VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 36: Werewolf! A little more ruthless than ruthless people!

“Get out of the way!”

“Push…Uh, NPC uncle is here!”

“The village chief is here, do you want to stop this person?”

“Don’t, look right now…”

“It should be stopped. After all, it is a novice village. At least we must ensure that players can level up. Now they are all blocked by spring water…”

“This player is afraid to be punished by NPC…”

“It should be. If you do this, you can’t go without punishment!”

The players stepped away, and the village chief’s grandma brought these NPCs over.


Kuangba Kuxuan saw it, and Su Baishan’s dizzy eyes lit up and cheered up.

In his opinion, if the village chief comes over, he will definitely be fair to him!

Su Bai will definitely be punished!

His little brothers were also very energetic, and someone finally came to rescue them!

“Sister, what should I do?”

“Wow! The village chief is here, will he punish that little brother?!”

“President, this little brother helps us get ahead, shall we help later?”

The girls who had gathered next to Xue Wu also discussed after seeing the village chief, and were very worried.

“Don’t worry, take a look…”

Xue Wu was also nervous, worried for Su Bai.

As for Su Bai, he was slapped.

Suddenly I heard a movement behind him, and someone said that the village chief was coming.


The bow and arrows still kept going, but Su Bai looked sideways.

Sure enough, the village chief’s grandma came over with a few unnamed NPCs.

“Huh? Why are you warrior.” The village chief’s grandma was surprised when she saw Su Bai.

“How are you, grandma, village chief.”

Su Bai said hello with a smile, but didn’t mean to stop.

The village chief’s grandmother looked at the player killed by Su Bai, her face as usual.

She was very grateful to Su Bai, after all, it was Su Bai who restored the goddess.

“What are you doing? Why kill them?”

However, I still have to behave, just a few words.

Su Bai’s eyes curled, and he saw the village chief’s grandmother’s favoritism towards him.

So, Su Bai smiled and said: “I am not to blame, the village chief grandma, they want to grab my equipment!”

“That’s it.”

The village chief’s grandma nodded suddenly, and then said: “If this is the case, please do as you like.”

“But hurry up and don’t continue to disrupt order.”


Su Bai immediately agreed.

The village chief’s grandma nodded, took the NPC, turned around and walked back slowly.


“I’m going! There is still this kind of operation?!”

“I lost it! Is this okay?!”


I thought that Su Bai would be punished, but…

The players on the scene looked at each other and were shocked.

Unexpectedly, Su Bai was safe and sound!


Xue Wu was also relieved, her nervous heart relaxed, and a slight smile appeared on her face.

They are either surprised, confused, or delighted.

But the tyrant was so cool, he was shocked when he saw the village head slowly walking away!

After a while, he was furious!

unfair! unfair!

How unfair!

His heart burned with anger and he almost lost his mind!

He stared at Su Bai as if he was going to eat people, his whole body was shaking, anxious and boiling anger, and even his nose was hot!

As for the cool kids…

Now, the heart of crying is gone!

I was hoping to get out of the battle and quickly go offline, but…

“This Nima is not fair! NPC actually ignores him!”

“That’s it! What a shame!”

“I don’t join this bird’s union anymore! What a shame! The president is really a waste!”

“I want to quit!”

They were aggrieved in their hearts.

I don’t want to engage with Domineering Cool.

Novice villages themselves cannot create unions, and they are just verbal unions.

“Great God, wait! I want to quit this **** union!”

“Hold on! I want to retire too, I won’t do it with this trash!”

“Me too! Please don’t kill! I was wrong!”

After being killed again and resurrected again.

Several players shouted loudly, trying to stop Su Bai’s next arrow.


The answer to them is still a quick and ruthless arrow.

“Admit it now? Why didn’t you know when I was besieged?”

Su Bai smiled faintly, his hands kept moving.

One arrow after another, keep reaping!

His character is like this, he looks like the sun when he is soft, and he is super warm.

But if anyone dares to mess with him…

“Cruel! Really cruel!”

“Tsk tusk tusk, I remember him, it’s better not to provoke him in the future…”

“A ruthless man! This is a werewolf! A bit more ruthless than a ruthless man!”

“Tsk tusk tusk, I’m begging for mercy and don’t let it go. It’s a shrimp and pig heart!”

“It’s really soft, I won’t beg for mercy.”

“You will beep, you have been tortured and killed more than a dozen times by the people’s congress, you still shameless?”

“Uh… Yeah, it would be too shameful to continue like this…”

The Domination’s cool level is not too high, just over 2 levels, close to LV3.

Die once, lose 5% experience.

In other words, after Domineering Kuxuan was slapped by Su Bai for more than 30 years, he successfully returned to LV1 with 0% experience bar!

“OK! Get it done!”

Su Bai finally stood up.

Domineering cool kids… No, it should be said, former kids.

After they were resurrected and left the fighting state, they all went offline!

What a shame! ! !

The Domineering Cool is a little different.

The anger in his heart is too fierce, too much!

As soon as he was resurrected, he immediately rushed towards Su Bai!

Don’t ask for anything else, as long as you can punch Su Bai, it can also relieve the raging flames in his heart!



“Are you looking for death?”

Su Bai slapped him to death, arched his back, and asked lightly.


This slap also made the Domineering Cool forcibly sober.

Five seconds later.

He was resurrected, but he did not continue to pounce.


Panting was like a broken bellows, his face twisted, his hands clenched tightly, and his teeth bulged.

Obviously, he was extremely suppressing his anger.

And Su Bai, already too lazy to look at him, turned and walked towards Xue Wu.


Seeing Su Bai’s back, the tyrant had cool eyes with resentment, took a deep breath, and disappeared.

going offline.

“Thank you God!”

Xue Wu hurriedly greeted him and expressed his sincere thanks to Su Bai.

“Wow! Great God, how did you do it?!”

“Yes, yes, how did you hurt so much? Let the village chief’s grandma favor you?!”

The union members around her also followed, surrounding Su Bai, whispering inquiries.

“Don’t make trouble!”

Xue Wu hurriedly interrupted them, fearing to trouble Su Bai.



The girls babbled and stopped talking.

Just still surrounding Su Bai, looking at Su Bai, his eyes are shining.

Without their interruption, Xue Wu asked: “Great God, how do you plan to sell this shield?”

“Wow! Silverware!!!”

“Wow! Little brother, you actually hit a silverware?!!!”

“Ok… so awesome!”

Those girls only paid attention to the shield in Xue Wu’s hand, and they all screamed.

“It’s just luck…”

Su Bai smiled, took out an excellent piece, the excellent equipment from the lucky draw treasure box, and said to Xue Wu: “That shield, plus this, you make a price and let me see.”

“Okay, I think about it…”

Xue Wu nodded, pondered for a while, and tentatively said: “Two million?”


Su Bai nodded, two million is no less.

“That’s good! Let’s trade!”

Xue Wu suddenly bends her eyes and is obviously happy.

With this silver shield, their team can produce a powerful shield guard, a meat shield!

It didn’t take long for the two to complete the transaction.

Four million in hand!

2 million is the reward for asking Su Bai to sell, and 2 million is the price of the equipment.

“Comfortable! Only half a day, seven million in hand!”

“What a rich woman!!!”

Su Bai connects to online banking through the system network.

Looking at the 7 million in the card, looking at the large string of 0s, I drank a bottle of ice-cold, comfortable duck batch on a hot day!

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