VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 7: Go out with the Scarlet-Eyed Rabbit Master, specializing in the Goblins of Xia San Lu

“Hey… No way! It’s me!”

Su Bai smiled, raised his hand and sipped a bottle of intermediate life medicine, then swung his sword.

He is going to stand up and play the Coral Snake!

Take a bottle of medicine to be safe.




-753·Weakness Crit!

With good luck, there was another crit.

At this point, the blood volume of the coral snake has fallen below 50%.

Of course, although he was slowed down, Su Bai still suffered a tail of the coral snake when he didn’t dodge that much.

-twenty two

It hurts, but the effect of the intermediate life potion is there. As long as Su Bai doesn’t suffer four or five strokes, there is no problem.




-712·Weakness Crit!

At the last blow, the effect of Chuiyun disappeared, and the damage was suddenly reduced a lot.

The cold water also disappeared, and the speed of the coral snake immediately recovered.

But the problem is not big, its blood volume is less than 10%.

Soon, the silver ring snake burps, Su Bai’s experience is +100.


A burst of light exploded from the coral snake with several things.

Lots of things.

5 silver coins, 1 shiny silver snake gall, 1 snake skin.

Finally, there is an equipment!

“After brushing so many monsters, another piece of equipment finally burst!”

Su Bai complained, “Really…the sky has eyes…”

He can imagine, when players from all over the world enter the game, what kind of expression will they look like when facing such a burst rate…

How many people can be like Su Bai, who has both good operations and a silver artifact?

In the early stage, 99.99999% of players did not have good weapons to fight monsters, and they did not have good equipment to defend. They would lose 10% of their experience once they die…

The upgrade is a nightmare, and the experience is extremely poor! ! !

Tut tut~~~

Not much gossip.

Su Bai put away the snake gall and the silver coin, and then first checked the information on the snake skin.

[Flexible mutant snake skin]

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Material

Details: Dropped by the mutant coral snake, it can be used as armor.

“Rare-level crafting materials should be quite valuable…wait to sell them to tailors?”

Su Bai thought, putting the snake skin into the backpack.

Then, check the piece of equipment that broke.

【Rotary Tooth】

Grade: LV5

Quality: Rare

Category: Weapon/Dagger

Attribute: Strength +12/Intelligence +9

Damage: physical attack +51/magic attack +23

Affix: Ha ha ha… I already smell the decay of your body!

Weapon skills: rot

【Rot poison】

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 80 seconds

Attribute: Poison damage +22

Details: Stimulate the venom in the dagger. When the character attacks, 22 fixed poison damage is added for 10 seconds.

Nice weapon!

Although compared to the LV5 Crawling Cloud Sword, it has nearly 50% less attack output and one skill less.

But for ordinary players, it is a real early artifact!

“Well, I don’t know how much money can be sold…” Su Bai guessed, touching his chin.

He was so happy, he didn’t expect to start paying back so soon.

After collecting the poisonous tooth, Su Bai opened the map and looked at it.

His current location is outside Xinshou Village, about 500 meters southwest, red from the forest.

And about 700 meters to the west and northwest of Novice Village, there is an area called ‘Dark Forest’, where goblins and cats are active.

Determined a lower position, Su Bai ran to the Dark Forest.


After spending a lot of time, Su Bai arrived.

It happened to see a goblin carrying a bamboo basket just outside the forest, and Su Bai lost a probe.

[Throwing Goblins]

Grade: LV5

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 4000

Damage: Physical Attack 49

Skill: Eat my stone for three consecutive times

Details: A goblin that only throws stones.

[Eat my three stones]

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Damage: Physical Attack 58

Details: Throwing Goblin erupts. Within 2.1 seconds, throw 3 stones in a row, each causing 58 fixed damage.

“Hmm…Look at the information, this goblin only has remote physical attacks!”

“According to normal logic, this kind of monster without melee attack and self-defense ability, as long as it gets close, it is a dish!”

Su Bai thought about it and looked at the surrounding terrain.

This is the jungle, it is not difficult to sneak around to throw the goblins.

So, Su Bai cat ***, tiptoed, carefully approached the idle goblin.


When Su Bai approached the goblin’s body by about 5 meters, the two pointed ears of the goblin moved, and the sharp mouth made a chirp.

It heard Su Bai’s movement.


Su Bai was also unambiguous, sprang directly out of the grass, and slashed the goblin’s head.


Goblin’s defense is quite high, and Su Bai’s damage is just in his early 300s.

But it was also terrifying, the goblin’s blood bar suddenly dropped by 15%!


Throwing the goblin screaming in anger, his paws grabbed the bamboo basket behind him in order to get stones.

Su Bai spotted its claws and cut it with a sword.

This was his attempt to see if he could interrupt the monster’s attack.


The injury came out, and Su Bai’s attempt was also very successful.

The goblin’s claws were hurt by Su Bai, shaking violently, and the movement of grabbing stones was naturally interrupted.

“Ha! That’s much simpler!”

Su Bai smiled, and the sword in his hand opened and closed.

Before long, the throwing goblin died with a scream.

Even the skill [Eat My Stone Three Links] couldn’t be sent out and was interrupted by Su Bai.

Burst a dozen copper plates, a mission prop: Goblin’s heart, and 80 points of experience.

It’s exactly like mowing…

Su Bai seems to be simple, but in fact, it is not really simple.

If this throwing goblin appeared with a large force, hiding behind and throwing stones, it would be a nightmare for novice players!

Even if your physique is increased and your blood is thick, you can’t hold a few stones!

Called the novice player reaper!

When the attributes in the early stage are too weak, you really can’t pull too many monsters.

The probability of capsizing is too high.

Su Bai knew this naturally, so he began to look for the goblins who were alone.

It’s hard to find, goblins often appear in groups.

Especially in many cases, there will be one throwing goblin in a group of goblins.

No way.

In case it is second by a stone…

Ahem, shame…

After spending some time, Su Bai found an ordinary goblin who was alone.

About half a person tall, with a sharp mouth and ears, and a healthy and sad green all over.

He carried a **** hammer in his hand, and there were some unidentified pieces of meat and blood on the stick.

And its properties are as follows:


Grade: LV5

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 4000

Damage: Physical Attack 57

Skill: Give me a hammer

Details: Scary-looking, thick-skinned, slow-moving.

[Eat me a hammer]

Grade: LV1

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Damage: basic attack attack*170%

Details: Goblin is angry, swinging the sledgehammer in his hand to hit his enemy. Because of the lack of height, the hammer often hits the lower three lanes, which has a certain chance of triggering fatal damage.


After reading the details, Su Bai’s mouth twitched.

Feelings, this goblin and the red-eyed rabbit before that are brothers?

The number of moves is the same, specializing in the next three…

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