VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 4: Burst a strange ring

-205·Weakness Crit!




-467·Fatal! ! !

Beating and hitting, when Su Bai stabbed a red-eyed rabbit in the chest, a terrifying injury suddenly burst out.

A full 467 points!

The blood trough of the red-eyed rabbit had lost more than half of it, so it was cleared immediately!

Su Bai was stunned for a while!

“It’s terrifying damage, is it a deadly mechanism? How to trigger it?”

Su Bai thought about it, and then continued to pull monsters.

Next, he tried his best to entertain the red-eyed rabbit’s chest and heart area.

But, lethal damage is a little hard to trigger.

For the time being, I don’t know how it’s triggered. Maybe it’s related to some hidden attributes, such as luck and luck.

But it doesn’t matter, the problem is not big.

A few minutes later, several red-eyed rabbits died under Su Bai’s sword.

Pick up the eyeballs and the copper coins, and the 20 red-eyed rabbit eyes are collected.

Not planning to hand in the task, Su Bai opened the map and walked towards a forest.

There is the place where the coral snakes come and go.


Not long after, Su Bai arrived.

He stood outside and probed carefully.

Then, he saw a big snake in a low grass.

It is more than two meters long, with thin thighs and black body, with a silver ring in the middle of the body.

“Ma, it’s really oozing…”

Su Bai looked at it, a bit speechless.

In modern society, such big snakes are quite rare.

It looks really scary.

Missing a probe, the information appeared.

【Coral Snake】

Grade: LV3

HP: 800

Damage: Physical Attack 29

Skill: Poison injection

Details: A fierce viper, mobile and flexible. Be careful of its fangs, it is not a good thing to be bitten by it!

It looks okay, the blood volume and attack power are not particularly high, or even a little low.

However, there are also poison injection skills, which feel a bit unusual.

Su Bai points to the detailed skills.

【Poison injection】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Damage: poison damage 23

Details: The Coral Snake bites the enemy and injects snake venom into it, causing 23 points of fixed poison damage for 10 seconds.

“It seems to be careful of its fangs, this toxin hurts really high…”

Su Bai secretly said.

After confirming that this coral snake was walking alone, Su Bai went out and attracted the attention of the coral snake.


It raised its head, the cold snake pupil stared at Su Bai, the snake hesitated and made a hissing sound.


Su Bai hooked his finger at it.

Being ridiculed, the Coral Snake swam decisively and swam towards Su Bai.

The speed is much faster than the red-eyed rabbit.

It didn’t take a few seconds to come to Su Bai’s body, with a slender snake tail, wrapped around Su Bai’s ankle.

Fortunately, Su Bai is not a vegetarian, and has a quick response.

What’s more, he has that title, which can bless his three speeds.

Therefore, Su Bai can still keep up with the speed of the coral snake.

He jumped back, slashed with a sword towards the snake’s tail, and used a consistent blow.


No critical strike is triggered, but the damage is still high.

It is estimated that the defense of Coral Snakes is lower than that of Trichosanthes.


The silver ring snake hissed in pain, wagging its tail frantically, and struck Su Bai.

The speed was indeed too fast, and Su Bai avoided it and suffered a bit.

-twenty one

The blood volume suddenly increased by one-third, and Su Bai drank the medicine while cutting out a sword.

Hit me and you still want to run?


Still no critical damage.

“Well, is it possible to hit seven inches?”

Su Bai thought, guarding carefully, planning to find an opportunity to play Qi Cun.

Before long, he waited for the opportunity.

The Coral Snake’s tail attacked him, but Su Bai got out of the way.

The attack failed, and it takes time to close.

It just so happened that Guanli hit the CD, and Su Bai took this opportunity to stab out with a sharp sword.

-957·Fatal! ! !

With a sword down, a huge scarlet value appeared on the head of the silver ring snake.

Fatal injury!

Under the terrible injury, the silver ring snake didn’t say a word, and hung up.

“Is the fatal damage trigger mechanism when the monster drops to a certain amount of health and attacks the fatal weak spot?”

Su Bai guessed, took a breath, then looked at what the coral snake had exploded.


He exclaimed.

Because, beside the corpse of the Coral Snake, there was a small ring.

“Luck so good? Actually burst the equipment”

Su Bai’s eyebrows were open and smiling, and he was busy picking up the explosion.

A snake gall with a faint silver light and a slight fragrance in the fishy air.

A dozen copper coins.

Finally, it’s the ring.

The ring is white all over, and the texture seems to be whey, and it seems to be white with transparent ice cubes.

The style is also very beautiful and more feminine.

Su Bai squinted her eyes, and found that there were a few brilliant rays of colorful light lingering inside the ring, which looked extraordinary!

The grade quality is not low!

How can Xinshou Village have such a thing?

It was burst out by an ordinary monster…

Su Bai thought, searching for the ring’s information.

【? ? ? 】

grade:? ? ?

quality:? ? ?

Category: Rings/Accessories

Attributes:? ? ?

Details: I don’t know who left the ring in the jungle and was swallowed by a coral snake.

What surprised Su Bai was that the attributes of this ring were all question marks!

In other words, the level of this ring surpassed Su Bai at least level 5.

This is ridiculous!

A LV** monster can burst at least LV8 level equipment?

That is impossible!

Su Bai held his chin, his eyes flickered, “According to my experience, there must be a hidden mission behind this ring.”

“Well, I will ask the village chief when I go back to Novice Village.”

After making up his mind, Su Bai put the ring into his backpack and continued to collect silver ring snake gall.

After having experience, it is much easier to kill.



In about 10 minutes, Su Bai killed the tenth silver ring snake.

Suddenly, golden light bloomed on him.

The blood volume and energy are all back to full, he leveled up.


With 5 free attribute points this time, Su Bai still adds strength.

It is worth mentioning that the Crawling Cloud Sword, along with his level promotion, also reached LV3.

Kang Kang property.

【Crawling Cloud Sword】

Grade: LV3

Quality: Silver

Category: Weapon

Attribute: Strength +23/Intelligence +8

Damage: physical attack +75/magic attack +18

Special attribute: Water attribute enhancement +16

Special bonus: water attribute attack

Special damage: when attacking, additional 7% water attribute damage

Weapon skills: weeping cloud, water cold

Affix: Rumor has it that this sword was once a cloud in the God Realm. It fell into the mortal world and was cast by a master.

[Note: This weapon will increase with the player’s level, up to LV10. 】

Great improvement!

The physical attack went directly from 35 to 75.

Strength also increased by 11 points!

Su Bai’s physical attack has greatly improved, and he has reached 189! !


Feeling comfortable, Su Bai turned off the panel and prepared to return to Novice Village.

After coming to the wild, the map information is open.

The task of tailors and barkeepers is to go deep into the level 5 area.

**You have to be cautious, and it is better to go back and prepare more blood and blue medicine.

By the way, you can also hand in the task of the village chief and the blacksmith to explore the situation of the ring.

In ten minutes, Su Bai returned to Novice Village.

Without players, Novice Village is still peaceful.

Although there are not many NPCs, they are harmonious and beautiful, like a paradise.

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