VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 8: Blocking mechanism

With a few words in his heart, Su Bai walked out and caught the Goblin’s attention.

The details have also been said, the goblins are slow to move.

and so……

kill! It’s over!



When the goblin found Su Bai, he just chirped, and then he was struck by a sword, and a number of injuries appeared on his head.

The defense is much higher than that of throwing goblins, and Su Bai’s damage is reduced by one point.

The problem is not big.

The speed of goblins is indeed too slow.

When it raises its hand and swings its stick to attack Su Bai, Su Bai can easily interrupt the attack, or easily get out of it.




Before long, the goblin was killed by Su Bai.

Burst a heart, a dozen copper coins, and +80 experience.

Eight goblin hearts are still missing.

carry on.

Finding a single goblin is a bit time consuming.

About twenty minutes later, Su Bai finished killing the remaining 8 goblins.

With 10 goblin hearts in hand, the task of the bar owner was completed.

Go ahead and go to a deeper level in the Dark Forest, where the cat demon infested area.

Naturally, you will encounter wild monsters and goblins on the way.

But Su Bai always bypassed, and currently does not want to waste time.

Not long after, Su Bai went deep into the Dark Forest and came to the cat demon area.

From time to time, I can hear the sound of “meow”.

Following the direction of a voice, Su Bai gently touched it.

Then he saw a cat monster who was dark and the size of a dog.

The cat’s eyes are scarlet, the teeth are long and protruding, and the mouth is drooling.

“These monster models are awesome! They look the same!”

“It’s just a bit awkward, a bit scary…”

Su Bai muttered in his heart, throwing a probe!

【Dark Cat Demon】

Grade: LV6

Category: Ordinary Monster

HP: 5000

Damage: Physical Attack 78

Skill: Ripping Claw

Details: dexterous and flexible, bloodthirsty, be careful of its claws, it can easily tear the flesh and blood!

【Tearing Claws】

Grade: LV1

Cooling: 60

Effect: normal attack +30%

Details: The claws of the dark cat demon emit red light, which greatly increases its normal attack damage within 10 seconds. At the same time, if the attack hits, it will cause tearing wounds, causing 20 bleeding damage per second for 5 seconds.

He was a strong mob, but Su Bai was not surprised.


This ghost game, basically every mob is a strong one!

High blood, high damage, high defense…

Just pull out a monster of the same level, it can hit Su Bai in seconds.

Hiding in the distance, Su Bai picked up a stone and threw it out as usual.

“Woo~ da!”


The stone fell next to the cat demon, and the sound alarmed the cat demon.

It stood up and turned around cautiously.

Su Bai picked up another stone and threw it out.

Test the reaction speed and dodge speed of the cat demon.

After all, just looking at the panel, it is not clear how flexible the cat demon is.

Seeing the stone smashing quickly, the cat demon took a step to the right and moved away flexibly.

“Well, the response and speed are good…”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows and looked much more serious.

This kind of flexible monster is definitely harder to play.

But no matter how hard it is to fight, we must fight!

Holding the sword tightly, Su Bai swished, and swiftly sprang out from behind the tree.

The pace was hurried, and the distance was less than ten meters.

Seeing the cat demon, Su Bai aimed a sword at its neck.


The dark cat demon screamed, his pupils contracted and shook sharply.

Too suddenly, it barely moved half of its position.


Su Bai’s sword stabbed the upper part of the cat demon’s front leg, exploding 322 damage.

It can be seen from this that its defense is very low!

“Woo Meow!!!”

The dark cat demon roared, and the cat demon became even scarier.

Its paws began to glow, a misty red color.

“Hey, I started a big move so soon…”

Su Bai was startled and guarded cautiously.

If you hit it once, Tie must die!

After opening the big move, the dark cat demon turned red and began to attack Su Bai.

It kicked its hind legs and pounced directly at Su Bai’s face.

Very fast, Su Bai almost only saw a black shadow attack.

It was too fast, he just subconsciously swung the sword in front of him without time to get out.


After two consecutive clangs, Su Bai saw that the cat demon’s paw hit the sword spine.

Pei Ran vigorously passed through the sword, and Su Bai was carried by the power, staggering back a few steps.


However, he was only slightly injured!

When Su Bai was unsure of his reason, in the air beside the sword, two brilliant system fonts appeared:


Seeing the two words, Su Bai’s eyes lit up!

“Fuck, can you actually block?! Can you completely block most of the damage?!”

This is what Su Bai did not expect.

General online games are not without block judgment, but they are all in the form of skills.

Only when the block skills are pressed and the monster damage attack comes, the block judgment will appear.

After all, when the player confronts the monster, how do you calculate whether the monster’s attack hit a person or hit a sword? Hit the blocking object?

Virtual reality is different!

It is too strong, almost the same as reality.

As long as Su Bai’s sword or something blocks the monster’s attack, it is a block!

“Virtual reality is cowhide! It’s so real!”

Su Bai is so exciting!

It’s easy to say once you have a block judgment!

For Gao Wan, this is almost an extra high damage reduction skill without CD!

Who is Gao Wan?

Su Bai: “Yes, it’s right here!”


It’s a long story, but it’s actually very short.

The dark cat demon had landed, and with a meow, he struck Su Bai’s face again.


Su Bai smiled, prepared for a while, eyes and reaction speed can keep up with the speed of the cat demon.

Predicting the location of the cat demon’s paw attack in his heart, Su Bai blocked him with a sword.


Two clangs again!


This time Su Bai was prepared, and the damage caused by the cat demon was even lower!

Only worth 3 points!

“It’s me!”

The dark cat demon is exhausted, and Su Bai will naturally not let it go.

The long sword turned and cut diagonally to the neck of the dark cat demon.

-734·Weakness Crit!

The terrifying damage of up to 734 points immediately jumped out!

The blood bar of the dark cat demon suddenly took a big chunk of time and space, and Su Bai looked comfortable!


After the dark cat demon landed, he froze for a while.

It’s exactly the same as in the real world, being beaten up suddenly.

Of course, Su Bai would not let go of this great opportunity, and he stabbed again with a sword.

This time, aim at the heart of the cat monster, and use a penetrating blow!

-729·Weakness Crit!

A huge amount of terrifying damage jumped out of the dark cat demon’s head, and its health bar dropped sharply again!


The dark cat demon roared, got angry, and madly attacked Su Bai.





Su Bai’s reaction speed is extremely fast, no matter how furious the cat demon is, he responds easily.

Left gear and right gear.

After knowing the block, the cat demon couldn’t even touch his hair.


Before long, the dark cat demon was killed by Su Bai, and something broke out.

A piece of equipment, a cat demon skin, and a dozen copper coins as usual.

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