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Chapter 6: Monster spawning is easy and enjoyable, the elite coral snake

Su Bai took the piece of equipment from his backpack.

The whole body is dark green, woven from scales and silk threads, and looks pretty good.

The message is below:

【Snake Skin Armor Top】

Grade: LV3

Quality: excellent

Category: Leather/Tops

Attribute: Intelligence +5/Physique +3

Defense: physical defense +24/magic defense +19

Affix: There seems to be a strange smell? No matter what, put it on! Life is important! !

Sophisticated level, attributes are also okay.

It is a pity that the warrior profession does not receive the bonus of intelligence attributes.

For Su Bai, this piece of armor can only be used as a defense and a little more physical.


Better than not.

Su Bai added a lot of attributes to his equipment.

Life and defense are finally higher, so this is even more appropriate!

Su Bai was full of confidence and walked out into the wild.


Not long after, Su Bai once again came to the area of ​​the coral snake.

Start spawning monsters!

He drew a silver ring snake and hit with a strong force!


Although no damage mechanism was triggered, the damage was still as high as 235!

The silverware is terrifying!

If Su Bai was only holding an ordinary or sophisticated weapon, the damage would definitely not exceed 50 points!





After a few swords, another silver ring snake hung under Su Bai’s sword, providing Su Bai with 40 points of experience.

Picking up the exploded snake gall and copper coins, Su Bai continued.

Thanks to the terrifying damage of the Crawling Cloud Sword, Su Bai’s process of spawning monsters was easy and enjoyable!

In about a minute, a coral snake can be eliminated.

After killing more than twenty silver ring snakes, Su Bai upgraded again.


With the 5 points of free attributes, Su Bai still adds strength!

After adding points, continue!

The Coral Snake is LV3, and Su Bai is now LV4.

After surpassing the level of the Coral Snake, it was Su Bai who had level suppression against the Coral Snake.

The damage has a bonus, and the Crawling Cloud Sword has also been upgraded!

Su Bai’s physical attack is almost over 250, and it is even easier!

However, the income has dropped sharply!

First, the copper coins were one-third less.

Then there is the experience gained from killing, directly cut in half, only 20 points of experience.

Killing one will not increase Su Bai’s experience bar by 2%…

But no way, there is a task.

The brush is too bad.

Almost an hour passed.

Su Bai’s body was shining golden light, and he was upgraded.


5 free attributes, plus strength as usual!

At the same time, the Crawling Sword was also upgraded to LV5, and its attributes greatly increased.

Strength +30, physical attack +103

With various blessings, Su Bai’s power attribute has broken through 70 points!

Plus level suppression…


This is the damage from his normal attack!

An 800 blood Coral Snake will die within three swords!

-758·Weakness Crit!

If there is a weak crit, Erjian will die!

-1702·Fatal! ! !

If the trigger is fatal, it will be a direct second!

Monster spawning speed is several times faster!

The experience gained…

Even lower, only 5 points of experience.

Copper coins only exploded two or three, sometimes not exploding.

After more than ten minutes passed, Su Bai stood up.

He just picked up a silver ring snake gall.

“100 Coral Snakes are done, but the question is, where can I find elite-level Coral Snakes?”

Su Bai put the silver ring snake gall into his backpack and scratched his head. He was still short of an elite silver ring snake gall.

The coral snakes in the periphery were almost killed by Su Bai, and they had already penetrated deeply into this Conglin.

However, I haven’t encountered an elite-level coral snake.

“Well, take a closer look and see if you can touch it.” Su Bai thought, walking deeper into the forest.


As he walked, Su Bai heard a neigh, and then felt a gust of fishy wind rushing over his head.


Without a word, Su Bai rolled on the spot and avoided.

Looking up, a silver ring snake with a thin arm and a length of three to four meters hangs upside down on the tree.

Obviously, it was Su Bai that it attacked.


[Mutated Coral Snake]

Grade: LV5

Category: Elite Monster

HP: 4200

Damage: Physical Attack 39

Skill: Venom Arrow

Details: Coral snakes eroded and mutated by demonic energy are ferocious, bloodthirsty and highly aggressive. Be careful of its venom.

【Venom Arrow】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Damage: Toxin damage 58

Details: The Coral Snake shoots out its venom, inflicting 58 fixed toxic damage to the target scattered by the venom for 10 seconds.

“I go……”

Su Bai was taken aback.

Compared with ordinary coral snakes, the body of this coral snake is much smaller.

The level is only two levels higher, and the physical attack has not improved much.

But the blood volume has exploded several times, a full 4200! ! !

Toxin damage is even more terrifying!

Hit them all, with 580 poison injuries!

Moreover, judging from the skill information, it only needs to splash on the target to cause damage, which is very strong.

It’s hard to prevent!

Fortunately, he didn’t make a big move at the beginning, otherwise he might not be able to avoid it just now.

Su Bai concentrated and got serious.

Watching carefully the elite coral snake that fell to the ground, beware.


The silver ring snake stared at Su Bai with cold triangular eyes, the snake hesitated and made a hiss.

One person and one snake held each other for a while, and the coral snake moved first.

It twisted its body and rushed towards Su Bai.

The speed is a bit faster than the ordinary coral snake.

Fortunately, Su Bai can still react and keep up.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to fight at all.


When it got closer, the coral snake swung its tail and slashed towards Su Bai’s face.

Su Bai flashed past, and a sword struck the seven-inch part of the silver ring snake.



The Coral Snake got out of the way!

As expected of being an elite level, he would consciously avoid Su Bai’s attack.

But Su Bai is not a vegetarian either.

Cold water!

The Chuiyun Sword was already full of water vapor, and at this time it just slowed the speed of the Coral Snake.

As soon as the cold water opened, the blade suddenly emitted white mist.

When it touched the coral snake, the speed at which it twisted its body suddenly dropped.

Slow down by 20%, which is a lot!

Weeping clouds!

Since the cold water is open, let the Chuiyun open too.

Increase weapon attack power by 10% and make quick decisions.

Kill you while you are sick!

Aiming at the seven-inch silver ring snake that was moving slowly, Su Bai used a powerful blow!

-876·Weakness Crit!

As much as 876 terrifying damage, the blood bar of the Coral Snake was directly reduced by 20%!

After the coral snake was hit hard, it couldn’t immediately fight back.

I was really stunned by this blow.


After it reacted, the snake eyes were scarlet with anger, and the hissing voice went up.

“Call a fart!”

Su Bai disdainfully said, cutting it down with another sword.

Both the water cold and the falling clouds can only last for 10 seconds, so you have to hurry to output!


This blow failed to produce a critical strike, but the damage was still considerable, and the blood volume of the coral snake fell to 70%.


The coral snake hissed angrily, then opened its mouth.

Su Bai’s heart jumped, feeling that this was a venom arrow’s forward shaking movement.

Then, he flashed decisively.


Sure enough, two clear liquids ejected from Shekou, flying out several meters.

Waiting to fall on the ground, the deciduous flowers and plants on the ground will be corroded with a creak.



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