VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 33: Thousands of troops to avoid one person? !





In twos or twos, Su Bai tore a **** path with his sword!

No one can stop him for a moment, screaming and dying!

The Crawling Cloud Sword is soaked in the player’s blood, and his whole body is surrounded by rich blood, like a **** of death!

Do not!

He is a killer!

“Fuck, fuck!!”

“Why is it so strong!”

“Ok… so scary!!!”

“I… I am a little afraid to fight…”

Su Bai has Shura’s Lingwei Passive!

The awe-inspiring power of profoundness and profoundness, but real existence, made all players facing Su Bai feel blunt!

Weak hands and feet, and constantly breed fears and fears that dare not match them!

Many people screamed and retreated in panic.

For a time, the encirclement circle broke open.

“I saw it!”

Following this opening, Su Bai’s line of sight saw Xue Wu’s figure.

At this moment, she was dodge in embarrassment, avoiding the attack with difficulty.

But there were too many players around her, she was almost unable to support her, and her blood volume fell below 20%.

So Su Bai rushed towards her position.


The long sword slashes left and right. Any player who encounters the sword will die!

The corpses were all lifted up by the huge force on the sword, and couldn’t stop it for a second!

In just a few seconds, Su Bai approached Xue Wu.

And at this moment, a round of focusing on Xue Wu also arrived!

Su Bai pulled Xuewu into her arms and protected her.

Then, squeeze the sword tightly and spin it around!

“Ding ding ding ding…”

With complicated and confused tinkling sounds, all the attacks were accurately shot one by one by Su Bai!

The weapons that came from the attack flew back at a faster, more ruthless, and ferocious speed.

Then, hit their respective masters!





Su Bai’s power is too great!

Even block bullets hurt.

With Su Bai as the center point, a large circle of players was emptied of life, forming a circular hollow area.

Su Bai let go of Xue Wu and asked, “Is it all right?”

Xue Wu: “…”

At this moment, she looked up at Su Bai stupidly, stunned.

Su Bai obviously only gave a faint greeting, but Xue Wu suddenly felt sore in his eyes.

Just now, she was almost desperate!

Although she was strong, she was besieged by hundreds of people, and her heart was helpless.

The sisters died by her side one by one, making her extremely sad and extremely angry!

But what about her anger?

She can’t kill these people…

Even, it is very likely that no revenge will be made!

But now, Su Bai is killing with a sword!

Xue Wu is not a little woman who is still fantasizing about Prince Charming.

But just now, she felt that Su Bai is the Prince Charming, save her from the army!

“Hello? Are you okay?”

Su Bai frowned when she saw that she was still in a daze, and asked again.

Fortunately, all the players around were shocked by Su Bai at this time, so they have time to chat…

Xue Wu suddenly recovered, a little flustered and confused.

The little head lowered, his teeth bit his lip, and said softly: “I…I’m fine…”


Su Bai nodded, took out a shield from his backpack, and threw it to Xue Wu: “Take it, be careful.”

Xue Wu’s level definitely couldn’t use this shield, and couldn’t use this shield’s attributes.

However, thanks to the special mechanics of the game.

Even if Xue Wu held it, he could block the damage.


Xue Wu held the shield in her hand ignorantly, and glanced at the shield ignorantly.

Then, the whole person was even more confused!

“This, this…Silver!!!”


Xue Wu took a breath, and her whole body was dazzled by the silver light of the shield.

In the early stage of the game, or in Novice Village, she actually saw a piece of silver equipment? !

This is too incredible…

“He actually has silver equipment!”

“It’s not so serious…”

After all, Su Bai throws it to her casually, as if throwing an ordinary whiteboard equipment…


Xue Wu couldn’t laugh or cry. Others asked for a piece of silver and couldn’t get it, but this great god…

At this moment, Su Bai had already turned around.


A lot of blood on the sword body was thrown off with a shake of the Chuiyun sword.

“You guys, let’s go together!” Su Bai looked at all the players and said lightly.




Those players hear Su Bai’s words, look at me, and I look at you.

Look at the blood stains on Su Bai’s armor, look at Su Bai’s long sword still dripping blood, and look at Su Bai’s blood halo.




Many people grumbled and swallowed their saliva, their hearts pounding violently and silently.

The scene became silent for a while, facing Su Bai’s provocation, no one dared to speak!

No one dares to move forward!


Su Bai raised his eyebrows and laughed sarcastically, with the tip of his sword pointing diagonally at the ground, and stepping forward.

Since you are not coming, then I will kill you? !

And those players, watching Su Bai walking towards him, many of them trembled.

Su Bai is invincible, has a strong aura, and is enveloped with a chilling aura of killing!

How can you not be afraid of injury even if you die with a single blow? !

Therefore, Su Bai took a step, they took a step back!

“I have opened my eyes today…”

“What a handsome group! They are so handsome!”

“Although I am a man, I also want to say that this player is really handsome now!”

“Thousands of troops to avoid one person?! It’s numb! It makes me get goosebumps! So handsome!”

“He pushed back so many players all by himself, it made me a blood boil!”

The players watching from the outside of the field were all speechless.

Hundreds of players were forced to retreat in the face of a scattered person!

How powerful is this? !

Take it for men!

And until then, standing on the stone there, the cool and cool tyrant who had been a direct battle finally recovered.

Before, he was shocked by Su Bai who broke in suddenly.

As soon as I regained consciousness, I saw that the player I hired was scared back by Su Bai, and his face turned red with anger!

“What are you guys doing?!!!”

The tyrant roared coolly, stopped all players from retreating, and also attracted Su Bai’s attention.

He turned his eyes and saw a familiar face.

Afterwards, seeing the colorful hair, Su Bai suddenly remembered.

Isn’t this someone!

Wasn’t it just that I was slapped to death by myself not long ago?

Su Bai saw it.

Su Bai turned his head.

He intends to deal with these players first, and that tyrant is not to be afraid of being cool.


Seeing that he was being ignored by Su Bai’s magnificent and gorgeous, Domineering Cool, there was a sense of insult that was extremely contemptuous, and he almost couldn’t get his breath.


“I don’t believe that I can’t kill you!!!”

Bully has a cool face and grimace, and shouted: “Listen, everyone present, who can kill him, give me the kill record recorded by the system! A reward of 500,000 RMB!!!”

“Who caused him 10 points of damage, one thousand RMB! 100 points of damage, ten thousand RMB!!!”


These two words roared out, and the place suddenly became more chaotic.

There are not too few players watching here, and there are close to a hundred people.

As the saying goes, under the reward, there must be a brave man!

10 points of damage, for a thousand yuan!

It smells so good!

Nearly a hundred people, 90% of them moved their minds and touched them quietly.

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