VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 38: Summer tea


When he didn’t know what he was doing, Su Bai yawned and blinked a little sleepily.

He has been in the game for almost twelve hours, and it is normal to be tired.

“Get familiar with the situation in the main city and go offline. It’s time to have a meal and take a break.”

Su Bai thought, first open the map and look at it to get familiar with it.


The map opened, Su Bai looked closely, and gradually understood.

Twin Cities on the other shore.

The name is very good, with artistic conception, and very appropriate.

Because it has not only one city, but two.

The two cities are generally circular, separated by a very wide river, facing each other across the river.

Su Bai is now in the left half of the city, at the resurrection point in the middle.

This resurrection point connects five avenues, extending in all directions, and the avenue is scattered with countless trails, which can lead to the whole city.


Of course, the right half of the city is naturally inaccessible. The river is several kilometers wide, but it cannot be crossed.

Need special methods to get past, such as taking a boat, teleporting array or something.

Except for the approximate appearance of the city, Su Bai couldn’t see much.

Most parts of the current map are dim, and no detailed information can be seen, such as shops.

It may be that you need to go there in person to light up and display detailed information on the map.

And now, the resurrection point where he is is bright, and some information can be seen.

Here, Su Bai saw two NPC labels: the envoy.

Obviously, tell the players to look for these two NPCs first when entering the main city.

“There are more NPCs? Go and have a look…haha~~”

“Uh… let’s go offline first, I’m tired.”

Su Bai just wanted to take a look, but yawned again…

Let’s go offline and rest…

After calling out the system interface, Su Bai went offline.

“Aborting connection…”



In the room.

Su Bai was sober and took off his helmet.

The sky is bright and the air is just right.

Looking at the time, it was already past nine o’clock in the morning the next day.

I was fascinated by playing and stayed up all night.

Standing up, I felt a little sore and weak, and my head felt dizzy.

The usual performance of staying up late.

“Hey, that kind of powerful feeling in the game is really good, if only it could be in reality.”

Thinking, Su Bai shook his head and laughed, “Hehe, how could it be…”

After slowing down and getting more comfortable, he was ready to go out.

Have breakfast and buy another nerve access helmet by the way. Today is my sister’s holiday.


I hope the breakfast shop downstairs is still open instead of playing games…

Taking the key, Su Bai put his hand on the door, and when he was about to push the door, his whole body was frozen.

Staring at his wrist tightly, his pupils shrink!


On his wrist, there is a progress bar.


Su Bai has been familiar with it again!

Isn’t it the progress bar that appears in the game? ! ! !


So special!

How can this appear in your own physical body? ! ! !

“This unscientific!”

Su Bai screamed.

His eyes widened, and he rubbed his eyes again, yes!

It was really correct, it really appeared in the hand.

After touching it, a window popped up:

[The current energy is insufficient to create BUG! 】

“Fuck… trough…”

Su Bai was completely shocked!




It wasn’t until his stomach groaned that Su Bai came back to his senses, “Forget it, don’t kill me! If I don’t eat anymore, it will really kill me…”

Su Bai accepted the facts.

As for men, they are big-hearted.

Besides, what can I do if I don’t accept it?

Grab the ground with your head…

Go down!

Just rice!

After arriving downstairs, Su Bai was relieved, the breakfast shop was still open.

I ordered a portion of buns, then took milk and ate slowly.

“Well, have you played that “Divine Land” yet?”

“Of course I played it! This game is really amazing! I really can’t think of how this kind of cross-age, and even cross-century technology suddenly appeared!”

“Hey, why do you study that? Just play some! In other words, do you know Bai Ye?!”

“What nonsense are you! Who doesn’t know Bai Ye now? Besides, he is my idol! How could I not know him?!”

“This person is really strong!”

“Yes, yes, I only started to serve level 10 in just over an hour, and I don’t know how to do it!”

As I was eating, I heard many conversations in my ears.

Turning around, a few students were discussing.

“Ha ha……”

Su Bai smiled, being a celebrity, feeling admired by others…

Not bad Yo! ! !

He finally understood those local tyrants who had smashed tens of thousands, or even tens of millions, in the game.

Just to make the salted fish worship!

It didn’t take long for the breakfast to be done, and the whole person was much more comfortable.

Su Bai walked to an electrical appliance store nearby, where there were nerve access helmets.

Along the way, there are fewer pedestrians than in the past, and you can hear the discussion about “Divine Land” from time to time.

Of course, the ID of [White Night] is mentioned more often.

Too famous!

Everyone is very curious about who this Bai Ye is and how it did it!

There are also many people who worship White Night.

This is normal.

The game industry was created by the West and developed.

In e-sports, many games are dominated by the West.

It’s all about the advantage. Many Western players like to mock players who despise Daxia.

Coupled with historical reasons, the contradictions are deep. They all started to happen long ago and accumulated.

And now!

Our people in Daxia are much bigger than you! ! !


Envy and jealous? !

Don’t talk about it.

Su Bai spent RMB 50,000 and bought another helmet.

Come back home!

After arriving home, Su Bai put the helmet-mounted thing on the coffee table, then went back to the room and fell asleep.

I’m really tired, I don’t even bother to take a bath.


Time passed slowly, the sun slanted to the west, and the strong sunlight was softer.

“Bang bang bang~~~”

“Brother open the door! Your beautiful, lovely and innocent only sister in the world is here!”

Sleeping in a daze, Su Bai seemed to hear something.


Turned over and continued to sleep.

Can’t wake up, too sleepy.


Twenty years old, not more than before.

When Su Bai was a teenager, he was still full of energy all night long.

Now, staying up all night and falling asleep can be called a coma…

“Boom bang bang~~~”

“Brother! Brother! Brother!!!”

“If you don’t open the door anymore, your lovely, lovely, lively and splendid sister who sees a puncture while driving a car will be so hot!!!”

Clear and ethereal, Xu Xu’s funny voice sounded again.

Su Bai was sober and awake.

“I’m coming!!”

Su Bai rolled his eyes and couldn’t sleep peacefully.

This pit brother and sister must have not brought the key back.

Going out with shoes on, opened the door.

Then, I was amazed.

Outside, is a young girl.

Wearing a looser white T-shirt, blue jeans, and classic canvas shoes.

His long black hair was tied into a ponytail, and a little bit of sweat came out on his smooth forehead.

The fair face has blush due to the heat, such as a seductive pink.

It’s really a female big eighteen change, only a few months away, and much more beautiful!

Summer tea!

The girl Su Bai met in the orphanage, the sister she knew.

Don’t ask why he met Xia Cha in the orphanage.

Because So Baida remembered, he was in the orphanage…

In short, Su Bai and Xia Cha grew up together.

Get along for more than ten years day and night, and the feelings are quite deep.

Xia Cha likes to call Su Bai his elder brother, and likes to follow behind Su Bai, as if he was a dead weight.

Su Bai left the orphanage and Xia Cha also came out.

The two depend on each other, each giving each other warmth in a strange and unaccompanied world.

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