VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 34: You want to kill me because of your trash? !


Seeing so many players joining, Xue Wu felt tight.

Xue Wu came up and asked: “Uh…Great God, do you need help…”

After asking, she blushed and her ears were a little bit ashamed.

After all, she is too weak, and it is for nothing to ask.

But without asking, I felt uncomfortable and unhappy.

“No, you take care of yourself.”

Su Bai shook his head, his expression still indifferent.

He does not put these players in his eyes!

“Ha ha……”

Looking at the bully who was standing on the rock with a wild smile on his face was cool.

Su Bai smiled, the sword pointed diagonally at the ground, and said lightly: “It seems that the slap I slapped on your face before doesn’t seem to hurt much!”

“Also, your brain is not good, do you remember the pain?”


The tyrant’s cool laughter was dumb, and he said bitterly: “You are arrogant! I want to see, so many people, how do you fight!”

“You or him, it’s hard to fly with wings!”


Su Bai smiled, and said with an expression that doubted the tyrant’s cool IQ: “You didn’t see the damage I just did?!!!”

“Do you think you want to kill me even with more than a hundred trash?”

“Fuck?! Who do you mean to waste?!”

“???Can you say that again?!”

“Fuck! I have never seen such an arrogant person!!!”

Domineering Cool hasn’t spoken yet, these players who made money for money are all dark-faced and blurt out!


Su Bai said nothing, and thrust his sword into the ground.

With a backhand grip, the Liefengchuanyun bow fell into his hand.

Pulling the bowstring heavily, the bow suddenly resembles a full moon, and scarlet energy arrows are formed instantly!

“call out!”


“call out!”


“call out!”


Although the speed blessing of Xingyun Liushui has ended, Su Bai’s attack speed is still very fast.

Arrows are like rain!

All the players present did not react, and the few players who scolded the most had been shot by arrows and died!




They didn’t react until three or four died, and they took a breath!

Su Bai’s fingers were still resting on the bowstring, and the energy arrow was not drawn.

Looking at the dumbfounded players, Su Bai said indifferently: “I said you are trash, what’s the matter?”

“has a problem?”


A player just screamed for you, Su Bai released his finger and the arrow went through.

“call out!”


There is no doubt that spike!





No one speaks anymore.

All the players’ faces were flushed, feeling deeply humiliated and angry.

But dare not speak!

As long as you dare to come forward, you will surely be shot in seconds…

And at this time, Domineering Cool naturally had to speak.

“Why are you still shocked?!”

Domineering Cool raised his arms and shouted loudly: “Isn’t it just one death, isn’t it just losing 5% of experience?!”

“The condition I just said will double again!”

“Everyone entered the game together, where can he be strong?!”

“It must be some special potion or something, the state of forcible addition!”

“do not be afraid!!”

“The warrior and the **** stepped forward, blocking and attacking while the mage lost his skills in the back row!”

“There are so many of us, even if we are forced to injure him, it will kill him!”

Not to mention, although this person is arrogant and domineering, he also has a lost command.

The arrangement is good.

Those players all obeyed Domineering’s cool command and lined up.


In the face of absolute strength, everything is imaginary!

Su Bai raised his bow and held the Chuiyun sword again.

Xue Wu has that shield for protection, he has no scruples!

Stride forward, down the mountain tigers, crazy slaughter!


-13723·Fatal! ! !


-5673·Critical Strike!


Killing players is like cutting grass!

In just a few seconds, the arranged formation was rushed by Su Bai!

In just a few tens of seconds, dozens of players’ corpses were already lying in the surroundings!

The number of players besieged has dropped sharply to one-half at the beginning, with only a hundred or so.

After tens of seconds, Su Bai killed only a few dozen people.


“Can’t fight! I withdraw!”

“This Nima… a fart…”

At this moment, some players screamed strangely, turned around and ran, still domineering and cool, it is useless to jump and scold.

“Heh! Want to kill me, still want to go now?!”

Su Bai smiled!

He rushed quickly, rushed to the back of a running player in twos, and went down with one sword.



Scream, die!


“Separate! Yes! Run separately!”

“Made! What a shame to Gil! I remember you!”

The players began to scatter, thinking that this made Su Bai too busy to take care of it.

“Heh! Naive!”

Su Bai still sneered, and took the Rift Wind Chuanyun Bow from behind.





The arrow exploded, and several running players were terminated by Su Bai.

The rest of the people found desperately that they couldn’t escape at all!

Su Bai’s speed is much faster than them, so I won’t say anything. He still has a long-range attack method. How to run?

You say you can run separately, but the attack speed is also fast and the accuracy is also high.

A bow is like a sniper rifle, it is easy to kill, and it is completely useless to disperse!

They knew in their hearts that they couldn’t run away, they could only fight!

But it is also clearer that if you fight, there is no chance of winning!

Even if you can’t run away, you still have to run, you can only run…

As a result, all the players ran away and ran wildly with their breasts.

There is only one tyrant who is cool and stupid standing on the stone.

His face was very angry, very tangled…

The hired brothers all ran away, even the younger brothers from their own guild.

Although he also wanted to run, but…

Nowadays, many people are shooting videos and they just ran away. It won’t take long for the scandal to spread…

How will you mix up in the future?


Thinking of this, Domineering’s cool face turned blue and white.

I wanted to run, but I just moved a little bit, and I saw a player who was shooting immediately aimed at him.

Domineering cool: “…”

Gritting your teeth!

Domineering Cool tried to stay calm, standing still, thinking about how to get free.

He was in a dilemma, but Su Bai didn’t even look at him, but continued to shoot arrows and kill the running players.



-3083·Critical Strike!


Soon, all players who participated in the siege were all killed by Su Bai!

Hurry and kill!

In the field, in addition to Su Bai himself, Xue Wu, and the cool tyrant, there were only a dozen ordinary onlookers who didn’t make a move.

Su Bai glanced at them, nothing interesting.

Who would have thought that seeing him look over, these players actually stepped back a few steps…

“Fuck! Great God, I didn’t make a move!”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, I just watched the excitement…”



Su Bai: “…”

Rolling his eyes, Su Bai didn’t bother to pay attention to them, but walked towards that tyrant.


Seeing Su Bai coming, Domineering coolly dazzled the whole person.

He knew that Su Bai was here to clean up himself.

Even if you can’t run, Su Bai is definitely not going to let him go.

“You remember to Laozi…”

Gritting his teeth, Domineering Cool prepared to say something cruel, so that he would not be so embarrassed to die.

However, he was not halfway through.


There was a clap, clear and loud.

The onlookers listened to the extremely crisp sound and felt tingling on their faces, as if there was a tingling sensation…

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