Days to Return to the Goddess

Days to Return to the Goddess


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Days to Return to the Goddess

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Jiang Yu was born again.

After graduating from an Ivy League school, Jiang Yu, a well-known goddess named by the mainstream media of the 21st century as a model of contemporary women, died miserably in the rescue room because of her ill-understanding and poor reputation.

In addition, the one-handed career has become a stepping stone to the success of the half-sister.

After rebirth, Jiang Yu decided to regain the title of goddess, and take the scumbag to the pinnacle of life.

Jiang Yu: Even if I start over again, I will still be the winner!

Three eager ex-husbands: …you go and fight, I will bring the baby!

* Tell the story slowly, don’t worry^_^

* Semi-overhead, nonsense, please do not substitute any reality.

* Not a major in journalism, I have tried my best to check information and ask friends. If there is any omission and no offense, please point out that we can communicate rationally^_^

- Description from MTL


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