VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours

Chapter 9: Rebound!

“Oh, the equipment has exploded!”

Su Bai raised his eyebrows, picked up everything, and then looked at the piece of equipment.

After just taking a look, he frowned in disgust…

The equipment is pale and the quality is not high.

[Broken Budding Cloth Belt]

Grade: LV4

Quality: Normal

Category: Cloth Armor/Belt

Attribute: Intelligence +1

Defense: physical defense +19/magic defense +11

Affix: This…what is this made of? Bean sprouts are actually growing…

“Sure enough…”

Looking at the information, Su Bai secretly said as expected.

The properties are not good.

It’s right to think about it, just ordinary strange, what good equipment can be produced?

Throw it into the backpack and keep it until the server is opened and sold to the players. Mosquito legs are also meat.

Su Bai moved on.

Next, he tried to consciously practice blocking.

After all, this thing doesn’t mean that you can make it once you know it, it still requires a lot of practice.

Among them, the situation of almost overturning is natural!

Even Su Bai even overturned the car once, and Hengjian didn’t keep up the time to block!

Fortunately, only hit 40 points of damage.

Take a bottle of potion and continue on.







With the practice of blocking again and again, Su Bai became more proficient!

According to the adjustment of the blocking posture and strength, the damage after the block is also reduced, and the minimum can be reduced to 1 point!

As for the success rate of block…

As long as he sees the movement of the cat demon clearly and there is no interference, then he will definitely be able to react and block!

There is no 100% block success rate, there is also 99%!

In this way, when Su Bai brushed monsters, he was a very comfortable batch!

Facing the cat demon’s pounce, he only needs to move slightly.

Just wait for the cat demon to launch an attack, then block and counterattack.

Basically it’s standing up!

“Are there any other hidden settings?”

After killing a cat demon queen, Su Bai picked up something while thinking.

Generally, in hard-core fighting action games, there will be a ‘reverse’ mechanism.

In short, when the monster attacks the game character, it instantly blocks and bounces off the enemy’s attack.

When the enemy’s attack posture is bounced, it is naturally unable to maintain a smooth balance, and there will be short-term ‘stiffness’ and ‘stiffness’.

Even moves may be interrupted, and it takes a short or long time to adjust the stiff body posture.

And this time is naturally a great time to output!

“Well, it seems that the first time I found a block, I blocked it instantly.”

“However, there is no mechanism to trigger a similar rebound…”

“Is it possible that this game has no rebound mechanism?”

Su Bai touched his chin, guessing like this, feeling a little disappointed.

But soon, he was excited again and remembered a possible reason: “It’s not right, I was repelled at the time.”

“I still endured all the strength of the cat demon, but I just blocked the damage.”

“It stands to reason that if you want to cause the attacker’s stiffness, I should also create a certain amount of counter shock when the cat demon attacks me, so as to make the cat demon unbalance!

“It’s like, I punch someone, and if he is beaten back, I will be fine, and I won’t receive much shock.”

“If I punch him, he will bear it, and he will not retreat a step, the strength will be reversed, and I will regress instead!”

The more I thought about it, the brighter Su Bai’s eyes became.

He can basically be sure, that’s why.

“Hurry up, try it with a cat demon!”

Just do it, and Su Bai searched in the jungle.

A few minutes later, he saw a dark cat demon again.


Su Bai let out a big hey, which caught the cat demon’s attention.


The dark cat demon grumbled and stared at Su Bai.

Su Bai smiled and hooked at it.


The dark cat demon yelled, slammed, and jumped up, still rushing towards Su Bai’s door.

Su Bai’s legs are separated, shoulder-width apart, standing majestically!

Seeing the cat demon pounced, he didn’t panic at all, a steady batch!

However, within two or three seconds, the cat demon’s flashing paws reached his front door and scratched it from top to bottom.

Su Bai crossed the sword.

The right hand crosses the sword and the left hand rests on the spine of the sword to increase the stability of the block.


There were two clangs, and a fairly strong force came through the sword.

If it hadn’t been prepared and made up his mind not to retreat, Su Bai would really go backwards with this force.

And now, Su Bai stood firmly on the ground, blocking it!


The damage number popped up on his head, which was much higher than the previous Shunli retreat block!

And the dark cat demon did fly upside down.


In the air, the cat demon twisted, adjusted its posture, and landed steadily.

Su Bai frowned, this did not meet his expectations!

What he was thinking was that when the cat demon bomb flew, his body would be stiff and he could not adjust his posture in a short time.

There is a time of freezing, and this is called a rebound.

If it is adjusted soon, where is the output time, where can it be called a rebound.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Bai took a few steps back to prevent the cat demon from slamming his face again, while thinking.

“Bounce and rebound…”

Su Bai’s mind turned sharply, thinking about what went wrong.

After thinking about it for only a second or two, Su Bai came up with a possibility: “Is it right, when I’m blocking, I can’t simply bear the power of the cat monster?”

“When the cat demon is attacking me, my sword is blocking, but in fact I have to use force to block and push forward?!”

“Try it!”

This time, it finally succeeded!

The cat demon jumped and attacked Su Bai again.

When he was about to scratch his face, Su Bai stopped abruptly!

No longer simply bear the power of the cat demon before, but there is a dark power!

It seems to be blocking, but in fact, Su Bai’s sword is attacking and raising!


The fight this time was huge, loud, and even a little harsh.

No harm came out of Su Bai’s head!


As for the cat demon, it whimpered and flew out!

Su Bai also failed to cause damage to it, but when it flew upside down, it stiffened!

Hanging in the air, the posture cannot be counterattacked or adjusted!

This is the anti-shock mechanism, the rebound mechanism!

“Hey hey!!”

Su Bai smiled and stomped fast, slashing the cat demon’s belly with a sword.


Although there is no bonus, the damage has been added a little interestingly, about 30 or so.

Su Bai guessed that this is a special damage bonus.

It may be related to the unbalanced posture of the dark cat demon.


But this is not the time to care, because the dark cat demon has just landed and has not adjusted his posture.


Su Bai cut another sword!

One rebound and the output time of cutting two swords is not too cool!

After the second sword, the dark cat demon finally adjusted.

He suddenly jumped back and jumped out of Su Bai’s attack range.

Su Bai didn’t chase, just stood there waiting for the next attack from the cat demon.

“Hi!!! Meow!!!”

The dark cat demon’s predecessor lay down, his hair exploded, and he roared low.


Su Bai smiled, still hooking his finger at it.



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