on the cloak skill to run smoothly!

The cloak grinned, a burst of blue light lingered around him, and his movement speed increased by 30%!

Su Bai only felt as light as a swallow, as if he could float far away.

In fact, it is true!


With a light step, he rushed out immediately, very fast!

It almost turned into a cyan light, and the latter came first!

The Chuiyun sword in his hand hurriedly swung!






Su Bai’s material attack is high, don’t want it!

Even if there is no damage mechanism, the sword damage explodes!

No player can bear Su Bai’s sword!


“Who is this so special! What are you doing?!”

“Nmd! What’s the situation with this person?!!!”

The person killed by Su Bai was shocked!

They were besieging Xuewu, but suddenly they felt cold behind their backs, and then the people got cold too!

Then, looking at my information panel, I suffered a lot…

The whole person is bad!

This Nima!

Thousands of damage, is this the boss coming? !

As ghosts, they still have three seconds to stay on the battlefield.

Naturally, as bystanders, they saw Su Bai.

His mouth swelled and his pupils contracted, so shocked it was hard to return to his senses!

This Nima!

Actually the damage done by the player? !

Their heads are dumbfounded!

“I’m going, this buddy is so fierce!”

“Snapshot! I’ll upload it to the game forum later, it’s going to be a hit!”

“This Nima! What a terrible chicken! What a fast speed! What a cool equipment!”

“Ma! Why does he have a halo by his side! What a handsome halo!”

“Wipe, really handsome! Envy!!!”

“I’m going! There is a cloak! So handsome!”

The onlookers were also shocked!

Seeing a suit of armor, a cloak fluttering behind his back, and a halo of blood enveloping his body, he walks through the battlefield recklessly, killing with one sword…

The players who were eating melons were staring, extremely shocked, incredible!

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