VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 35: Block the resurrection point


There is no doubt that Domineering is so cool and slapped to death by Su Bai…


Finally done!

Xue Wu came to Su Bai. She was not a flower idiot, but at this time she was also excited, her eyes shining brightly.

However, she quickly suppressed these emotions.

Because at this time, the sisters resurrected in Novice Village may be in critical condition!

“Great God, return this shield to you.”

Xue Wu said, and handed the silver shield in his hand to Su Bai.

The shield was completely useless, and everyone ignored her.


Su Bai nodded, but did not take the shield, but asked, “Do you want it?”


“You! You want to… give this to me?!” Xue Wu was shocked, almost biting her tongue when she spoke.


Su Bai rolled his eyes and said, “You think too much, I mean to sell it to you!”


Xue Wu was suddenly embarrassed and made a big blush.

She forcibly diverted her attention and said anxiously: “I want to buy, but don’t worry about this!”

“Great God, can you help me again? I will pay!”

Su Bai shrugged and said nonchalantly, “Tell me, if it’s not important, I don’t have time to spend with you in Xinshou Village.”


Xue Wu’s expression was anxious and worried, and eagerly said: “My sisters are all reborn in Novice Village, as are the bastards, I am afraid they will continue to besiege my sisters!”

It is indeed possible.

Although I have only seen that tyrant cool twice, this person is completely self-interested, a small belly.

It is not strange to take those little women out of their anger.

However, Su Bai frowned and said: “Your worry is not unreasonable, but I don’t have time to protect you forever.”

“There won’t be another time!”

Xue Wu’s voice is absolutely firm, cold as ice!


Su Bai raised his eyebrows, looked at Xue Wu with interest, and waited for the following.

“I’m not a soft persimmon, but I was bullied by him at will, but I was caught off guard!” Xue Wu paused for a while, and continued: “If there is another time, I will besiege them too!”


Su Bai thought for a while, and then asked: “How do you want me to help you? What do you say about the reward?”

“Still one million!”

Xue Wu reported the price, with a cold light in her eyes, and continued: “I think you, the great god, will kill him back to level 1!”

“Better, together with all the members of his union, kill it back to level 1!”

After listening, Su Bai looked at Xue Wu with some surprise.

His previous impression of this girl was this:

‘Although she looks cold, she is actually an ordinary woman… well, an ordinary woman with money. ’

‘She is still weak. ’

But now, Su Bai saw a cold side of iron and blood in this girl.


“Okay! I took this task!”

Su Bai smiled and took out a scroll from his backpack.

Back to the city!

“See you at Novice Village!”

Su Bai smiled, and was about to smash the scroll, “However, you have to run faster, otherwise it will be too late.”

“Great God, wait!”

Xue Wu could probably guess the role of the scroll in Su Bai’s hand, and she quickly called to Su Bai.

“What else…”

Su Bai stopped the action helplessly.

“I am too slow to run back!”

Xue Wu said, taking a breath, “Great God, you kill me, then I will return to the city the fastest!”


Su Bai was taken aback!

I didn’t expect that this little woman was really cruel!

It feels a bit admiring!

“Okay, this is better.”

He didn’t refuse, he didn’t show any pity for Xiangyu, and slashed the girl’s chest with a sword.


Hung up, but fortunately, no equipment was dropped.


Su Bai crushed the scroll, and after three seconds of transmission time, it disappeared in a burst of light.

When they were all gone, the ordinary players hiding in the distance were relieved.

“I’ll go… this person is really scary…”

“Tsk tusk, this person is so cold, he doesn’t care for beauties at all…”

“It’s really scary. When the great **** was killing people just now, he was like something. I felt scared at a glance…”

“I have this feeling…Isn’t he, what kind of killer is he in reality?”

“Hi! Leave it to him, post the video on the forum, and let the experience go!”



Novice Village.

Chaos, noise, noise, screaming.

This was the first feeling that Su Bai and Xuewu felt when they resurrected the crystal in Novice Village.

Looking around, they all understood why.

Xue Wu’s guess is right!

At this time, the tyrant has a cool and hideous face, and is directing his guild players to chase and kill the sisters of the Xuewu Guild.

Many innocent players have been affected, and the noise and noise have also arisen.


Xue Wu’s face was green, and she shouted loudly.

However, it was too noisy, and her little volume was directly overwhelmed.

“You back away to keep yourself safe.”

Su Bai said, Xue Wu nodded, obediently looking for a safe place to stay.

Su Bai twisted his wrist, and the hunt began again!




At the beginning, Domination hadn’t noticed how cool it was.

It wasn’t until the death of his union member that he was alerted, and he quickly scanned the surroundings.

Sure enough, I saw the figure that made myself gritted his teeth!

“Slot! Why did he return so quickly?!”

Domineering is cool and impatient, panicked.

After this delay, Su Bai had already settled all the members of his guild.

Then, in a few steps, I came to the cool front of Domineering…



Another slap!

Was slapped again! ! !

“I **** @#@%!”

The tyrant’s cool eyes were directly red, and endless anger and shame burst into his heart!

After 5 seconds.





Domineering resurrected coolly, just beeping for half a word, and then slapped to death by Su Bai!

Then, Su Bai began to hunt down the tyrant and cool union members.

He took out the Bow of Wind Splitting Clouds and stood there, one arrow after another, relaxed and free.

After 5 seconds.

Domineering is cool and resurrected again.



Five seconds later.

Domination is cool and resurrected again.



Five seconds later…

The source of the panic was resolved by Su Bai, and the place gradually settled down.

It’s just that when the player here sees Su Bai and sees what Su Bai did…

It’s all dumbfounded!

And after a while…

“Hiss! So cruel! My face is painful when I see it…”

“It’s too miserable! I was blocked from resurrection, and I was in a state of fighting when I was born. I can’t even go offline…”

“What kind of harm is this??”

“What kind of hatred, what kind of grudges, what to do!”

“What a cold brother! Domineering!”

“Fuck! There is a show! The front row sells melon seeds sausage bx sets!”

“Huh??? Give me a bx set!”

“Here, the preservation kit you want.”


The players are all excited, both men and women, all gossiping to watch the lively look!

It’s not too much to watch a movie!

There hasn’t been a battle among players yet, how can you miss this big show now!

Su Bai kills, and the players are noisy.

But at this moment, a line of NPC came here.

Order has been disrupted, and they are going to interfere and maintain stability.

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