VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 5: Serial task

Su Bai first went to the blacksmith to hand in the task.

Gain 300 experience and 3 silver coins.

300 experience points are still very good, his experience bar suddenly soared by about 30%.

After handing in the task, Su Bai also asked if he needed any help.

The result is regrettable, but nothing.

If it is a general online game, some repetitive tasks will definitely be set.

In order to allow players to repeatedly receive, earn experience points, game coins, and facilitate upgrades.

But this game is not a general online game.

He is too real, like the real world, one task after another is missing.

I can only wait for the NPC to have a new demand, see if the lucky player meets it…

After the blacksmith got it done, Su Bai went to the village chief.

Before he got even closer, Su Bai saw the village chief’s grandma rushing around.

The village chief heard the footsteps and looked up to see Su Bai.


He hurried to Su Bai and asked eagerly: “Warrior, have I got the things I asked you to collect?”

“Uh, I got it.” Su Bai said, and handed the silver snake gall to the village chief.

“Great! This is your reward!”

The village chief said that the task was rewarded to Su Bai’s backpack.

The experience is also increased by 200, and the progress bar has reached about 50%.

After giving the reward to Su Bai, the village head turned and left and entered the house behind her.

“Eh… the village chief…”

Su Bai is speechless, why run so fast…

He also wanted to ask the village chief if he knew the ring.

Su Bai did not leave either, but waited at the village chief’s door.

This is very likely a hidden task, it must be digging!

Taking advantage of this time, Su Bai opened his backpack and wanted to check the equipment information he had just obtained.


After opening the backpack, Su Bai looked at the ring in the lattice of the backpack and gave a soft voice.

The ring is now glowing.

The illusion inside the ring seemed to be awakened, bright and dark.

As if breathing.

It also seems to be echoing something.

Su Bai took out the ring and held it in his hand.


The ring began to tremble slightly, and the illusion of color inside flowed faster.

Another vision has also appeared!

Black marks appear on the outside of the ring!

When this mark appears, the vibration of the ring will be reduced, and the light inside will also be reduced, unable to be projected.


Su Bai squinted and thought of a possibility.

Maybe this ring was sealed by some power.

Su Bai thought for a moment, and started walking around with the ring.

He is testing whether there is something nearby that makes the ring special.

Soon, Su Bai found out.

When he was far away from the village chief’s house, the ring’s light would weaken, and the tremor would be more subtle.

When approaching, the light will intensify and the tremor will be more obvious.

“Is there something in the village chief’s house?”

Su Bai thought, avoiding the sight of other NPCs, and cautiously touched the side of the village chief’s house.

The windows are closed tightly.

It’s easy to say, it’s just window paper, not glass windows.

Su Bai stretched out his finger and lightly pricked it with his nail.


Su Bai stayed for a while, because the feeling on his fingertips was a bit strange.

It’s not like stabbing on paper, just like stabbing on some steel plate…

“I still don’t believe it…”

Su Bai switched to using his finger and poked hard.



Su Bai’s fingertips were sore and red, and there was not even a small pit on the window paper.

“Could it be a game limitation? Something that can’t destroy NPC?”

Su Bai guessed.


At this moment, Su Bai heard a buzzing sound suddenly, and then saw a group of brilliant lights shining in the village chief’s house.

It can be seen through the window paper, of course, the specific shape is not available.

“Mom! There must be good things in this bright and bright light…”

“Novice Village is unlikely to have such a thing, the cliff is a super precious hidden mission!”

Su Bai muttered, very excited.

I really want to go in and take a look…

Even if you can’t get in, let someone poke a hole and have a look!

Is it true that the game has an NPC protection mechanism?

Su Bai thought, not reconciled.

Leaving the village chief’s house, went to other NPC houses to try.

However, the result was broken in one poke!

“Sure enough, weird!”

Su Bai rested his chin with his right hand and looked at the ring on his left hand.

At this moment, the ring no longer shines as before.

It calmed down, and the black mark no longer appeared.

“Warrior! Warrior!”

At this moment, Su Bai heard a call.

When he looked up, he saw the village chief trotting towards him.

Su Bai looked at the village chief who came in front of him and smiled: “The village chief, what can I do for you?”


The village chief’s grandmother took a few breaths, and then said: “I have something else to ask the warrior to help. Would you like to help me?”

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Su Bai asked.

The village chief’s grandma began to talk about the task.

When she finished speaking, a task information box popped up in front of Su Bai.

【Collect Silver Snake Gallbladder·2】

Difficulty: E

Requirements: Collect 1 elite-level coral snake gall and 100 ordinary coral snake gall

Progress: 0/1, 0/100

Reward: experience value*1000, silver coin*5, snakeskin armor bottom armor*1, snakeskin armor belt*1



It’s actually a serial task.

Su Bai was slightly surprised, and then decisively took it.

After all, the reward can be quite generous.

“Thank you warrior.”

The village chief smiled, and then he planned to turn around and leave.

“The village chief, wait.”

Su Bai called the village chief aloud, and after the village chief turned around, he took out the ring and asked, “The village chief, do you know the origin of such a ring?”

The village chief took a closer look and shook his head, saying that he didn’t know.

Then, she turned around and hurried away.


This answer stunned Su Bai, which was quite unexpected.

This ring obviously reacted to the things in the village chief’s house, but the village chief didn’t know?

“It’s weird, and the ring doesn’t respond anymore…”

Su Bai held the ring, puzzled.

He walked to the village chief’s house again, the village chief was not there, and the ring didn’t respond.

“Forget it, just ignore it.”

Su Bai shook his head, put the matter down, and went to the bar in the village.

Prepare to buy some medicine, and then continue to go outside the village to farm monsters.

*10 bottles each of lower-level life potions and energy potions.

Intermediate life potions*10 bottles.

Su Bai didn’t buy the intermediate energy potion.

At present, he has only one skill and does not need intermediate energy potions.

【Intermediate Life Potion】

Grade: LV5

Quality: excellent

Category: Consumables

Cooldown: 13 seconds

Details: After use, 200 points of life will be restored within 10 seconds.

He spent 20 silver coins in total, and a bottle of 1 silver coin for the intermediate potion.

Although expensive, the effect is better and stronger, and the cooldown CD is also reduced by 2 seconds.

Although it takes level 5 to use it, Su Bai is also fast, so he bought it in advance.

Originally, Su Bai also planned to buy some armor in the tailor shop.


Really black!

The price of an ordinary armor is 5 silver coins!

Property is not good!

At the sophisticated level, 10 silver coins are the base.

No way…

Anyway, he still has the armor rewarded by the village chief’s mission.

“Oh yes! I haven’t watched it yet!”

Thinking of this, Su Bai patted his head, remembering that he hadn’t seen the equipment for the village chief’s mission.

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