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Dad’s Marvel Chat Group

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Overhead world, there are no well-known movies, music and novels on earth.

The restaurant and milk tea shop that I had saved for the first half of my life was lost. The dad, who was approaching middle-aged, faced high debts and his wife’s divorce, so he could only bring her 6-and-a-half-year-old daughter Jiajia back.

In the countryside, I wanted to go to the construction site every day to move bricks and dig the land to plant the fields. While working hard to repay the debts, at the same time supporting the elderly and pulling my daughter up, as for myself… I can only die without thinking.

No, a tuft of bird droppings happened to hit the screen of the phone, and then he automatically joined a [Marvel chat group].

“What? Grab Iron Man’s red envelope, get 6,000 yuan in cash, and 1 Iron Man armor fragment.”

“Grab the red envelope of Spider-Man, get 10 yuan in cash, and 1 mutant spider fragment.”

“Grab the red envelope of Thanos, get an autographed photo of Thanos, and 1 infinite gem fragment.”

[No good, Iron Man is in danger, send a distress signal, travel through time and space to rescue Iron Man, get Iron Man intimacy +10, and get 1 random art prize. ]

[Congratulations to the art prizes: “Fights Break the Sphere”, “Confession Balloon” and “Wandering Earth”]

- Description from MTL


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